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Fresh Start

How is this first week of 2017 treating you so far?  I so love the fresh-start energy of this time of year. Making plans for the year ahead, scheduling vacations, dreaming big-ass dreams… that’s my jam. I’ve got a clean slate and endless possibilities!

Maybe you’re easing back in to your office routine, or getting started on some new projects, or just maintaining the status quo.  Whatever it is, I wish you well- and I encourage you to plan 1 fun thing for the year ahead.  It can be anything! A party, a weekend getaway, an exotic adventure, or even reservations for a fancy restaurant… anything.

Now imagine one fun thing you want to do, and then BOOK IT.  Mark it on your calendar, put down a deposit, whatever- just set it in motion.  Eee! I’m excited just thinking about it, and I don’t even know what you’re going to do! Ha!

I know what I’m planning though, and I’m wasting no time. Day 1 of the new year, my sweetheart and I booked a cruise to Norway and the fjords with some great friends. Day 2, we secured our airfare and hotel in London. So in less than 4 months, I’ve got a fantastic adventure waiting for me!

It’s your life, and you deserve to be delighted by it.

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