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    The Self-Care Sessions: Part 5- DEAR FEAR

    Next in my series of gentle meditations, I talk with Fear. “Dear Fear, Thank You for always trying to protect me. Please forgive me for giving you too much power. I have heard you, and now you may go. I will call you back when I need you. I love you.” Fear has an important place in our lives, but that place does not include having total control over us. Fear deserves a seat at the table. Fear is allowed to come along with you on your journey- it’s coming anyway so welcome it in a healthy way! Fear, given…

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    The Self-Care Sessions: Part 4- DEAR HEART

    Next up in my series of gentle meditations for/prayers to my Body, I spent some time soothing the wounds of my heart. “Dear Heart, Thank You for being soft and open, again and again. Please forgive me for trusting you to people who weren’t ready for you. Let’s find another soul to Love. I love you.” I keep doing my work to heal the wounds inside, and remove the blocks as they surface, because the reason I am on this planet is to be a living expression of Love and experience that Love in all its fullness. Five years ago,…

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    The Self-Care Sessions: Part 2 DEAR PAIN

    Loves, up next in my series of gentle meditations for/prayers to my body, I have a word with Pain: “Dear Pain, Thank You for teaching me to listen to my body. Please forgive me for ignoring you and trying to numb you away. I am listening now. I love you.” Pain is just another wise teacher that we encounter throughout this Life. Often misunderstood, manipulated, feared, even hated- but ever valuable to our brief experience on this planet. Take the time to follow your pain to its root, deep in the soul, and ask, “What would you have me learn?…

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    The Self-Care Sessions: Part 1- DEAR BODY

    Loves, do you struggle with pain and/or a lack of love for the body you are living in? I have been studying the powerful and positive effects of self-love & self-acceptance for the past several years. One practice that has been so helpful to me is spending some time each day sending Love and Affirmations to my self, and the revealing & healing that takes place has been truly remarkable. Here is a gentle meditation for/prayer to my body that I would like to share with you: “Dear Body, Thank You for carrying me through this Life. Forgive me for…

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    Mini-Meditations & Positivity

    This past week, I pushed past my scary place and created a series of messages delivered LIVE through my Facebook page.  They are all unscripted, unedited and spoken straight from the heart.   And, to me, they are perfectly imperfect.   Some of them have audio glitches, in some of them I look flawless, in others I look… rough.   But the greater value is in the messages themselves: empowerment, positivity, peace, grace, and love.   To view my collection of mini-meditations in one place, click here.  I hope you are blessed by them. <3