The Blessings Butterfly Books

The books that started it all!

Start your journey to personal empowerment and a deeper sense of self-love when you purchase one of my self-help books on Amazon today.

My original The Blessings Butterfly and The Blessings Butterfly Companion Guide both contain the actual original mantras and affirmations I used in my own personal healing journey.

These simple affirmations were some of the most powerful tools for helping me to address old stories and deeper wounds to create dramatic mindset shifts and propel my work into the healing power of Transformational Positivity.

A few of the reviews, testimonials and endorsements for my original eBook, The Blessings Butterfly:

“In my role as a Life Coach, I am always looking for resources that can inspire my clients. I encouraged my clients to participate in the 31 Days of Blessing and Affirmations [Facebook Challenge] from The Blessings Butterfly. My clients and I all benefit greatly from the daily affirmations to focus on, and it provided rich discussion for myself and my clients. I continue to endorse The Blessings Butterfly as a source for positive focus and encouragements for my clients.” Nicole Lewis-Keeber, MSW, LCSWNicole Lewis-Keeber CoachingĀ 

“This book is a guide to life. I think several people should be required to read this book at least once. Teachers, emotional teenagers, employers, employees, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, politicians etc…It’s a remarkable book to realign your self-motivation to re-establish your personal and spiritual growth.”

“This book is simple yet eloquent. I highly recommend it to anyone searching for happiness and well being. Daily affirmations to excite and soothe your soul. A daily dose of happiness and inner peace! “ Amazon reviewer

“Love the book. Simple but powerful.” -Amazon reviewer

“Great book, makes me peaceful.” -Amazon reviewer

“I feel like you are speaking directly to me.” -Annette M.

“Truly enjoyed your book… Expecting more to follow!” – Allison M.

“I shared the daily messages with my class and they all loved it!” – Kelly H.

Get your copy today! The Blessings Butterfly by Michelle Lewis and The Blessings Butterfly Companion Guide- 31 Daily Blessings & Affirmations to Feed Your Soul by Michelle Lewis Available on Amazon.

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