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2022 Year of the Deep Water Tiger

Guest Post by Tina Falk, CFSP, Founder of VIA School of Feng Shui

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Are you feeling a shift in this new year? Some transitions are subtle while others are a surge of energy. To me, I already feel a powerful surge. My favorite method to interpret energy is through a 4,000-year-old astrology system; the Chinese five elements and zodiac signs. I am a Chinese Astrologer and Metaphysician. I use these insights and intuitive nudges to assist my clients and students from all around the world.

Aside from exploring their own 4 Pillar Chinese astrology chart; most of my clients are eager to know about the energy of the new year and how it may influence their lives based on their particular chart. Even if you’ve not yet had a 4 Pillar chart reading, there is still a lot to gain by understanding the incoming energy of this year.

So let’s dive in and see what 2022, the year of the Deep Water Tiger might present.

The world we are creating…our lives, our homes, our communities, and planet, is a reflection of the health or dis-ease we are owning. Are you on default mode or creation mode?

This year will be about choice. Stepping into, and understanding the power of, your will to choose. What you decide is your choice. The choices we’re being faced with, at this critical time in our human evolution, are between the old and the new.

If you choose, in any given moment, to fall back into habit, or what someone else wants, out of fear or out of stubbornness, then that is a counter clockwise turn directing you back into old ways.

However if you choose potential, creation, uncertainty, and future, then you are spinning the dial forward into a new world. Yep, that new world many of us came here to be a part of.

The main traits of the Deep Water Tiger energy are intense, extreme, and powerful. Below is my interpretation of these energies to assist you in the navigation of your Dark Water Tiger journey:


The response of fear or optimism relates to Deep Water energy. Think of being at sea during a storm without any means to anchor or get your feet on the ground. We don’t do well making decisions that will serve us long term when we come from a place of fear. Fear is valuable and can bring about quick reactions to get us out of harm’s way, but we don’t thrive living in that reactive state for long. For long-term survival, we need to turn our attention towards the next forward step.

When we have something to look forward to, or take time to see challenging moments or relationships as a valuable lesson or opportunity for growth, we begin to feel encouraged, hopeful, and stronger. Optimism is an innate drive in humans. Having a desire for better or more is what keeps us alive. Assess your connection with the external world and be sure you are allowing space for other optimistic influences and people to be a part of your everyday life.


The emotions of anger and serenity are indicative of the Tiger. Tiger, the beginning of Spring, is a Wood Chinese element. Wood is associated with the liver and limbs, birth families, unexpected change, strength, growth, maturity, new beginnings, and anger. What emotions are you choosing to express, sit in, live in, and project onto others?

Anger can be the impetus for change. That’s a good thing. But we can’t live in anger—instead we use that energy to make things different. Keep in mind, and heart, that the world around you, is also being influenced by these energies. You may choose to remain angry, but are you able to stand in the center of the storm without snapping or being swayed by the noise? Can you create serenity within?

An inner place I often tap into for serenity, is a trusting that there is a greater purpose to this thing called life. That even though right now—I may not like what I’m experiencing or foresee the outcome—I trust there is a reason for it to be happening. My husband and I have always had a saying through uncertain times (we’ll be celebrating our 34th Anniversary this year, so many opportunities to use it), “Things always work out.” This comforts our souls and allows us to move forward.


If you know someone with a Tiger in their Chinese astrology chart, you know there is no sitting on the fence for them. They are either all in or all out. This year, the Tiger is teaching us the importance of our choices.

Whatever you decide—you can’t get it wrong. You can pick an old way, and continue down that path for the rest of your life or choose the new. There’s no right or wrong. We are each here for various reasons and there is no one “true” path for everyone. But there is a “true” path for YOU.

The state of humanity is deeply divided, and the energy of 2022 indicates that this division will become deeper and more expansive. So what does this mean? Are we supposed to pick sides? Fight against those who disagree with us? Or appreciate the contrast? Abraham-Hicks speaks frequently of the value of contrast.

We need to see and experience things we don’t want, so we can get clear on what it is we do want in our lives. That’s all. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. It’s just an energy presenting itself that you get to make a decision about. And those decisions realign us on our purposeful and meaningful path.


Tiger is often seen as the symbol of power, authority, prestige, royalty, and war. The Tiger knows exactly what side of the fence it is standing on. And will then put every part of its fierce attention, and being, towards that intention. He has his eye on the prize and will stay laser focused to see it through.

The war has already begun. It is in each of us. Our greatest battles are fought within, but we often turn our anger towards others thus becoming at war with the world.

One of the simplest, yet most profound, quotes of this new-age era came from Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi embodied internal peace. No matter the chaos, disagreements, fear, or destruction happening around him, he stood strong without being swayed from his convictions. What steps can we take to create stillness, rest, a pause, a breath, gratitude, and peace in our own lives to bring more peace to our world?

This is the year to turn inward. To tune out the noise and the blame, and work on our own inner peace. Tuning into, and tending to, our Selves is a profound choice that will anchor and support other decisions we’ll make this year.

The Tiger is fierce. He is focused. And hungry. What are you hungry for?

The decisions you make this year will set the trajectory of your future self. Just get off the fence and keep moving. And remember that everyone around you, those next door, on the news and the other side of the planet, are all being influenced by these energies, too. There’s no time for judgment. Be patient and empathetic.

The Tiger is a keen observer. It’s our duty to witness the events that unfold before us, then turn inward—to our innate intuitive compass—to guide us along our path.

Are you curious how the 4 Chinese zodiac animals in your chart get along with the Tiger? Reach out to schedule your personal 4 Pillar Chinese Astrology Reading.

I am Tina Falk, a Chinese Metaphysician and Astrologer. I’ve been practicing this way of life since 2005. My goal is to provide a professional and intuitive perspective to enhance your awareness and appreciation of Self and Space. My role is to bring you into a place of being in gratitude, creating conscious intentions, taking action and believing in your own power. This will propel you into a more meaningful and purposeful life. I am a classically trained feng shui practitioner who also incorporates Landform and BTB principles. And to me, the most exciting aspect is integration of your 4 Pillar Chinese astrology charts. My approach allows me to personalize your whole feng shui experience! I can make recommendations that are specific to you, and each member of your family or business team. Everyone deserves that personal attention. Overall, I am here to support — sometimes with a firm stance, but always with love and empathy — and to inspire a new way in which you see the world and your place in it. Feng shui has enriched my life by revealing everything from the insanely obvious to the subtlest of energy in our surroundings. We are sensitive beings and when we can connect and create a sacred relationship with ourselves, our space and others…damn, life gets exciting and motivating! Feng Shui has been a true gift to me . . . and my family. I intend for it to be the same for you.

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