The Transformational Positivity Summit

At the beginning of 2019, I launched the Transformational Positivity Summit with the goal of speaking with 24 amazing leaders in the areas of Mindfulness & Meditation, Psychology, Quantum Physics, Neuroplasticity & Positive Mindset, Body Positivity & Self Love, Sexuality & Empowerment, Spirituality & Feminine Divinity, Financial Freedom, and Holistic Health & Wellness.

Each one of these brilliant womxn are doing the work of Transformational Positivity in their varying fields of expertise. Our conversations were fascinating, and it has been pure joy to see where they all are now in their ever-evolving work.

Click below to access the video interviews from Tanya Markul, Tracy Neely, Dianne Bondy, Linda Joy, Nicole Lewis-Keeber, Bryna Haynes, Kelley Grimes, Debra Reble, Colleen Georges, Sarah Liddle, Nikki Brown, Angele Cristina, Victoria Crossman, Tamar Gail, Christine Marie, Erin Smandych, Mal Duane, Dumari St. Angelo, Stacy Nai, Randi Johnsen, Annie Vonheim, Christina Matthewson, Marcia Mariner, and Kim Fuller.