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Lean Into Your Weird

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What’s one of the weirdest things about you? What makes you unique, special, gifted? Since I started to embrace and lean into my weird and share about what makes me different, I have been able to use my gifts to help others and do work that I love, whether it’s intuitive readings or animal energy work or transformational healing.

I am very fortunate to have been gifted with the supremely weird and highly magickal ability to communicate energetically with most animals. To do this, I first survey their body language if available, then connect with the animal’s energy field, and ask if they would like to talk with me or if they have something they wish to share. Think along the lines of a “whisperer” to get the idea. With most domestic animals and pets, I can pick up their thoughts, read their energy, and communicate with them fairly easily, even over a great distance. I always love when I am invited to share a pet’s message with his or her human. You can book an Animal Energy Session with me if you have questions for your beloved pet.

Friends who have traveled with me can vouch for the fact that I can even call some species in their own tongue- dolphins and wolves especially- and have them respond. There was the time in the Virgin Islands when we were in the bay at St. John’s, and I kept sensing dolphins nearby. Our captain said that dolphins aren’t normally in this particular area, but I felt them so I called nonetheless. Moments later, a mama dolphin and her calf appeared not 20 feet from our boat! Sorry, no pics for this one as it happened so quickly!

On a recent trip to Alaska, we visited a private wildlife rescue/sanctuary for animals that have been injured in the wild. They are given care and rehabilitated, but their injuries are such that they wouldn’t survive a reintroduction to the surrounding forests. One of the animal residents is a beautiful wolf. I was invited to call out to her and see if she would respond. I went deep into my bones and called up a howl that told her, “I see you, and I am here with you.” If you would like to watch the video of our call and response, you can do that here: Watch the Video

During this same visit, I was also invited to chat with the local mink, and I was absolutely delighted to be able to connect with moose, caribou, bobcat, wolverine, and a grizzly. Amazing time.

And, in one of the wildest and most dramatic displays of my weird gift ever, a couple of years ago in France I healed a bat who had been attacked by a cat. The little bat appeared on the side of the house in broad daylight, which caught our attention (and that of Lulu the house cat).

small grey striped cat outside on pebbles carrying a small black bat in her mouth
Lulu with little bat in her mouth. Thank you to Hilda for capturing this photo!

The little bat fell from her perch and tumbled down the wall two stories to the ground, and we all collectively gasped in horror as Lulu pounced on the poor little thing and proceeded to carry her with her teeth to where we were sitting in the courtyard. I insisted to Lulu that she drop the bat and leave her alone; Lulu preferred to intimidate and “play” with the poor terrified creature for a few minutes longer before grudgingly obeying me. I can’t be mad at Lulu, she was just doing what cats do. My hosts and colleagues moved back, and I moved in closer, kneeling down and talking softly to the little bat and calming her with my voice. I assured her that she was now safe, and that no further harm would come to her. This lasted for about 20-30 minutes, and it was excruciating to hear her little squeals from the pain and terror she had just experienced. Her breathing slowed, then appeared to stop altogether, but our eyes were still locked together and I could still feel her life-energy. I whispered, “The choice is yours, little one. You can let go now if you want to, or you can get up and fly away.” Moments later, she gasped, turned herself onto her belly, and proceeded to fly away up and over the trees. I was ready to collapse myself, as I had never before held such a powerful healing connection with an animal. Not gonna lie, it kinda freaked me out to realize what I was capable of. The looks on my hosts and colleagues faces? Jaws. Dropped.

I actually injured myself with that healing session because I was physically unprepared for it, and the folx around me didn’t know how to support me during the encounter energetically. I don’t blame them for this, it was a weird as hell experience and quite unexpected for all of us. My back went into painful seizure for the remainder of my trip. I did learn from it though, and should such a need for healing intervention arise again, I will know to ask those around me to hold sacred space for me and the animal.

So, why do I share all of this weirdness and woo with you? Because for far too long, I kept much of it hidden out of fear. Very rarely did I let anyone in on just how deeply weird I am, and how much that weirdness delights me. I don’t want to waste any more of my precious time on this earth hiding the weird shit that makes me a certain kind of awesome. I am and have always been and will always be a magickal, witchy woman. My abilities and practices are definitely too weird and out there for some people, and that’s okay because I’m not here to be everyone’s cup of tea. I am here in service to the Spiritual-But-Not-Religious, the Beautiful Weirdos, the Woo-Curious, the Unapologetically Unique among us. I see you, and I am here with you. Howl, Bitches!

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I love all living things and am awed by the magic of the natural world. I do my best to show kindness and caring to people, animals, plants and the planet. 

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