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Encouraging Positivity Through Simple Home Changes

By Jennalea Brave, Guest Contributor

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In the midst of the chaos of today’s global health crisis, it isn’t surprising that a lot of people find it extra hard to stay positive and happy. A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorder highlights how psychological distress associated with the pandemic can potentially lead to higher levels of adverse psychiatric symptoms, such as major depressive disorder and PTSD. In the face of this reality, it becomes even more important for all of us to look into the ways we can encourage positivity — and what better place to start than home?

Letting more plants and sunlight into your home

If you are wondering why a lot of people seem to be hooked on planting and gardening these days, that’s probably because of the many mental and physical health benefits they provide. Gardening promotes mental and physical health by restoring dexterity and strength and encouraging low-intensity exercise that’s known to lessen the risk of mental health problems.

To reap these benefits, you can start turning your home into a greener space by adding a few indoor plants here and there. As a beginner, it would be best to stick with plants like Golden Pothos Vine, Spider Plant, and Lucky Bamboo, which are super easy to take care of and are tough to kill.

Aside from this, try letting more sunlight into your home, as this can also do wonders in making you feel even more positive. After all, adequate exposure to sunlight has been proven to increase the production of serotonin — a hormone that’s capable of boosting mood and helping people feel calm and focused.

Getting a standing work desk

If you are one of those people who have been forced to work from home when the pandemic started, one of the ways you can invite positivity into your home is by taking extra care of yourself as you work. Yes, ergonomic office furniture can sometimes be a bit pricey, but they can be of great help in making you feel comfortable while working as well as in preventing ailments that are often associated with having to work in front of a computer for hours on end.

An example of an ergonomic office fixture that you can add to your home to dramatically improve your work experience is a standing desk. Standing desks, also known as sit-stand desks, are special desks that let users switch between sitting and standing multiple times in a day as they work. Through this, you will be able to save yourself from the many dangers of excessive sitting, such as chronic pain and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, and depression.

Decluttering and investing in good storage solutions

Most of the time, our immediate environment affects our mental health much more than we like to admit. Believe it or not, a person’s living space, along with the things that are inside it, can potentially trigger stress, impact mood and take away positive energy.

To keep your home from being a stress-inducing space, what you can do is invest in good storage solutions that can keep clutter away. By having enough storage space, you would be more inclined to declutter your home, which has been found to lower stress, provide a sense of achievement, boost self-esteem, and allow you to manage anxiety better.

Article exclusively written for theblessingsbutterfly.com by Jennalea Brave

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Jenni is a yoga enthusiast who believes that this world needs more positivity and love. Not quite a vegan yet, she enjoys jogging, hiking, and swimming. Her ultimate goal in life is to be able to publish a book on health and wellness someday.

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All opinions expressed in this article are the sole perception/experience of the writer, and may not necessarily be shared by Michelle Lewis – The Blessings Butterfly. All Rights Reserved.

New Moon, New Beginnings

Whew! Well Loves, this has been an interesting month, hey?

We’re entering the New Moon phase, which is all about rest, introspection, and new beginnings. It has me wondering:

•What does Rest look like for you right now?

What have you been learning about yourself in the past month?

What new beginnings are you preparing for?

I’ll start:
REST for me has been very much about allowing my body to recover from the first round of chemo. It’s looked like saying “No” or “Not Now” to everything that I can, instead of my usual recovering Type A habit of pushing myself through to the point of collapse. (Hello, that’s not healthy in any circumstance!)

INTROSPECTION has been teaching me some pretty cool things about myself. Qualities like resilience, courage, strength, joyfullness, creativity, and wisdom that I have tended to overlook or diminish for fear of “what people might think” because let’s be honest- being judged sucks, and… it’s going to happen anyway so you might as well be true to yourself.

NEW BEGINNINGS well hot damn, as corny and cheesy as it may sound every day really is a gift. I am grateful for each new day that I wake up alive in this body, and- I still sometimes have to remind myself this throughout the day. Today, for example, if things had gone to plan I would be in Australia for the start of an epic, around-the-world honeymoon with my gorgeous husband. Instead, I am writing from our dining room table for a change of scenery. It’s not quite the same! 😂 And, it’s still pretty fucking great.

Okay, your turn! Tell me what’s what in your world today. I miss you.


Today instead of starting our around the world honeymoon in Sydney, Australia- I’m bald and writing from our dining room table in Southern California.
Saturday was my wedding day! The day that my hair began falling out by the handful from chemo. Barely enough to hold my veil in place!

