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The Sometimes Vegetarian

I'm taking a break from eating meat. Initially I thought I would just give up beef, then all red meat, then white meat and seafood. It's a decision that I had been wrestling with for a good while, and knew that I would be able to easily leave meat out of my diet when I was ready, and when my body stopped craving it.

It feels really good. I still very much enjoy fresh eggs (thanks to Buffy and Ethyl, my sweet hens!) and I very much crave dairy, so I'm not ready to let those go. I'm just listening to my body and giving her what she wants & needs. Those wants & needs change over time. (I was a vegetarian for most of my 20's and well into my 30's) And it's fine, and it's okay.

I'm not a born again meatless evangelist who is going to talk down to anyone who loves to eat meat, or to anyone who is just trying to reduce their meat consumption a little without going 100% vegan. Because it actually is possible to eat at either extreme and everywhere in between without being a jerk about it. DO YOU, BOO. Just– Be kind, share yourself, and spread your light. 💖🦋

This quickie breakfast is pan fried broccolini, red potatoes, and an over-medium egg. Delicious, easy, and very satisfying!

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