Mini-Meditations & Positivity

Meditations for People Who Don’t Have Time to Meditate

Meditation, like people, appears in many different variations. And, like people, all are valuable, all are beautiful in their differences & similarities. If you are new to meditation, I want to especially welcome you and let you know that there is no one ‘right’ way to meditate, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating! You don’t have to empty your mind of all thought, you can simply slow down to observe the thoughts, feelings, sensations or emotions that come to you and through you.

My collection of mini-meditations started from experimenting with the Facebook Live platform to share some of my thoughts and desire to spread love, light, and positive energy to the world around me. I hope and pray that you are blessed by these. <3

The Tool of Positive Affirmations

The Tool of Visualization

The Tool of Meditation

New Moon Meditation

My Message Is Love

Be Good to Each Other

Trash Day

More Kindness Please


People > Positions

You Are Stronger Than You Realize

Love Your Voice, Use Your Voice

Giving Grace & Patience When Frustrated, Irritated, or Feeling Road Rage

Prayer for Peace & Healing



Honor Your Big Beautiful Dreams