Here’s my ever-growing list of Favorites for all sorts of helpful, healing resources. Most are my own offerings, some are courtesy of dear friends & colleagues, and a couple are affiliate links for which I will receive a small commission. I only post links for products/services that I have actually used and believe in.


Personal Empowerment is an Inside Job

Start your journey to personal empowerment and a deeper sense of self-love when you purchase one of my self-help books on Amazon today. My original The Blessings Butterfly and The Blessings Butterfly Companion Guide both contain the actual mantras and affirmations I used in my own personal development and healing. (Bonus: A portion of the proceeds [$1 per each Blessings Butterfly book sold] is donated to support programs for widowed HIV/AIDS widows & single moms in Kenya!)


Online Courses

Holistic Health & Wellness

Art & Other

    • The Sparkle Hour – a fun, feisty, and empowering podcast for strong women & woke menfolk hosted by Michelle Lewis and Nicole Lewis-Keeber  (10 seasons; Adult Language/NSWF)

    • Transformational Positivity Summit – 24 Guest Experts share their experiences with Transformational Positivity as it relates to their field.

RIP: I miss my friend Mikey every day and am honored to continue featuring his gorgeous photography throughout my website. Thank you, Friendie, for always seeing the best in me & everyone around you. Michael Powell Photography

michael powell photography and the blessings butterfly

Love Your Skin

My website only contains links to products that I personally endorse. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

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