#FridayFeels Expanding 

When you begin to listen to the voice inside of you- your soul, your inner wisdom, your deepest and highest self- you will find that it creates both a challenge & an opportunity. 

The Challenge is whether or not to ignore the calling inside of you, to play it safe, to maintain the status quo and remain neatly inside the lines. You can absolutely do this for the rest of your life, if you so choose.

The Opportunity is to begin listening to the calling inside of you; to take some risks by daring to write a new story about yourself; to address the deepest hurts and start healing your soul’s wound; to step outside the lines of the life someone else’s hand drew for you and instead explore the trails of your dreams, your heart’s desire.

I’m sure you can guess which path I am choosing. My encouragement to you:

Don’t shrink yourself to meet others’ limited expectations of you. 

Instead, E X P A N D yourself and Light the path for others to follow! 

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