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You are enough. You are worthy. There is no questioning this.

By Sarah Marie Liddle, Guest Author

Radiance is sparked when we are connected to the divinity within and without. When we meet with this beautiful soul in the home of our body, we encounter the most wondrous mysteries in the natural world around us. There is a deep longing to find this place of oneness. We may seek out goals, visions, and pathways in the world to fulfill this deepest desire, yet it is not in the world that we come to understand deeply this connection with ourselves and the divine. 

The ego will try and pry itself into your world, over and over and over again, it looks for cheap substitutes, a quick fix here and there. Yet, they are never enough, the ego is never satisfied. The beauty that rolls forward from our connection with the divine, is never solely found in the external world. It is both an internal and external landscape. But if you look for the relationship externally without first discovering and connecting with your inner world you will consistently find shallow waters when you are seeking the rich depths of the ocean.

This is not about searching, but unearthing the wisdom from within. Your inner journey is your own, there is no definite path to the divine, nor is there a definite path to love, joy, or radiance. Let the act of tuning in to your relationship with the divine, be your guiding star. This is the start of something beautiful, do not judge the inward rants that the ego may try to partner with you and push out into this world. You are enough. You are worthy. There is no questioning this.

Identify with your divine nature. Then ask yourself: Who are you really? What do you really want from your life? 

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Upcoming Courses

Rewilding the Word: Write your holy and wild book. 

This is a two-day intensive for the person who wants to bring to life their highest calling and share their unique voice with the world. For those ready to meet the depths of their longing, and write the word that wants to be written. This journey is designed for deep soul shifts.

We work spiritually and with the Goddess’ to bring your inner wisdom to life. Walking gently with a circle of wild women, you will discover your deep inner truths, release blocks of expression, and step into your fierce highest self.

Read about the Rewilding the Word course and book here.

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Wild Woman Apprenticeship 2023 

The Wild Woman Apprenticeship is an eight month long initiation journey into your wild woman. It is a seasonal journey into the unmet, untamed, cast out—but beautiful parts of yourself.

It is for the woman that wants to meet with her untapped power, her potential, her art, her purpose, and her presence in the world. The woman ready to bring her poetic resonance and bring that voice wildly and freely into her life/ career.

In this apprenticeship you learn to honour the wild woman wisdom within, to craft and create your life from the wise part of yourself. You hold this space wholeheartedly on your path, as your unusual-dirt-wise medicine penetrates your art, your career, your relationships, your magic and your confidence. Learn about the apprenticeship and apply here.

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Sarah Marie Liddle is a Certified Professional Coach, and Certified Body Ecologist. Sarah has been a coach for fifteen years. She specialises in wellness, healing and soul growth. Sign up for Sarah’s weekly news/letter. Receive wellness tips, seasonal rituals, and nourishing ways to connect to yourself and others—completely free. Join the newsletter. To learn more about Sarah visit her website.

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