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Are you ready to harness the Power of Transformational Positivity?

More and more often, I talk to people all over the world who want to know WHY I always seem so happy and HOW they can be more positive. In fact, so many people have asked me these things over the years that I created this course to help.

For years, I used to struggle with a defensive mentality that kept me in a sort of “negative loop” or a string of bad luck. It seemed like I was just moving from one crappy situation to another, over and over and over. Bad jobs. Toxic relationships. Self-destructive behavior. It was exhausting- and depressing! I had even convinced myself that I would never have a better life, and that maybe I didn’t even really deserve one. Honestly, I was barely getting by and each day felt like a struggle.

If that sounds like you too, I want you to know that the Power of Transformational Positivity can be yours!

Join me for my foundational course on How to Cultivate Positivity with 4 Simple Tools. In it, I will introduce you to 4 powerful practices that can help you create a more positive mindset and outlook. This isn’t a secret formula that magically erases everything negative from your life; it’s a proven collection of powerful tools and helpful resources that can help you to take control of your mindset and live a more positive life. 

How to Cultivate Positivity with 4 Simple Tools.


Studies from Harvard, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and The Mayo Clinic have all shown that people who possess a positive mindset are more likely to live longer, happier, and healthier livesincluding a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, lower rates of depression, a stronger immune system, and reduced stress levels.

The really good news is that this is NOT just for naturally sunny, glass-half-full Optimists. With a little training and some work, anyone can learn to Cultivate their Positivity in order to develop a more positive outlook.

My foundational course, How to Cultivate Positivity with 4 Simple Tools is right for you if any of these are true:

  • You want to learn how to have a more positive mindset

  • You want to feel more peace, calm, and self-control

  • You want to develop your natural ability to live your best life

  • You want to experience more joy and more fun on a regular basis

  • You want to learn master tools to help overcome limiting beliefs

  • You are ready to break down the negative attitude that keeps you feeling stuck

  • You want a self-paced course to work on the basics and build a strong foundation

This course covers 4 simple techniques that have helped me and thousands of others to make the necessary shifts to create and sustain a more positive lifestyle. I want to share them with you. Over the course of 4 easy-to-follow sessions, I will teach you how to:

  • Develop a practice of Daily Positive Affirmations (and why they matter)

  • Carve out time for yourself to Reflect & Recharge (and how important this is)

  • Look for the good things in each day (and be able to see goodness again)

  • Move forward with more hope & gratitude (and feel lighter & less burdened as a result)

This is a great opportunity for you to work at your own pace and at a price that is easily affordable: FREE (for a limited time).  REGISTER NOW


REVIEWS ARE ROLLING IN! In addition to calling it “high quality” and “excellent value,” Here’s what people are saying about this course:

“Loved it!  Would definitely recommend. — “I did not think I could change to have a more positive mindset; it turns out I can! — This has really changed the way I see affirmations.”~Nicole

“I am really loving it! — Michelle has a wonderful teaching style, very engaging.— Definitely recommend.” ~Wanda

“Very helpful. — Maybe there really is hope for me! — I loved it and would definitely recommend!” ~Eileen

“The more I learned, the more my energy, outlook, and outcomes shifted- I started seeing positive results in my life, in every area that I applied these positivity techniques to. I feel like I can face any struggle now with more clarity and confidence.”

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