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Rad Recipe: Create Your Own Quick & Easy Cucumber Detox Water

Creating your own Cucumber Detox Water is simple and quick.  Especially important for people who don’t love the taste (or lack thereof) of plain water, this naturally flavor-infused water tastes great and makes is easy to drink the healthy stuff all day long. Who says anything good takes a lot of time?

Watch my super-fast video!

Beautiful Body Benefits:

  • Keeps your skin hydrated from the inside
  • Helps your body flush out toxins and impurities
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Nourishes your internal organs
  • Drinking water regularly throughout the day helps curb mindless eating, so that you only eat when you are actually hungry- not just when your mouth is bored


Ridiculously Easy Recipe:

Simply wash and halve a large organic cucumber, peel it (or don’t), slice it into rounds, and add to a pitcher of clean water. Let it infuse in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Drink with or without ice throughout the day and your body will flush out toxins and impurities, leaving you feeling refreshed and hydrated.  Challenge yourself to finish a pitcher each day!

Get Fancy:  Try adding different herbs and fruits to your Cucumber Detox Water for fun flavor combinations and added health benefits!  Some to try: Sliced Strawberries; Fresh Basil; Sliced Lemon; Muddled Berries; Fresh Mint…


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