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Rainy Day Morning Meditation

On this rare rainy day, I thought I’d share a little stream of consciousness from my meditation this morning, edited to include punctuation.

Rainfall is so rare here. I love the way it sounds and the way it smells. When it falls at night, I sleep so deeply and peacefully. In the quiet of morning, I love to open the window a bit and just… listen, pausing in gratitude for even just a few moments. Grateful that I have warmth, and shelter, and a hot cuppa in my hand. Recognizing the incredible privilege in these simple things. Remembering when I couldn’t afford such luxuries. So deeply grateful. A swelling of Joy in my soul. Each raindrop a love-soaked tear, a whisper, a gentle kiss from heaven. Looking forward to giving and receiving the many gifts and blessings of this day. Sending my Love to all beings.

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The Balance Between

Ohhhhh my goodness, she’s coming along! Just 47 days away from starting life in our first home together, a beautiful brand new build that we’ve worked so hard to manifest.

I find myself in a weird space of extreme excitement & gratitude for what is unfolding in my life, while also feeling deeply saddened for the losses so many are suffering from the California wildfires. I’m reminded that we humans are complex beings and that there is peace in finding the balance between opposing emotions, feeling both fully.

💖 + 💔.

Hug your favorite people today and send love to all who are hurting. Celebrate your wins, large or small. Be mindful of people who are struggling today. In all things, may we find gratitude & Peace in the balance between.

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A Samhain Blessing and Meditation

Samhain Blessings

May you take comfort in your darkness, Peace in your rest, and Joy in the memory of your ancestors.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the start of Samhain (which can be tricky to pronounce- “Sow [like cow] In” or “Soh Een” or if you really want to honor the Gaelic then “shav nah” [if you’re male] or “hav nah” [if you’re female]… all are actually correct though people will gladly fight you tooth and nail that only theirs is right). Samhain is an ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival to celebrate the end of the summer, the final harvest before winter sets in. It is traditionally marked by bonfires, and corresponds with a time of honoring the spirits of the dead.

Now, to create a meditation for you all, I simply invite you to focus lovingly on the 3 things we tend to avoid because they make us so emotionally uncomfortable: darkness, rest, and death.

There is truly nothing inherently wrong or bad in any one of these. They are simply facets of each and every life.

Darkness: We can face the darkness inside us and learn to understand, even love it as an integral part of our being. Not our ruler, and not our scapegoat, but a valuable teacher that has important lessons for us and will make us better people capable of healing deep wounds of the soul.

Rest: We say we crave rest, but really… How actively do you avoid rest? How often do you find you are pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion? Always grinding, always scrolling, always consuming… never letting your mind or body just… rest. What if you gave yourself permission to pause, to exhale, to look around and just BE? What would an hour of peace feel like? Can you invite in more rest?

Death: Death is the big one that we tend to fear, isn’t it? And yet it is simply the end of this life. Death brings up so many complex emotions in us, and I don’t advise bypassing them. Instead, explore them. Journal about them. Take an objective view of the feelings that come up, and use that information to infuse the life you still have with deep, delirious Joy. Offer a loving memorial to your ancestors. Express your gratitude for who they were, and who you are.

Now with eyes closed, take in three deep, cleansing breaths with your hands on your chest, slowly releasing each breath. Open your eyes when you are ready.

Did you find this meditation helpful? Feel free to share it.

Choose to See the Beauty

My simple prayer for us all today: “May you see all the Beauty today.” 💖🦋

Do you make it a point to regularly observe Beauty? Not to objectify it, but to actually see the Beauty that is in and around you, and in everyone? It’s a powerful practice of positivity that has helped me to heal some pretty deep wounds over my *many* years on the planet. Even if you have your shit together, I invite you to take time today to look and see Beauty. Celebrate it! Share it!

