Q: What kind of Energy Work do you offer? How does it work?

A: I currently offer Spiritual Clarity Readings, Soul-Mirroring Sessions, and I have a special Single-Card Mini Reading (available during the Full Moon week only). All of my online sessions take place in the privacy of my Zoom room (similar to Skype). When you book your session, you will receive a private link ahead of time.


Q: I’m not sure what I need. How do I know if this is right for me?

A: Easy! Just schedule a free 15 minute consultation and we can go over any questions or concerns you may have, goals you are hoping to reach, and how we can best work together.


Q: Do you offer any single or one-off coaching sessions?

A: Yes! When we have our initial consultation call, we may decide that a 3, 6, or 12 month coaching package is more than your situation requires. In that case, we can create a customized plan for a perfect fit.


Q: Do you offer payment plans for your coaching packages?

A: Yes! You can either pay in full for your sessions at the listed price, or make easy monthly payments that include a small convenience fee.


Q: What if I need more coaching at the end of our contract, or want to book additional time with you between sessions?

A: We can always schedule additional sessions as needed. My goal is to provide as much support and guidance as you need. Additional sessions may be purchased at my standard rate; 5% discount offered on additional packages.


Q: What if I pay for a package of sessions, but I don’t use them all? Will I get a refund?

A: I do not typically offer refunds except in extreme circumstances. If we need to reschedule some of your sessions, we can do that as needed. Please refer to My Refund Policy for details.


Q: I scheduled a session, but got busy and Oops! I forgot to show up. Can I get that session refunded?

A: I’m sorry, but no. When you schedule, you agreed to honor my 24-hour cancellation policy wherein if you cancel your session for any reason (including no-show) less than 24 hours before your scheduled session, you will be required to pay for the missed session. To avoid paying the Late Cancellation Fee, please make every effort to show up for your scheduled sessions. Please refer to My Refund Policy for details.