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Rad Recipes: Reset Smoothie (V, VG, P, GF)

After back-to-back weekends of seemingly nonstop partying with friends & family, my body has had just about enough with the heavy foods, desserts, and more than a few adult beverages.  I just felt kinda bleh and gross and dull. Can I get an AMEN?

I don’t love the idea of a “cleanse” but I do LOVE to have a hard reset to put my system back on a course that makes me feel good and happy and whole.  I created a neat little smoothie that’s green and sweet and wonderful that does just that!

Here’s my recipe:

  • 1/2 ripe banana
  • 2 leaves kale, stripped from stem and torn to pieces
  • 1 kiwi, scooped out of peel
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 scoop Endefen powder (supports GI tract)
  • 1 scoop Camu Camu powder (Vitamin C super boost)

Blend them all together until smooth and enjoy!  The bright green color wakes up the eyes, and the taste is fresh and yummy without being too sweet.