Here’s what people are saying about Michelle and her work:

“From the moment Michelle stepped on stage, I was intrigued to hear her story. It was powerful beyond belief and inspired me to never give up. She truly speaks from the heart, is raw, authentic and has a message that any woman or young girl will be inspired by. I sure was.” – Kim Fuller, Author, Mindfulness Coach & TedX Speaker

“I was moved to tears…of joy. A beautiful lesson on how to love yourself no matter what has happened in your life. It’s about the power of self-love to heal and empower yourself.” – Dumari St. Angelo, Bestselling Author & Empowerment Coach

“She’s a phenomenal speaker, very engaging, draws you in.” – Dr. Michelle Lim, Chiropractor

“She’s called ‘The Blessings Butterfly for a reason- she (goes) around the world and blesses the hell out of everybody, myself included!” – Carrie Wright, Esthetician

“I am feeling empowered! If somebody in her situation can overcome and ‘slay her dragons’ then I absolutely can slay mine.” – Joan Deleskiewicz, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

“Do whatever you can to hear this extraordinary woman speak! …Simply incredible! …for her to conquer some of the worst things I’ve ever heard in my life and become who she is today is astonishing.” – Annie Vonheim, Founder, Smart Pressed Juice


“Loved it!  Would definitely recommend. — I did not think I could change to have a more positive mindset; it turns out I can! — This has really changed the way I see affirmations.”~Nicole Lewis-Keeber, LCSW, Speaker, Trauma-Informed Business Therapy Coach

“I am really loving it! — Michelle has a wonderful teaching style, very engaging.— Definitely recommend.” ~Wanda Cox, Marketing Strategist & OBM

“Very helpful. — Maybe there really is hope for me! — I loved it and would definitely recommend!” ~Eileen Kropf, First Aid Instructor


“Michelle is very effective as a coach. She is incredibly compassionate and intuitive and coaches from a heart centered place. Michelle is a very good listener and really knows how to guide her clients to gain clarity and focus. During the time that we worked together, I was able to break through some challenging mental fog as she guided me towards the exact right next steps to take. I am grateful for her leadership.” -Cathy Gooden, Life Coach

“Michelle, It’s a blessing to know you and to read what you so openly and courageously share with the rest of us. You’re an inspiration and a testimony to the human spirit’s capacity for resilience, hope, and kindness. Thank you for giving of yourself to so many others. The world is brighter with you in it. ❤️” Lynda Everman, Alzheimer’s Research Advocate

“Spend any time with Michelle and know what it is like to be regarded without judgement or assumption. These are rare qualities in a world where the stories in our head rarely give others a chance to be seen clearly let alone understood. Learn from her how to regard yourself and others truly positively and watch how it transforms your experience of living in and impacting your world.” -Patrice Dunckley, Life Lessons Lab

“Michelle are you the best!!!” -Gil Santiago

“Michelle , (and her page The Blessings Butterfly 🦋 ), is a wonderful source of Divine inspiration and guidance . In times of change and daily life this is a welcome enlightened compass. Grateful and blessed by this connection 💫” -Lisa A. Elliott


“Michelle is so genuine and kind. She truly cares and wants to bring out the best in you. Highly recommend ” – Judy Torralba

“Michelle is a breath of fresh air. She is positive and kind but also down to earth and real. The special type of person you want to spend as much time with as possible. I had a reading with her that knocked my socks off.”  -Julie Lane Purcell

“I loved my reading with Michelle! She is gifted and gorgeous, and truly a sweet soul 💜” -Deb Nicholson

“Michelle is as authentic as they get. Her vibrant energy, compassionate wit, and true desire to connect and bring higher awareness to life is a gift to us all. I will forever be touched and moved by her wisdom. 🙏💕” – Tina Falk

“Absolutely fabulous experience! The best to you all.” -L’Quesha Smith

“It was a nice reading and it made sense!” – Renata Marques Klosterman

Big shout out and huge thanks to Michelle Lewis for the gifted Spiritual Clarity reading she just gave me. WOW. What a lot of amazing synchronicity happening before and throughout the reading. She helped me see exactly where I need to be focusing my energy and thoughts to move forward out of a current pause that’s happened, where I may be needing to make a decision soon between one good option and one great option. That final card seemed like a warning to tell me I need to lean in and not let anyone leave me out in the cold. I need to fly up into the branches of that money tree!

Michelle is such a sweetheart and kind soul. It was an absolute pleasure and a real treat working with her. Just sitting with her in her energy is a power-up in love, sweetness, and joy!

Thank you again, Michelle! I offer my deepest gratitude for your generosity of spirit, and I’m in awe of your resilience, persistence, and the brilliance of your inner light. I had heard the song “This Little Light of Mine” earlier today and I think that song was for you.” -Laura Curtis

The Blessings Butterfly gave me a hugely insightful reading yesterday- still basking in the message…taking it all in.” -Leslee Ryerson, Manic Woman Art

Much Gratitude and thank you to Michelle Lewis for the amazing Spiritual Clarity Reading and guidance. I loved all the animal elements that came in. Michelle has such a beautiful sparkling light that shines through in all she does. Schedule a session!!!! She is amazing!!! -Tammy Anderson, L.Ac.

“I received a “Spiritual Clarity Reading” from Michelle Lewis that felt incredibly on point, clarifying, and emotionally juicy. I have been wrestling with some intersecting pieces in regard to my previously mentioned heart havoc, and also my career/creativity. Michelle used tarot cards as a tool during the reading and as she read the cards, I could feel her words in the depths of my sternum and heart, and definitely cried at some point for the sheer, alignment of recognition I felt both from an emotional and an intellectual place. Michelle was a delight to speak with- and she also compiled notes after our time together and shared images of the tarot spread and also a recording of our session– which was SO helpful for me. I am still coming back to it and getting little bits more each time I review the notes. Thank you so much Michelle for sharing your intuitive gifts with me. Please do yourself a favor and go grab one for yourself!!!” -Chrystal Sunshine, Artist

I had a session with Michelle and it was abso-fucking-lutely amaz-balls. 😀 We did a card reading where she walked me through a journey that I am currently on. The drawing revealed both the path that I am on and the challenges that lay ahead. It was “uncanny” to say the least. It was also helpful. It solitified my resolve. It infused me with a knowingness that none of this is in my control. It felt freeing… blissful even. I was left speechless and grateful…. She was also super professional and even sent me a recording and a follow up email with any notes I might have taken. She is a true blessing and I give her offering a 10/10. 🙂 ” -Michael Hellerslien, Executive Life Coach

“Michelle Lewis you are a rockstar of rockstars… your Spiritual Clarity Reading was an absolute next-level gift. Not only was it deeply insightful, your meticulous follow-up with the typed session summary and photo of the card spread allowed me to integrate it even more deeply once we were done. Wow. Just wow. And huge thanks!!!” -Tracie Loeffler, Hypnotherapist

“Thank you, Michelle Lewis, for the Spiritual Clarity Reading this week! … The tarot spread and Michelle’s guidance was very supportive in helping me to feel that I am on track to manifesting my dreams. …Clarity indeed! Thank you, Michelle!” Kara Keyes, Accountant/Intuitive Energy Healer

“I have been working with Michelle for about a year during a deeply transitional time in my life. I had no idea what to expect, but I felt drawn to her. The work we have done together has transformed my life from the inside out. Plus, I look so forward to our time together it is pure joy. I simply cannot imagine NOT having her as a partner in my life and my growth.”  -Donna Cravotta, Founder & CEO Social Pivot PR