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    Perfectly Imperfect Summer Smoothie Bowl

    Hey Loves! Y’all know that I mostly talk about important healing topics like empowerment, positivity, self-love, body positivity, living a life you love and using your voice. Can’t shut me up about it and that hasn’t changed! Occasionally I get to share some delicious healthy recipes with you, too. If you followed me through The Cocoon: Empowered Transformation (my healthy living program for people in bigger bodies) then you already know that I am a big fan of SMOOTHIES. Mmm! So easy and a yummy way to get more fresh fruits and veggies into your awesome bod!  Well, this morning…

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    Rad Recipes: Goddess Trail Mix (GF, P, V)

    Whether you prefer a long hike or a gentle stroll, or even if you just want to enjoy a healthy snack to munch on at your desk or during your afternoon commute- my Goddess Trail Mix is an easy winner. It packs a high-energy punch, hits the sweet and savory notes, is low in sugar and high in good fats and even has tasty dark chocolate antioxidants. Gluten Free, Paleo friendly, and Vegetarian.  You can substitute different nuts if you prefer, such as walnuts or pecans. Here’s my super simple recipe: 1 cup raw almonds 1 cup raw cashews 1/2…

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    Rad Recipes: Creamy Dreamy Carrot Dip (DF, GF, P, V, VG)

    I do love to eat a tasty dip! Even better when it’s healthy AND tastes great, just like my favorite Creamy Dreamy Carrot Dip. This one is Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo-Friendly, Vegetarian and Vegan.   And it still tastes great!  It’s a little sweet, a little spicy, and a whole lotta awesome. Here’s the super simple recipe. Enjoy! Ingredients One package organic baby carrots 1 clove garlic, peeled & minced Juice of ½ a lemon 1½- 2  tbsp olive oil ¼ tsp cumin ⅛ tsp ground coriander ⅛ tsp smoked paprika Salt & pepper to taste Directions Using either a…

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    #FridayFeels Accomplished 

    On September 1, I started my 30 Day Challenge which included a 10 minute daily walk, daily gratitude journaling, and eliminating certain foods from my daily diet (no sugar, dairy, grains, or alcohol).  Aside from the total of 5 days of planned travel in which I released my food restrictions (4 in NOLA, 1 in Vegas), I was able to stick to my Challenge in all three areas! I’m feeling pretty accomplished and I have to say, pretty darn proud of myself. On this final day of my Challenge, here are my observations: This wasn’t about counting calories or weight…

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    Adulting: Tips for Easing Back in After a Holiday

    Adulting can be so hard sometimes, AMIRITE?  Don’t worry Lovelies, you can do this! Whether you are trying to get yourself out of bed and back to work after a long holiday weekend or perhaps an even longer vacation break, there are a few simple things that you can do right now to make your reintegration to Responsible Adult Life a breeze. Here are my Top 5 Tips for Easing Back in After a Holiday: Re-Hydrate!  Top of the list for getting your body back on point. Spending fun times with friends and family almost always revolves around food &…

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    Body-Positive Fitness, My Top 5 Tips, & Why I Created The Cocoon

    For the past couple of years, I have been wanting- no, longing to- create a series of fitness videos for people living in bigger bodies, with a crazy twist: I don’t want you to lose a bunch of weight (unless that is something YOU want for yourself).  Instead, I wanted to simply love, support, and encourage people just like me to love the body that they are already living in, and provide them with some easy action-steps to help guide them to a healthier lifestyle.     I had this radical notion that I could begin to deeply, truly LOVE…

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    How I Became The Blessings Butterfly, Pt. 3: Finding My Purpose

    How My Most Desperate Prayer Was Answered When I had finally reached my true rock bottom, I had reached a place of complete and total surrender.  At the young age of 29, I just wanted everything to end. I was done with life and the mess I had made of it seemed impossible to redeem. There, in my most broken moment, God/Spirit/My Higher Power answered my most desperate prayer to “take my life and recycle my soul.” When my childhood friend Robert called my parents’ house late that night, he had no idea what I was about to do. He…

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    5 Minutes to a Healthier You!

    Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. In my program The Cocoon, I challenge the notion that bigger, fatter, or less flexible bodies are not as good as smaller, thinner, or more bendy bodies! FACT: You are Beautiful already, exactly as you are.  Now let me help you believe it and see for yourself! If you are ready to kick-start your own healthier lifestyle & start loving the body you’re living in, I invite you to join me for my upcoming FREE 5-in-5 MiniSession! I’ll show you how just 5 minutes a day can  improve your mindset, strength, &…

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    Want to Peek Inside The Cocoon? Get Your FREE Workout Video

    What’s it like in The Cocoon – Empowered Transformation? 1 Full Session = 4 Weeks 12 Fun & Easy Workout VIdeos 4 special Transformation Tips 17 Rad Recipes (and counting!) 1 Private Facebook Group 24/7 access to The Cocoon Annual Membership includes up to 4 Full Sessions + up to 2 Mini Sessions^ for only $120. Get a taste of the fun we are having- get one of my fun little workout videos for FREE!  Click here for details and to get your FREE workout video. *Mini Session = 1 Week Intensive

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    Rad Recipes: Kale-Apple Crunch Salad (GF, V, VG, P)

    A great make-ahead salad that’s perfect for your lunch break. Just the right combo of sweet:savory and a nice energy boost that tastes fantastic! As always, use fresh, organic and non-GMO produce for the best flavor and health benefits. 3-4 leaves kale, stripped off stems and torn 1/2 apple of your choice, sliced and cut into small chunks About a tablespoon of hempseed oil Handful of raw pecans Handful of roasted unsalted sunflower seeds Place the kale in small resealable bowl and drizzle hempseed oil on top. Cover and shake. Add apple, nuts and seeds. Cover and shake again. Pop…