The Blessings Butterfly book release is on target for September 1, all systems go, stoked and looking forward! YAY!

To coincide with the release of the eBook on Amazon, we are going to launch with #31Days of “inspired chatter” on our Facebook fan page beginning on September 1, 2015. Each day from 9/1-10/1, members will be able to post their insights, encouragements, and uplifting messages based on the daily reading. We believe that the loving, healing energy that we co-create over that month will be incredibly powerful, beautiful, and life-changing!

Come on over and join us, and bring a friend. It’s going to be amazing!

Michelle Lewis (she/her/they) is the creator & founder of The Blessings Butterfly, a holistic coaching & energy healing practice that is teaching people to live a life that they love. She is a writer, speaker, energy witch/healer, and author of the Amazon bestselling positive affirmation books, The Blessings Butterfly and The Blessings Butterfly Companion Guide Having worked hard for decades to overcome severely traumatic events that began in her early childhood and repeated in painful, looping patterns well into her adult life, Michelle is passionate about using her gifts and wisdom in bringing hope and healing to millions. This is more than “mindset hacks” and “Pollyanna” positivity. Through the work of what she calls Transformational Positivity, Michelle helps her clients to get clear on where to shift their thoughts and actions, while dismantling the culture of toxic positivity.