Transformational Positivity for Shitty Days

A 3-Step Energy Releasing Practice for Your Self-Care

We all experience ups and downs in our personal energy, and we all have moments when we are feeling anything but “high vibe” and positive. Congratulations on being a human! One of my very favorite things about Transformational Positivity is that you will never be shamed for being a human, having emotions, or expressing difficult feelings. You will never be told by me to just fake-it-til-you-make-it. I don’t do spiritual bypassing around here.

I will never teach you to ignore any of the challenging things that you are feeling, carrying, or stuck in. You don’t have to pretend that everything is perfect all of the time, or force yourself to smile and look at the bright side only. Instead, my offering for you today is a simple energy releasing practice to use whenever you are bogged down with hard, heavy feelings and need to make some damn sense of it all. Basically, it’s Transformational Positivity for Shitty Days.

This is a simple 3-step technique I use whenever I need to get unstuck from my wallow:

1• UNAPOLOGETIC FEELINGS DUMP. Set a timer for 3- 5 minutes. Write or Say out loud whatever things you are feeling right now. Don’t censor yourself. It’s powerful & important to acknowledge the so-called negative thoughts, fears and hard feelings in order to learn from them, move through them, & release them. Even if you don’t magically find all the answers right away, the simple action of acknowledging your very real emotions can be enough to move the needle from completely immobilized to okay, there’s maybe possibly some hope here. Also, it’s a good reminder that you are not a robot and are allowed to have a shitty day.

2• I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT. Set a timer for 3- 5 minutes. Move your body as you are able to (dance, stretch, shake it out, clap your hands, walk, climb your stairs, roll your chair around, whatever) It’s okay to make some noise! Bang on a drum, clang some pans, ring some bells. Sing, shout, whistle, laugh, cry, hum, yodel, whatever. The motions created by your movement and the vibrations of the noise you make physically dispels stagnant energy.

3• BREATHE & BRUSH. Set a timer for 3- 5 minutes. Come back to your breath. Sit and take slow, deep, full breaths, noticing any areas of tension in your body (jaw, neck, shoulders, back, hips, etc). Send loving thoughts to the areas of your body that are carrying your hard feelings. Consciously relax tense areas. Massage or gently touch your temples, forehead, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, belly, hips, legs, feet. Use your hands to “brush” your aura, which is the energetic space just outside of your physical body. You can do this with empty hands, or while holding your favorite crystals, a feather, leaf, or flower.

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Have you tried this 3-step method? Drop a comment and let me know how it went for you.

To learn some more Transformational Positivity techniques, take my online course How to Cultivate Positivity with 4 Simple Tools.

A Story About Energy & Healing

A little long story about energy work & healing:

As I cracked open one of my journals today to begin writing out some thoughts and developing ideas about what I want to share more of this year, I was struck by the two pages at the very beginning. The pages after them were filled with fits and starts, halfway points, sparks of brilliance and a whole lot of blankness. Not unusual with my journals, but today I was interested in looking a little DEEPER at this half-used book to maybe shed some light on a pattern that clearly wasn’t serving me or my highest good. [Deeper. It’s my Word this year, after all.]

Those 1st 2 pages. They’d been written on a few years back, folded in half, untouched since and left in place. But why though? What was the purpose?

What I read when I opened them took my breath away. It was like a sucker-punch to the gut.

The extremely negative energy that I had initially attached to them- furiously taking notes in frustration over a situation long since passed on one page, scribbling unsustainable parameters for a program that I had no connection to on another page- that energy was clinging hard & fast to the paper, and suddenly it was clear why I hadn’t been able to really move forward on completing anything in that book. It was all tied to those first 2 pages- I hadn’t consciously removed them. Not just the pages, but the thoughts & painful emotions I had poured onto them. 💥 BOOM! For nearly 3 years, I’d tucked those freaked-out bits away and left them there to either fester, undermine progress, or just collect mental dust. Whew!

Giving Thanks, Acknowledging Progress, and Removing the Block

Now that I was looking at them again with several years of experience and tools for dealing with my shit, it was time to do a little ceremonial clearing.

What I Did, in 3 Steps:

1) I gave thanks for the lesson. I paused to recognize the lesson and receive wisdom from my higher self & spirit guides. So often we cannot see the lessons in the midst of a situation; we just focus on getting through it, right? This was a reminder that even if it takes years to finally do it, it’s OK and good to take the time to look for the lesson because it just might be golden. In this case, I literally wrote the words Thank You across the torn out pages.

