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Home Office: Eat Easy

Feelin' Just Peachy, thank you very much! Easy foods that fuel my hustle today for breakfast: Peaches-n-Cream Smoothie + Peaches-n-Cream Overnight Oats. I like to use vanilla almond milk for my liquid in both of these recipes. So good!

Of all the many great things about working from home and owning my own businesses (making my own hours, zero commute, self-reliance, full creativity… leggings… pets…) there is one big pitfall that nobody really warns you about: you might start to eat like shit.

As in, forget to eat for half the day and then look up from your project in full on HANGRY mode, pushing past the bewildered pets on your way to the kitchen to eat anything that you can get your hands on- an entire bag of chips, 27 cookies, a huge chunk of cheese (bitten off from the brick, no less) and oh maybe a carrot to round things off. Or you just power through a pint of ice cream (hello, Halo Top!) instead. Yeah, I've totally done that.

Or maybe you're more of a there's-nothing-here-I-even-want-to-eat-so-I-guess-I'm-ordering-delivery-again kind of person. Yup. Totally done that, too.

There's nothing really wrong with any of these scenarios every once in a while, like when you're pushing up on a hard deadline or product launch or huge project that lights you up. We're bosses, but we're also human. Food fails are gonna happen sometimes. Wipe your mouth and move on.

It does become a problem though when it quickly becomes your norm, and you stop stocking your kitchen with an easy mix of more healthful foods in favor of "convenience" meals. You forget how to eat well.

As the pounds packed on (70 bonus pounds, y'all) to fill out my small frame, I have been making the choice to "eat easy" whenever possible. My kitchen always has fresh fruits & veggies (some grown from my backyard garden) nuts and seeds, fresh eggs from my hens, yogurts and cereals and yes some chips too. And Halo Top (so dang good!). With intention, I am enjoying prepping simple, easy, great-tasting meals that are healthy AND convenient. Win-Win!

I've also recently added more movement by taking H2O aerobics 2x weekly and setting a timer to GET UP and away from my desk after every 60 minutes to stretch, walk outside, or have a mini dance party for 5, 10, 15 minutes. I don't have really huge weight-loss goals, and I love my current body very much- but I know I feel better in this body when it's a few pounds lighter, so that's what I'm going for. Ease.

DING! Excuse me, it's time for my dance party.

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