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Hey Love, I see you!

  • You are a Go-Getter, but somehow you keep getting in your own way… and now you’re ready to change that!

  • You are ready to dig deep and know you need support for your next steps…

  • You are ready to get yourself unstuck and learn how to step into your goddxss-like brilliance!

“Michelle is very effective as a coach. She is incredibly compassionate and intuitive and coaches from a heart centered place. Michelle is a very good listener and really knows how to guide her clients to gain clarity and focus. During the time that we worked together, I was able to break through some challenging mental fog as she guided me towards the exact right next steps to take. I am grateful for her leadership.” -Cathy Gooden, Life Coach


Work with me as your Personal Empowerment Coach to learn how to use the Transformational power of Positivity to help overcome shame, heal inner pain, improve your mindset and attract more of what makes you happy into your life… WITHOUT being a fake-ass Pollyanna!



How do you know if hiring a Personal Empowerment Coach is right for you?

  • You are feeling stuck, blocked, or just funky-junky and need help getting UNSTUCK…

  • You are tired of attracting the wrong people (negative energy) and are ready to start filling your inner circle with more Kind, Caring, Loving, Supportive, Joyful people…

  • You are ready to do some powerful inner healing and create shifts in your energy to live the life that you love…

  • You want to learn how to live with more joy and positive energy…

  • You have some big dreams that you want to follow, but you aren’t sure what to do next…

If any of these things are true for you, schedule your free consultation with me today!


Let me help you see yourself in a whole new way.

Let me help you see yourself in a whole new way. Let me help you discover the magic that is inside you so you can break the cycle of negative living.

Together we will identify what’s blocking you energetically and set you on the path to your own life-changing transformation so you can finally follow your dreams.

You’ll learn how to live fully in your power so that you no longer feel at the mercy of whatever Life throws at you.


Schedule your free consultation with me today!


Premium Level Personal Empowerment Coaching with The Blessings Butterfly. Learn to Live the Life that you Love!

We ALL go through challenging times and especially when we are trying to up-level in some area of our lives. Too often, we can find ourselves reverting back to old mental programming and negative behavior that leaves us feeling stuck instead of freeing us up to heal and grow. Does your mindset need to be reset? Sometimes all you need is a listening ear and someone who can give you a fresh perspective to help you move forward.

When you schedule your personal empowerment coaching with me, you will get:

  • A coach who listens deeply and asks empowering questions

  • A coach who cares about you taking positive steps forward

  • A coach who has made it through dark nights of the soul and hard, scary places… and can help you find your way through, too!

  • A coach who integrates a caring, gentle, honest, professional and holistic approach to addressing YOUR individual needs so you can reach YOUR GOALS of living YOUR BEST LIFE


You’re going to do the work, and you’ll have my support.

After your free consultation, we can schedule as many or as few monthly coaching sessions as you want (typically 1-3x/month). In between our regularly scheduled sessions, you will have direct access to me via my private email, and if necessary we can schedule additional* call-in sessions as needed (*additional fees apply at my hourly rate).

My coaching sessions take place online or over the phone and include video call-in with personalized advice, guidance, encouragement, goal setting accountability, and feedback. You can choose to receive additional support through Telegram, Voxer, or Messenger.

Each 1:1 coaching call will help you to gain clarity in your current situation and provide specific action steps to help you move forward.

Most clients will realize their best results with consistent, 1:1 coaching over the course of several (4-12) months. Your results may vary, and it’s not a negative reflection on you!

Are you ready to learn more and take the next steps on your Life’s Journey? Click the link below to see what I have to offer and let’s get this party started!


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Premium Level Private Coaching starting at $1745/month. Need a payment plan? No problem!


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**PLEASE NOTE: Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. I am not a doctor, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist and I can in no way diagnose or treat any medical conditions.



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**PLEASE NOTE: Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. I am not a doctor, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist and I can in no way diagnose or treat any medical conditions.