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Qualified to Coach

One of the things I enjoy the most about being an entrepreneur is the seemingly magical ability to create a career that I love. After decades of working for others, always learning & growing, testing & changing, and leaping faithfully into new ventures of my own, as a Life Coach I am grateful to be rooted in work that supports me financially & emotionally, beautifully uses all of my gifts, talents, & experiences, and fits perfectly into my schedule.

I get to write, create, talk, share, teach, travel, learn, encourage, inspire, and empower.

I get to try and fail and try again.

I get to embrace my curiosity, experiment and explore.

I get to be ALL IN, be Brave, and be Open.

Sounds great, right? It IS! But there is something that has nagged at me along the way, and I will be willing to bet that it is something that has nagged at you too at one time or another. That something is the scolding, condescending little voice of self-doubt that just can’t wait to pop up and whisper with a snarl, “Who do you think you are?”

GULP. Who indeed? After all, I don’t have some of the credentials that many other people do, including people in my chosen field of self-help and coaching. Even many of the brilliant people whom I partner with have some pretty impressive laurels to rest on, and if I’m being honest there are times that this has felt intimidating and made me want to hide in shame and self-doubt. Can you relate?

Here’s how I remind Little Miss Shut Your Face to take a seat when she starts up with the “who do you think you are” crap:

  • Thank you for your input, and you’re right, I don’t have any advanced degrees beside my name, but here’s what you’re forgetting
    • I studied Literature at CSULB
    • I studied Creative Writing at LBCC
    • I studied Art and Graphic Design at Cerritos College
    • I studied Christian Ministry at HIU
  • Also,
    • I am a Certified Massage Therapist
    • I am a Certified Yoga For All teacher
    • I am a trained Life Coach
  • And,
    • I have over two decades of practical ministry experience working with children, adolescents, and women
    • I have trained and led dozens of international short term mission teams into Kenya, China, and Mexico
    • I have trained and led dozens of volunteer teams working with various populations of local homeless people
    • I have served with high-level executives, coordinated major events, worked in academia, and served on a Board of Directors
    • I co-founded an effort to train and assist HIV+ AIDS widows in Kenya so that these amazing single moms could learn artisan skills and become self-sustaining
  • Not to mention,
    • I escaped from my own personal Hell of incredibly violent, abusive relationships and have done my work to completely break free from that cycle
    • I know what it feels like to live in constant fear, to suffer great pain and shame, to feel deep regret, and I know what it took to heal from all that trauma
    • I am continuously putting my healing and learning into practice, gladly sharing any tools and tips with those who want them
    • I am spiritually gifted with Empathy, Compassion, Wisdom, and Deep Listening


I have to be honest and tell you that it feels a little weird to list off my qualifications and realize, Hey, that’s actually Me. Like, I don’t want to brag, buuuttt… And here’s the thing, it actually isn’t bragging so much as it is becoming comfortable with who I am, what I’ve learned, and what I have to offer as my contribution to this life. So the next time your own Little Miss Shut Your Face pipes up and tries to feed on your insecurity, invite her to take a seat and then proceed to list your own qualifications. Go ahead, brag a little. Dare to be impressed with how far you’ve come, and don’t be afraid to step up and claim your spot. You’ve earned it!

Want to work with me? Let’s Chat! Schedule your Free 30 minute consultation today.


#MondayMantra I Am Here

Wherever you go, there you are… so where are you today? Is your mind detached from your body, is your heart on one side of the world while you’re somewhere else? It’s not that these are “bad” things, but there is another way.

Practice total mindfulness by allowing yourself to be fully present in your immediate surroundings, while simultaneously consciously connecting your spirit to every being. Whoa! The power of it is INTENSE and at first, you will only be able to handle it for a split-second… but I promise you, it’s totally worth it.

Sending my Love and Light to all. 💖🦋

#FridayFeels For the Love of the Learning

Like the very best teachers, Life is always offering us valuable lessons, whether or not we are consciously and intentionally asking for them. We simply agree to show up, and there they are: life lessons designed to grow us, mold us, shape us, challenge us, better us, perfect us, and (yes, absolutely!) bless us.

Oh, sure- oftentimes these Life Lessons may at first look/feel annoying or uncomfortable or inconvenient or downright unpleasant, but don’t let that stop you from really examining what is being offered to you, what’s on the other side of it. Is it patience? Is it forgiveness? Is it confidence? Is it trust, or compassion, or love? Too many times, we keep ourselves stuck because we are unwilling to do the work that comes with learning the lesson.

Today, I invite you to set aside some introspective time to Ask, Seek, and Learn.  Ask:What do I need to know about this situation?  Seek:Get quiet and tune in to your deep, inner wisdom. You might prefer to do this through meditation, prayer, journaling, or doing a sacred card reading. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sign!  Learn: Now that you’ve set yourself up into an open & receiving mode, pay attention to the answers as they develop. Look for the signs that you asked for.  What is the Lesson you are learning?

If you are interested in working with me as your Personal Empowerment Coach, go ahead and click here to schedule a quick chat. These free 30 minute sessions are the perfect way to see if we are a good fit for each other before committing to a coaching session or series of sessions.

#MondayMantra Savor Every Slice

This #MondayMantra #solareclipse2017 edition features my sweetheart and I taking in the Magic of the total eclipse today in gorgeous Grey Rocks Reservoir, Wyoming. We had a couple of days available for an adventure, so we took it!

