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by Guest Author Tina Falk, Professional Feng Shui Educator and Chinese Astrologer

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“There’s a luggage limit to every passenger on a flight. The same rules apply to your life. You must eliminate some baggage before you can fly.”  ~Rosalind Johnson

The thought of going through old baggage is enough to send anyone running for the hills. Does the old musty smell of the unknown take your breath away, set your heart in panic mode forcing you to promise that you’ll get to it another day? 

Whether it’s old beliefs, ideals, traditions, values, work ethic, religious or political perspectives, even those things we don’t dare talk about out loud—who’s to say if you venture into the past (which is often very present indeed) you won’t come across some real gems! Why do we immediately go to the negative? Why do we have to see it as “bad”? Maybe that box of stuff is needing to see the light, get dusted off and gain a fresh perspective from some lessons learned and experiences shared.

As a mother and hopefully someday a grandmother, I hope the children that come after me reap the benefits of some of the turmoil, trauma and unease I’ve experienced. Do I want them to put on my shoes and walk in them? Hell no! But I definitely want the wisdom and inspiration that I’ve gained to be passed along through the bloodlines. Wouldn’t you think your tribe, your ancestors, would want the same for you?

I was in Denver, a special trip to see Abraham-Hicks. As soon as Esther walked into the room and 800 audience members leaped to their feet to hoot and holler for their presence, I looked at my friend and said, “I’m already crying!!”

I knew Abraham was going to deliver some tough talk. Some deep concepts that really invite us to get real with ourselves, but man, when you’re in a supportive judgment-free environment like that—a room filled with light—it’s the quickest way to elevate your awareness and appreciation for all that is.

What IS in that old box or suitcase of generations past? Could there be valuable insights to give us hope and present contrasting ideals that assist us in getting real clear on what we truly desire in our lives? Maybe the suitcase is empty or you’ve just been holding onto stuff out of obligation or better yet…for no reason at all!

Most of our ancestors weren’t necessarily on the leading edge of thought, thinking they had any real choices in life. They did what they had to do to survive and thrive. We are conscious co-creators, and if you’re even reading this you know YOU ARE. There’s no excuse. No more living by default

WE ARE the transitional generation that gets to come in and clean up that old musty stuff. We can honor those who have come before us by not holding onto some of the mistakes they’ve made. See it for what it is and with discernment and love decide if it’s a belief or value worth passing along to the next generation.

As a feng shui practitioner, I am often asked, what can I do to bring in more money, or find a partner, or get that perfect job? —you know the questions. The first thing I tell them to do is declutter. 

Getting rid of those things that no longer serve you, will free up space for new opportunities and expansion. It really gets the ball rolling and most are pleasantly surprised at what follows.

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I am Tina Falk, a Chinese Metaphysician and Astrologer. I’ve been practicing this way of life since 2005. My goal is to provide a professional and intuitive perspective to enhance your awareness and appreciation of Self and Space. My role is to bring you into a place of being in gratitude, creating conscious intentions, taking action and believing in your own power. This will propel you into a more meaningful and purposeful life. I am a classically trained feng shui practitioner who also incorporates Landform and BTB principles. And to me, the most exciting aspect is integration of your 4 Pillar Chinese astrology charts. My approach allows me to personalize your whole feng shui experience! I can make recommendations that are specific to you, and each member of your family or business team. Everyone deserves that personal attention. Overall, I am here to support — sometimes with a firm stance, but always with love and empathy — and to inspire a new way in which you see the world and your place in it. Feng shui has enriched my life by revealing everything from the insanely obvious to the subtlest of energy in our surroundings. We are sensitive beings and when we can connect and create a sacred relationship with ourselves, our space and others…damn, life gets exciting and motivating! Feng Shui has been a true gift to me . . . and my family. I intend for it to be the same for you.

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