2) I acknowledged progress I am not where I was in my life 3 years ago. Obviously, and yet- how often do we forget to acknowledge the progress we have made on our journey? We learn SO MUCH and if we are constantly integrating these positive changes without pausing from time to time to acknowledge our progress, we can easily forget how far we’ve already come. Eyes forward, yes, and also- it’s OK and good to acknowledge progress. In this case, I wrote out the words Not Anymore across the torn out pages.

3) I removed the block Once I had recognized the lesson and checked in with myself to see if there was any healing that still needed to happen in that particular area, I was free to remove the energetic block and move through without attachment to it. I took the time to tend to myself, shame-free and clear. It’s important to note that had I come to this step and felt unsteady or hung up? I would have absolutely reached out to one of my go-to mentors for a healing or therapy session. Full stop. Since I felt good about moving forward, I mentally cut the energetic cord to the anger/frustration/shitty old situation and then literally (and gently) tore out the old pages from that journal. There was nothing left to learn from them.

What I learned:

1) Some really shitty situations can eventually get resolved, one way or another. Take all the time needed to do so.

2) Adult Me will ALWAYS find a way to stop myself from doing work that isn’t in alignment with Who I am and What I’m here to do. Trying to be anyone that I’m not doesn’t work and I’m definitely no longer interested in that.

3) Clearing away negativity does not mean bypassing it, it requires processing the emotion/situation/pattern and coming through it, Stronger, Wiser, Free. Yay for progress!

I hope that you have found this little exercise to be helpful. If you have some energy healing work that you would like to do together, reach out and get on my calendar. I would love to do a Spiritual Clarity Reading for you to help you explore any blocks you are facing, situations you are feeling unsure about, or even provide a general energy reading.

I’ve Been Thinking

Dear Universe: I’ve been #Thinking about more ways to share my Love with you. With your people. With your creatures.

Through individual efforts and as part of the collective, sharing from my creative gifts that you’ve blessed me with and amplifying the good work of others who are moving in the same direction, with good intention, to foster healing for myself and for us all. 💖

I am not entirely sure what it will look like, but I know it is something powerful and needed. A community of healers, healing their own pain and sharing their gifts with a waiting world. Collaboration not competition. Wisdom and wonder, magic and science, spiritual, physical, meta- fueled by the deepest Love.

We are gathering, every day taking a small step closer to finding each other. There is strength in our numbers. We are waking up a little more each day, to our calling, to our true nature. I can feel the energy of the hurting and the healers, drawing ever nearer, seeking peace within and easing the suffering that plays out among us all.


Do you feel it too? Where do you see yourself in this new awakening? 💖🦋

📸: Rodin’s “The Thinker” shot from my iPhone stopped in traffic in Philadelphia PA #theblessingsbutterfly #thinkingofyou #healing #inspiration #love #rodin #thethinker

#MondayMantra I Protect My Energy 

inner peace

There are times along your path when you may feel the need to “bubble up” to insulate yourself against prolonged encounters with negativity. Whether it’s fulfilling an obligation to attend a social engagement where you know Debbie Downer is going to be, or spending time with challenging family members, or facing an especially difficult client, You want to protect your energy from being completely drained at the end of the day and still allow yourself to grow and to shine.

A dear friend and former colleague taught me this powerful visualization trick that you can use: Picture yourself surrounded in a clear bubble, and this bubble doesn’t allow negative energy to pass through it. Wear your bubble like invisible armor whenever you need to feel protective of your energy. 

Today’s mantra can also help: “I protect my energy against excessive negativity, and I give myself time & space to recharge.”

#MondayMantra: Dare to Risk – Positive Energy Shift

Do you realize that you have the power to change your life? Yes- you totally do!

You do not have to stay stuck in negativity.  You can create a powerful mindset shift that will lead you to a more positive, powerful, and joyful life.

Whenever fear and doubt start clouding your thoughts and drawing you down into a dark place mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, there is no better time to dare to reach out.  Whether you prefer prayer, meditation, EFT/tapping, or talk therapy with a professional therapist- you have access to a universe filled with positive energy.  Tapping into that powerful source regularly can help you to shift your way of thinking and help you to make the necessary changes in your life.

I believe the reward of feeling more in control over your life is worth the risk, and staying stuck is never the best option. 

Sending you love and light, my friends! Here’s a lovely mantra for you to try today: I am filled with positive energy.”