Ugly Truth: It’s not at all hard to see the bad, the brutal, and the downright ugly in and around us. You really don’t have to go far to find it- we humans carry it with us wherever we go. If I’m being honest, I will admit that I can become so overwhelmed by the darkness in the world that it is sometimes paralyzing. Even now, I can only take the daily news in small bites, because the regular onslaught of bad is like a donkey kick to my guts, making me just weep and ache for the world. Not fun.

Like so many of us, I have been deeply hurt and affected by the darkness in others, so I am not only aware of but truly fearful of the same ugly that coexists inside of me. Do you ever catch yourself being kind of awful and think to yourself, “Whoa, did I really just say that? Did I really think that?” Again, not fun.

It’s astonishing how much power we carry around in our being, and how easy it is for us to “give in” to our own shit. I know that I am not so different from those whose actions I might see as disgusting, hurtful, hateful. Though I may choose to act in Love & Light more often than not, I know I am capable of being just as horrible as the worst person if I want to be.

How to Not Be a Horrible, Hateful Asshole: I believe that we must not ignore or bypass those dark things inside and around us, nor dwell in their brutality- but in order to not be overpowered by their [our] ugliness, we must continually look for and find the Beauty around us, and in us. Grow that. Recognize and nurture and celebrate that Beauty each day. We always have a choice! Today, I choose to see all the Beauty. 💖🦋 #theblessingsbutterfly #empowermentcoach #inspirational #speaker #seethebeauty

The Self-Care Sessions: Part 3- DEAR EMOTIONS

Hey Loves, next in my series of gentle meditations for/prayers to my Body, i spent some time recognizing and accepting my many emotions: “Dear Emotions, Thank You for all of the ways you allow me to experience Life. Please forgive me for pushing you away. I am no longer afraid to feel. I love you.”

Man or Woman, an incredible amount of energy is put into trying to push down, hide, run away from or otherwise be embarrassed by our emotions. And yet, they are one of the most powerful connections we have to Spirit, Self, and each other!

You are allowed to FEEL. You are allowed to feel ANYTHING. Those emotions are vital, valuable, and powerful guides that can help you to heal your deepest soul-wounds. 💖🦋

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Winter Solstice Blessing

The Long Winter’s Night, Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere) gifts us with the shortest amount of daylight. In this typically hectic time of year, it’s an invitation to choose to set down your stress and burdens in exchange for a little more peace, a little more quiet, a little more rest.

Instead of trying to cram in MORE more more in less time, Why not shut it down a little early tonight and gift yourself with a hard reset?

Enjoy a little longer glimpse of the star-filled night sky, the twinkling lights of the holidays, or even a little extra pillow time. You’ll be back tomorrow refreshed and shining even brighter. 💖🦋

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#MondayMantra I Allow Myself to Shine 

Are you letting your sparkly soul to shine through today? This world needs your brightest light!

Today’s mantra is a powerful collection of I Am statements and culminates in allowing:

  • I am Strong
  • I am Smart
  • I am Brave
  • I am Bright
  • I Allow Myself to Shine

Memorial Day Mantra

Memorial Day is one of 3 annual events set aside for Americans to honor our military service members, along with Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day. Today holds the somber distinction of remembering the men and women who lost their lives while in service, of honoring the fallen on the fields of battle. It’s not so much of a “happy” occasion, though there’s really nothing wrong with celebrating Life while remembering the dead and dearly departed. So on this day, remember the fallen; send a prayer for the heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice; lay a flower or a flag on a soldier’s grave, then by all means enjoy your BBQs and parades, laugh with and hug tightly your family & friends, and spread Peace, Love and Light to the living that the Brave may not have died in vain. 


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Ready for a powerful and positive mindset shift? This #MondayMantra is exactly that: “My obstacles are designed to Redirect and Empower me, not to hold me back.” 

The truth is that we will face a variety of obstacles on the way to our goals, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Tests & trials are all part of the game, and their purpose is to sharpen and strengthen us along our path. It’s only a setback if you decide that it is, so take the power back and find the lesson your obstacle is trying to teach you about yourself. You’ve got this!