Friday Faves

Friday Faves: Michael Powell Photography 

I’m always amazed by the incredibly gifted people in my world. Today I want to give a shout out to multi-talented photographer, musician and dear friend, Michael Powell. Holla!

Michael and I became friends years ago when he was playing guitar in a mutual friend’s band (more on Josie and her current band Eye the Realist another day). We bonded over LOST, a.k.a. one of the best TV series ever. I bawled my eyes out on his couch during the Series Finale. Oh, and it was a party so there were quite a few people there watching me totally meltdown… Anyway.

At that time, Michael was just starting to develop his interest in photography. I remember seeing his early work and telling him, “You’ve got a really good eye. I hope you’ll keep doing this, like, for real.”

I’m so glad he did!

A few years later, I asked him to take some pics of me to submit to a casting director for a small indie film (“11 Sexy Witches” – ha! I KNOW RIGHT?!) and he did. I got the part, felt good about myself, and then for personal reasons, let the part go.  But here’s the shot that got me hired:

Fast forward to May 2016: I’m in the process of updating my website for The Blessings Butterfly and needed some fresh photos. I want to communicate strength, confidence, beauty, and love- so natch, I call my friend and ask if he’s got any room in his schedule. We set a date and I was so excited!

First I had some pro makeup done. My girl Crystal at the Charlotte Tillman counter in Nordstrom (Cerritos, CA) made me look GLAMazing:

This past Wednesday, we headed into Bommer Canyon (Irvine, CA) for a magical photo shoot and I’m so STOKED on what we did!  We shot for about 90 minutes to capture incredible light from just before sunset through dusk.

Here’s a teaser:

I cannot wait to see the rest of the shoot!

Please check out the portfolio at Michael Powell Photography.  You can also visit my Resources page for info on his music project, Michael and Friends.

Peace & Blessings ~

Michelle ❤️