This mantra is a reminder to make and enjoy your opportunities: “I savor every slice of life.”

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Michelle Lewis The Blessings Butterfly Appears on the Money Mantra Podcast

At the beginning of the year (maybe it was the end of last year??) I was invited to speak as a guest on the new Money Mantra podcast. It was my first podcast interview, and I was nervous about what I would share and how I would sound and all of that insecure stuff that comes with allowing some vulnerability into your life. Mostly, though, I was excited!  I was excited for the opportunity to share a little sliver of my expertise, my passion, and my story with a wider audience and get the message of Self Love and Healing to people I would not normally have the chance to speak to. So, I went for it.  You can download and listen to my interview here (it’s less than 30 minutes).


It turned out to be a fun experience for me, and I’d love for you to tune in and give it a listen. Please feel free to share it with your friends, too!



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#MondayMantra Power for Good

In a time when hatred, bigotry, ignorance and fear are grabbing the world's attention, YOU and I have the power to stand up for truth, kindness, beauty, unity, and love.

We have the power to let our friends and family members who are affected by racism, sexism, homophobia or any other injustice know that we support them and will work to fix what's broken.

Today's #mondaymantra is a reminder of your power for good: "I use my power and influence to create peace and healing."

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By August 14, 2017.    Monday Mantra   

Shedding My Cocoon

Friends, I am writing to you to share some changes I am making in my life and my business that I am excited about, even though there is also some sadness and a little bit of fear around them. Like a caterpillar making the transition to a butterfly, it involves leaving behind part of me so I can spread my wings and grow further into my beautiful purpose. I look forward to sharing this transformation with you.As part of this transition, the time has come for me to close down my first signature program, The Cocoon – Empowered Transformation. I will no longer offer this membership for sale effective immediately, and August 31 is the last day for access to the private Facebook group. I have so enjoyed serving you in this way these past few years and am grateful for your participation.

The Cocoon was born out of a need to protect, nurture, and heal my deeply damaged relationship with my body and to help other women do the same. I created a virtual cocoon for all of us to learn how to experience LOVE for the bodies that we live in, at any size and at every age, with the goal of finding personal empowerment and a transformation that was more spiritual than merely physical. By developing a workout regimen that is low-impact, easy to adapt, simple enough for beginners and even fun to do, this beautiful little cocoon became a safe space to heal and for each of us to develop our own body-positive relationship.

As I make this transition, I know many in my online community who will want to continue their wellness and body-positive journey and may wish to find a safe place to do that, much like what The Cocoon provided- but even better! So in order to help you find that, I would like to make some recommendations for you. (I do not receive any commissions or affiliate payments for these recommendations – I am providing them only because I want to continue to support you on your journey.)

I have been fortunate to connect with excellent body-positive leaders like Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes (my amazing Yoga For All teachers) and am happy to recommend them both.
Dianne Bondy also has an excellent, supportive online yoga community called Yogasteya that I highly recommend. Another inspirational yogi who is absolutely rocking the world is Jessamyn Stanley, currently touring all over to promote her groundbreaking book, Every Body Yoga. I love her Instagram feed, and I think you will too!

The decision to release and retire The Cocoon comes as a result of much soul-searching and always aiming to live in alignment with my gifts and calling. I am always the happiest and most fulfilled when I am helping and serving others, and what I learned about myself is that my natural talent for encouragement- something that I have been doing my whole life– combined with my gift of intuition and years of solid training in different modalities can best be used to help coach other women to get unstuck, find their strength, heal their soul wounds, use their voice, stand in their power & live the life they love.

As part of this evolution in how I serve you and the rest of my community, I introduced different levels of empowerment coaching to support you during your own personal transformation. If you are looking for a safe space to become more empowered in all areas of your life – to heal deep wounds and transform into a fuller, more magnificent version of yourself – I invite you to schedule a FREE 30 minute chat with me today to explore options to begin your own metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.



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#FridayFeels Sunny

This #fridayfeels warm, sunny, and silly! Got to spend the morning at the Living Desert exhibit and yes, I feed and got kissed by this giraffe. The desert is hot AF and kicked my ass, but I had a great time with my sweetheart.* *Not pictured.

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#MondayMantra On Facing Disappointment

Sometimes, people disappoint you. Sometimes, you disappoint other people- or even Yourself.

An important key to healing is to allow the uncomfortable feelings, and learn the lessons that are presented in the situation without falling down into a pit of negativity.

Instead of choosing blame or shame, try choosing to see one thing that you can be grateful for- one positive lesson that you can take away and build on for the next time.

Today's #MondayMantra is a positive mindset shift for when you are facing disappointment. "Even when I am disappointed, I can be grateful for the lessons learned."

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#FridayFeels Breathe in Peace

If you haven't heard it yet, and even if you have- let this be a sign to you from the universe and beyond:

Great job! You did it! You have much to be proud of! Focus on the good things.

You've done good work. You've faced fears and moved forward anyway. You've peeled away another layer of your own bullshit to reveal more of your beautiful soul and true self. You are a Warrior, an Angel, a Lighthouse.

Give yourself the gift of quiet reflection and spend a few moments in pure gratitude. Breathe in Peace, Love.

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