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    Fringe Dwellers in the Archives: Wiccans, Pagans, and Astrologers, oh my!
    Alternative Women and Their Histories

    Written by Angela L. Todd, Guest Author An old Wiccan saying says, “What is remembered, lives.” And I preface that with what is saved, is remembered. If you’re here, you’re likely drawn to the fringes of culture, not mainstream ideas and lifestyles. These all have important places in world history. “Different” paths such as Wiccans, Pagans, astrologers, alternative spiritualities, and other fringe dwellers aren’t often included in our collective histories. Historical documents and original materials saved in historical societies and archives are the raw materials for those histories. But who is doing the saving? Historically, those who have been inspired…

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    Goddess In The Family

    Written by Angela L. Todd, Guest Contributor I love goddess imagery. I’m getting to be a big girl and I have started to really tap into the power of that imagery and correlate it to my new size. I say I’m big and strong and I won’t blow away in the wind! I’m seeing goddesses showing up everywhere, and recently I’ve also been feeling a new important link between goddess culture and my work as a family historian. I am so grateful to Michelle Lewis for inspiring me to explore this spiritual aspect of my work. I specialize in histories…