A Story About Energy & Healing

A little long story about energy work & healing:

As I cracked open one of my journals today to begin writing out some thoughts and developing ideas about what I want to share more of this year, I was struck by the two pages at the very beginning. The pages after them were filled with fits and starts, halfway points, sparks of brilliance and a whole lot of blankness. Not unusual with my journals, but today I was interested in looking a little DEEPER at this half-used book to maybe shed some light on a pattern that clearly wasn’t serving me or my highest good. [Deeper. It’s my Word this year, after all.]

Those 1st 2 pages. They’d been written on a few years back, folded in half, untouched since and left in place. But why though? What was the purpose?

What I read when I opened them took my breath away. It was like a sucker-punch to the gut.

The extremely negative energy that I had initially attached to them- furiously taking notes in frustration over a situation long since passed on one page, scribbling unsustainable parameters for a program that I had no connection to on another page- that energy was clinging hard & fast to the paper, and suddenly it was clear why I hadn’t been able to really move forward on completing anything in that book. It was all tied to those first 2 pages- I hadn’t consciously removed them. Not just the pages, but the thoughts & painful emotions I had poured onto them. 💥 BOOM! For nearly 3 years, I’d tucked those freaked-out bits away and left them there to either fester, undermine progress, or just collect mental dust. Whew!

Giving Thanks, Acknowledging Progress, and Removing the Block

Now that I was looking at them again with several years of experience and tools for dealing with my shit, it was time to do a little ceremonial clearing.

What I Did, in 3 Steps:

1) I gave thanks for the lesson. I paused to recognize the lesson and receive wisdom from my higher self & spirit guides. So often we cannot see the lessons in the midst of a situation; we just focus on getting through it, right? This was a reminder that even if it takes years to finally do it, it’s OK and good to take the time to look for the lesson because it just might be golden. In this case, I literally wrote the words Thank You across the torn out pages.

2) I acknowledged progress I am not where I was in my life 3 years ago. Obviously, and yet- how often do we forget to acknowledge the progress we have made on our journey? We learn SO MUCH and if we are constantly integrating these positive changes without pausing from time to time to acknowledge our progress, we can easily forget how far we’ve already come. Eyes forward, yes, and also- it’s OK and good to acknowledge progress. In this case, I wrote out the words Not Anymore across the torn out pages.

3) I removed the block Once I had recognized the lesson and checked in with myself to see if there was any healing that still needed to happen in that particular area, I was free to remove the energetic block and move through without attachment to it. I took the time to tend to myself, shame-free and clear. It’s important to note that had I come to this step and felt unsteady or hung up? I would have absolutely reached out to one of my go-to mentors for a healing or therapy session. Full stop. Since I felt good about moving forward, I mentally cut the energetic cord to the anger/frustration/shitty old situation and then literally (and gently) tore out the old pages from that journal. There was nothing left to learn from them.

What I learned:

1) Some really shitty situations can eventually get resolved, one way or another. Take all the time needed to do so.

2) Adult Me will ALWAYS find a way to stop myself from doing work that isn’t in alignment with Who I am and What I’m here to do. Trying to be anyone that I’m not doesn’t work and I’m definitely no longer interested in that.

3) Clearing away negativity does not mean bypassing it, it requires processing the emotion/situation/pattern and coming through it, Stronger, Wiser, Free. Yay for progress!

I hope that you have found this little exercise to be helpful. If you have some energy healing work that you would like to do together, reach out and get on my calendar. I would love to do a Spiritual Clarity Reading for you to help you explore any blocks you are facing, situations you are feeling unsure about, or even provide a general energy reading.