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All Are Welcome in The Cocoon

Sometimes living life in a bigger body has it’s challenges!

Too often we are made to feel as though enjoying good health, practicing self-care, and a modeling a lifestyle of wellness is only for the thin, the athletic, and the fit-and-trim… but I want to let you in on a (big) little secret:

It’s just not true.

Over in The Cocoon, ALL are welcome. Together, we get to disrupt the stereotypes of what it means to be healthy, what it means to be beautiful, what it means to be sexy and strong. We have fun moving our beautifully abundant bods. We learn to love our curves, muscles, and yes, even our “jiggly jelly rolls” all while doing short, simple workouts that are actually fun. We laugh, we move, we meditate, and we learn to appreciate ourselves for what we CAN do, not beat ourselves up for what we can’t do.  It’s a paradigm shift that is empowering & transforming!

And instead of following restrictive, boring diets, I’m sharing tasty, super-simple recipes that are quick, healthy & appropriate for anyone. It’s so easy to incorporate these to your existing meal plan! Total win.

I have to be honest, I’ve LOVED creating this program and launching our first Session. I finally feel like my body and my soul are in total alignment, and my heart is full. I pretty much melt at the kind things that members have been telling me about their experience in The Cocoon, and it is confirmation to me that I did the right thing by following my dream of creating a space where ALL could feel welcome and successful in their pursuit of a healthier life.

Session 1 “live” is wrapping up this week so that I can spend time creating new content for our upcoming Sessions, but the beauty of The Cocoon is that as a member, you have 24/7 access to the videos and recipes as soon as they are posted. You can go through the material at your own pace, because life happens and sometimes you just need some flexibility in your schedule.

Here’s the signup link if you are ready to start your journey. It’s an all-inclusive annual membership for just $120 (USD), and it even comes with a FREE 10 Day Trial Membership.  Click the link  to sign up and get things started:  JOIN ME IN THE COCOON

Love, Michelle <3

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