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New Moon, New Beginnings

Whew! Well Loves, this has been an interesting month, hey?

We’re entering the New Moon phase, which is all about rest, introspection, and new beginnings. It has me wondering:

•What does Rest look like for you right now?

What have you been learning about yourself in the past month?

What new beginnings are you preparing for?

I’ll start:
REST for me has been very much about allowing my body to recover from the first round of chemo. It’s looked like saying “No” or “Not Now” to everything that I can, instead of my usual recovering Type A habit of pushing myself through to the point of collapse. (Hello, that’s not healthy in any circumstance!)

INTROSPECTION has been teaching me some pretty cool things about myself. Qualities like resilience, courage, strength, joyfullness, creativity, and wisdom that I have tended to overlook or diminish for fear of “what people might think” because let’s be honest- being judged sucks, and… it’s going to happen anyway so you might as well be true to yourself.

NEW BEGINNINGS well hot damn, as corny and cheesy as it may sound every day really is a gift. I am grateful for each new day that I wake up alive in this body, and- I still sometimes have to remind myself this throughout the day. Today, for example, if things had gone to plan I would be in Australia for the start of an epic, around-the-world honeymoon with my gorgeous husband. Instead, I am writing from our dining room table for a change of scenery. It’s not quite the same! 😂 And, it’s still pretty fucking great.

Okay, your turn! Tell me what’s what in your world today. I miss you.


Today instead of starting our around the world honeymoon in Sydney, Australia- I’m bald and writing from our dining room table in Southern California.
Saturday was my wedding day! The day that my hair began falling out by the handful from chemo. Barely enough to hold my veil in place!

#FridayFeels New Moon Intentions + Summer Solstice

As we enter this New Moon and a new season following the recent Solstice, You may have felt a little bombarded by what felt like competing energies these past couple of days (or weeks, if you’re extra sensitive like me!). Take some time today to get grounded- yoga outside, meditation near the water, a soulful walk under the trees, or a date simply stargazing- and remember that you are not at the mercy of the Universe; no, Love, You are a partnership!

Do the inner work of your soul-healing each day, and let this mantra be a part of your work: “Release the Past, Face Forward and Embrace Today.”

If you’d like, use the New Moon energy of today and tomorrow to set some fresh intentions that support your health mentally, emotionally, and physically. You’ve got this! 

Endings & Beginnings

Tomorrow is the new moon, and with it comes the energy & symbolism of ending & beginning. As we draw near to the end of another calendar year, there is no better time to pause, observe our place, and prepare for the next phase.

You have access to every eternal truth woven within your own beautiful soul! Loves, I encourage you to take some time today to reflect on where you are in the cycle of change. Observe. Honor your place, without judgement.

There is a continuous series of beginnings and endings for every life. Though there is often pain and sadness associated with endings, it is important to remember that they are neither good nor bad; they are simply part of the journey, and we are allowed to feel them fully.

Go within and befriend your feelings- they are powerful messengers from your deep inner wisdom. They are not meant to shame you or cause any harm; their purpose is to teach and enlighten. What guidance are they offering to you?  What steps do you need to take next to more wholly embrace the life you want to live?

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