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Inspirational & Motivational Speaking

If you are looking to book a passionate and powerful speaker for your next event, Michelle Lewis – The Blessings Butterfly is an ideal inspirational speaker for your women’s group, girls club, congregation, school assembly, special event, or retreat. Michelle is also available to speak as a guest on your podcast, radio program, or television show.

Whether you are looking for an inspiring keynote speaker, dynamic breakout session, or a transformational workshop leader, Michelle is a “Master of Positivity” who can move your audience with her endearing & engaging presentations.

Cultivating Positivity (Without Being A Pollyanna)

  • In one of her most requested presentations, Michelle shares some of her favorite tools for cultivating a more positive mindset and her breakthrough vision of Transformational Positivity.
  • Ideal for a workshop or breakout session

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Energy & Spirituality

Spiritual Clarity Reading – starting at $97

Big decision coming up? Confused about what is the best choice for you? Let’s address your nagging questions and weird dreams with my signature Spiritual Clarity Reading.

During our session, I will provide you with a deep reading and interpretation of the energy surrounding you/your situation, so that you can have clarity and peace of mind moving forward. Schedule Now

What’s included:

  • Your 45 minute session may include the use of one or more of the following divination tools: Tarot, Oracle, or Affirmation cards; Psychic visions; Intuitive energy reading; Spirit and Animal guides; and/or images/impressions.
  • You will receive my write-up assessment and a recording of your session so that you may refer back at any time.

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4 Pillars Assessment + Soul Mirroring Session- starting at $133

I have an incredible gift of being able to truly SEE you- beyond the baggage, beyond the walls and armor. When you invite me to reflect, I will mirror what your soul needs to see, and speak the words that your soul needs most to hear during this powerful healing session. Schedule Now

What’s included:

  • Extremely powerful healing session. 90* minute private meeting will take place virtually in my online Zoom office.
  • 4 Pillars Assessment & recommendations
  • You will receive a recording of our session so that you may refer back at any time.
  • *Initial session is typically up to 90 minutes; you may wish to book up to 30 minutes of additional time at Michelle’s hourly rate.



We will work together in bi-weekly sessions where you will receive intuitive energy work and guided meditations in addition to more traditional goal setting and we will dive right into pursuing your biggest dreams, so you can get on track to reach your goals LIKE A BOSS. Schedule Now

What’s included:



Now available in Paperback through, you can get a hold-in-your-hands copy of my original book, The Blessings Butterfly: 31 Daily Blessings & Affirmations to Feed Your Soul, or the expanded journal version, The Blessings Butterfly Companion Guide, for less than $10! 

A portion of the proceeds from these books is donated to local and global women’s empowerment projects and body autonomy for women & girls around the world. Buy Now

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