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#FridayFeels The Gloom & The Bloom

This past week has been a tough one for so many people. Whether you are reeling from the global terrors being inflicted on the innocent, or struggling with interpersonal challenges, office politics, or facing your own demons- it seems like everyone I know has been feeling overwhelmed this week in one way or another. Me too.

I’m sometimes called The Positivity Queen, but even I struggle with my glittering crown from time to time. I’m tender and vulnerable, I get tired, and I sometimes really just want to camp out on my couch with my cat, a bowl of chips or a pint of Halo Top, and 27 episodes of Fixer Upper to watch. And guess what? That’s totally OK. 

What I’m learning in those gloomy moments when I am feeling depressed or broken is that even though unpleasant, it is still OK. I am OK. I will explore whatever pain, anxiety, disappointment or fear that has gotten my attention and I will learn from it. Just as the seed must die in order to nourish the flower it will become, I am OK because I will bloom again. I recognize that I don’t have to stay stuck in my gloomy place forever, just long enough to prepare myself for new growth.