New Moon Blessing

A meditation for your New Moon rituals, to be a blessing on the Dark Moon.

Breathe Deeply, slowly exhale.

Relax your shoulders and your jaw, release your grasping hold on it all:

the words unspoken,

the painful rejections,

the deafening screams,

the critical eyes,

the shaking fists,

the white hot tears.

Let all of the accusations and pointed words fall to the ground beside you.

Release the need to be Right, the need to be Wrong.

Just… Be.

Feel yourself releasing the pain, the anger, the hurt, the sorrow, the guilt, the shame, the agony, the disbelief, the weight, the worry. Let them all return to their darkness, their slumber, their quiet place.

Let them burn to ashes.

Tonight, as the Moon sleeps, dark as death, let all that has held you back from shining go, that it may fly heavenward and the Moon some comfort.

See yourself as Free, Cleared, and Ready for something New.


Michelle Lewis (she/her/they) is the creator & founder of The Blessings Butterfly, a holistic coaching & energy healing practice that is teaching people to live a life that they love. She is a writer, speaker, energy witch/healer, and author of the Amazon bestselling positive affirmation books, The Blessings Butterfly and The Blessings Butterfly Companion Guide Having worked hard for decades to overcome severely traumatic events that began in her early childhood and repeated in painful, looping patterns well into her adult life, Michelle is passionate about using her gifts and wisdom in bringing hope and healing to millions. This is more than “mindset hacks” and “Pollyanna” positivity. Through the work of what she calls Transformational Positivity, Michelle helps her clients to get clear on where to shift their thoughts and actions, while dismantling the culture of toxic positivity.