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    Rad Recipes: Roasted Roots

    Michelle Lewis, The Blessings Butterfly I love to cook, and I really love to eat! What I don’t love is an overly-complicated recipe. When I first learned how to roast root veggies, it was like a match made in Food Heaven: 1 pan + a handful of ingredients = Deliciousness. Roasted root vegetables are a delicious and nutritious dish that can be easily customized to your liking. The “kitchen witch” in me loves everything about this. Perfect for eating seasonally and transitioning into Autumn/Fall! Here’s a basic recipe for roasted root veggies: Ingredients: 4 cups of assorted root vegetables (e.g.,…

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    Perfectly Imperfect Summer Smoothie Bowl

    Hey Loves! Y’all know that I mostly talk about important healing topics like empowerment, positivity, self-love, body positivity, living a life you love and using your voice. Can’t shut me up about it and that hasn’t changed! Occasionally I get to share some delicious healthy recipes with you, too. If you followed me through The Cocoon: Empowered Transformation (my healthy living program for people in bigger bodies) then you already know that I am a big fan of SMOOTHIES. Mmm! So easy and a yummy way to get more fresh fruits and veggies into your awesome bod!  Well, this morning…

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    Rad Recipes: Spicy Sweet Baked Carrot Chips

    I saw these beauties and my heart went pitter-pat! I knew I had to have them.  I took them home and cleaned them up, sliced into thin rounds, coated them in coconut oil and a mix of spices, then baked them in a hot oven for a few minutes.  I’m pleased with how they came out, but if you want to make them crunchy-crispy, they need to be sliced paper-thin before baking. (You’ll also want to shorten the oven time unless you like them burnt!) Here’s my super simple recipe: 6 carrots, washed (not peeled) and sliced into thin rounds…

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    Rad Recipes: Perfect Salmon, Two Ways (GF, P)

    Cooking fish can be tricky, but these two recipes for salmon will yield a perfect dish pretty much every single time. Be sure to select the freshest filet possible. I prefer wild caught over farm raised, but it tends to have a firmer texture and more flavor than farm raised. Either way, it should not smelly “fishy” and if it does, it’s been sitting too long to enjoy. Once you have your big beautiful filet home and in your kitchen, give it a good rinse in cold water and gently pat dry with a paper towel. If you feel any…

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    Rad Recipes: Creamy Dreamy Carrot Dip (DF, GF, P, V, VG)

    I do love to eat a tasty dip! Even better when it’s healthy AND tastes great, just like my favorite Creamy Dreamy Carrot Dip. This one is Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo-Friendly, Vegetarian and Vegan.   And it still tastes great!  It’s a little sweet, a little spicy, and a whole lotta awesome. Here’s the super simple recipe. Enjoy! Ingredients One package organic baby carrots 1 clove garlic, peeled & minced Juice of ½ a lemon 1½- 2  tbsp olive oil ¼ tsp cumin ⅛ tsp ground coriander ⅛ tsp smoked paprika Salt & pepper to taste Directions Using either a…

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    Rad Recipes: Chad’s Favorite Stuffed Chicken Breast

    I love to cook, and I’ve been told that I’m pretty frickin’ good at it. ::blushes::  My hottie boyfriend Chad loves that I love to cook, and that I’m pretty frickin’ good at it, because that means he gets to enjoy lots of great-tasting home cooked meals almost every day!  One of his favorites that I make is a stuffed chicken breast that tastes way more high-calorie than it actually is.  We have this about 1x a week because he loves it so much, but he would not be mad if I made it even more often, LOL!  (Takes about…

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    Rad Recipe: Create Your Own Quick & Easy Cucumber Detox Water

    Creating your own Cucumber Detox Water is simple and quick.  Especially important for people who don’t love the taste (or lack thereof) of plain water, this naturally flavor-infused water tastes great and makes is easy to drink the healthy stuff all day long. Who says anything good takes a lot of time? Watch my super-fast video! Beautiful Body Benefits: Keeps your skin hydrated from the inside Helps your body flush out toxins and impurities Rich in antioxidants Nourishes your internal organs Drinking water regularly throughout the day helps curb mindless eating, so that you only eat when you are actually…

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    Rad Recipes: Strawberry & Chia “Detox” Smoothie

    Now, I put the word “detox” in quotes because our bodies already naturally know how to get the crap out of our systems- that’s what livers, kidneys, and sweat glands DO. The word detox has become dangerously synonymous with diet culture, so I have become a lot more careful with it’s usage. Also: F*CK DIET CULTURE. After indulging several meals that mainly consisted of deliciously deep-fried everything, my body is begging me for a “detox” which actually just means that I am craving something lighter and easier on my digestive system. I still want actual food with wholesome ingredients that…

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    Rad Recipes: Fresh Green Powerhouse Smoothie 

    Loaded with fresh leafy greens & herbs to deliver vitamins & minerals in an antioxidant-rich smoothie. Frozen unsweetened strawberries, fresh green grapes and a fresh clementine add a touch of natural sweetness + citrusy zing. Super low calorie plus high fiber.  Approx. 80 calories Stupidly simple. Handful of fresh spinach leaves 2 fresh kale leaves, stems removed Sprig of fresh parsley 1 fresh clementine, peeled 1/2 cup frozen unsweetened strawberries Small handful of white grapes 1 cup cold water Combine all ingredients in blender until smooth. Pour into your favorite tall glass and enjoy!

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    Rad Recipes: Bright Eyed Breakfast “Ugly Smoothie”

    I want to eat healthier, but I don’t want to spend a bunch of time in the morning fixing something. So, smoothies! This one is so ugly it hurts- but dang, does it taste good. Citrusy and not too sweet. Super easy, under 200 calories, and so dang good for the body. Win! Handful of fresh raw spinach 1 leaf of fresh raw kale, stem removed Cup of frozen, unsweetened blueberries 1-2 mandarins (“cuties”) Cup of water Optional: tsp-tbsp flax seeds Dump it all in the blender, pour in your favorite glass and enjoy! I know I said it was…