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Changing the World Your Way

By Michelle Currie, Guest Contributor

As certain systems and beliefs continue to crumble in the world, you may be getting the nudge to be a part of the change. More specifically, you may be inspired to disrupt and change how things have always been by sharing ‘your thing’: your vision, sacred gifts, and voice.

Because, if you’re honest, you’ve always felt like the world was a bit topsy-turvy and know you’re here to change that by sharing ‘your thing’ with the world.

But, deep down, you believe you have to be someone you’re not to make any kind of difference. Somewhere you’ve learned that you need to conform, contort, conceal, or command with intellect 100% of the time to have an impact.

Here’s the thing (this is what prevented me from sharing my thing for years)…

There is an image that often pops into our minds when we think of disruptors, those who break and transform the systems we have all been part of. I used to think of these disruptors and weavers of transformation as natural born leaders who were well-spoken, bold, and exuded an idgaf attitude. I’m sure there’s an image that comes to mind for you too. 

When you’re driven to make a difference but the image of those who’ve ‘made it’ doesn’t match who you think you are, it can be discouraging. 

“I’m *nothing* like that person. They’re making an impact and have a huge audience. Who’s gonna listen to me?!” 

You end up convincing yourself that you don’t belong in the ring even before you’ve taken your first step. And, once again, the belief you need to be someone other than yourself to make the impact you desire (or have the life you want) circles in your mind. 

I get it. You want to feel seen and heard. You want to feel worthy of being seen and heard. You want to be taken seriously. You want to feel like you belong and are part of the bigger picture. 

[a multi-cultural group of 5 womxn in muted tone clothing pose around a wooden table. They face the camera without forcing smiles. pexels-photo-3811977.jpeg]
Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

A truth I’d love for you to sink into for a bit…

Making the contribution and impact you know you’re here to make doesn’t require you to step in line and conform with those who are already making an impact. Instead, it requires you to fully own who you are and be that as often (and unapologetically) as you can. 

When you connect with and fully own who you are, you’re not only aligning with your signature energy and sacred power (the power we all have and were born with), but you are also giving permission to your vision, voice, and sacred gifts to work for and *through* you to make the impact you’re here to make. Only you can make the difference you’re here to make the way you’re here to make it.

Here’s something else to sink into…

There’s no one way to create the change you (and we) would love to see in the world. 

Believing you have to squeeze yourself into one way of being or sharing is buying into the belief that there’s only one right way to be productive, a belief perpetuated by the very system you’re trying to transform.

So, if you are feeling the call to help change the world, you don’t have to change into someone else or become the person you think you need to be. You’re meant to own the F out of who you are! You need to follow the beat of your own drum and also trust that your beat makes our collective song even more powerful!

There’s no one way to create the change you (and we) would love to see in the world.

Michelle Currie
[A lovely Black womxn sits outdoors in the sunlight. She wears her hair in braids pulled back from her face. She is dressed in a crisp white blouse, blue jeans, brown knee-high boots. She sits with one leg crossed over the other and smiles into the camera.]

Michelle Currie M.Ed is the Founder of Rebel Soul Circle. As an Intuition Mentor and healing arts practitioner since 2006, she has been helping women within corporate and private settings align with their intuition, courage, and voice. Through in-person sessions and her signature program, she guides people who are ready to (re)connect deeply with their intuition and create the impact they know they’re here to create. She has also written for and been featured in publications like Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, and Canadian Living.

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Encouraging Positivity Through Simple Home Changes

By Jennalea Brave, Guest Contributor

[An open laptop computer sits atop a wooden desk, between a potted plant and a water bottle. There is a view out the window of city rooftops and a small castle in the distance.]
Image – Unsplash

In the midst of the chaos of today’s global health crisis, it isn’t surprising that a lot of people find it extra hard to stay positive and happy. A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorder highlights how psychological distress associated with the pandemic can potentially lead to higher levels of adverse psychiatric symptoms, such as major depressive disorder and PTSD. In the face of this reality, it becomes even more important for all of us to look into the ways we can encourage positivity — and what better place to start than home?

Letting more plants and sunlight into your home

If you are wondering why a lot of people seem to be hooked on planting and gardening these days, that’s probably because of the many mental and physical health benefits they provide. Gardening promotes mental and physical health by restoring dexterity and strength and encouraging low-intensity exercise that’s known to lessen the risk of mental health problems.

To reap these benefits, you can start turning your home into a greener space by adding a few indoor plants here and there. As a beginner, it would be best to stick with plants like Golden Pothos Vine, Spider Plant, and Lucky Bamboo, which are super easy to take care of and are tough to kill.

Aside from this, try letting more sunlight into your home, as this can also do wonders in making you feel even more positive. After all, adequate exposure to sunlight has been proven to increase the production of serotonin — a hormone that’s capable of boosting mood and helping people feel calm and focused.

Getting a standing work desk

If you are one of those people who have been forced to work from home when the pandemic started, one of the ways you can invite positivity into your home is by taking extra care of yourself as you work. Yes, ergonomic office furniture can sometimes be a bit pricey, but they can be of great help in making you feel comfortable while working as well as in preventing ailments that are often associated with having to work in front of a computer for hours on end.

An example of an ergonomic office fixture that you can add to your home to dramatically improve your work experience is a standing desk. Standing desks, also known as sit-stand desks, are special desks that let users switch between sitting and standing multiple times in a day as they work. Through this, you will be able to save yourself from the many dangers of excessive sitting, such as chronic pain and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, and depression.

Decluttering and investing in good storage solutions

Most of the time, our immediate environment affects our mental health much more than we like to admit. Believe it or not, a person’s living space, along with the things that are inside it, can potentially trigger stress, impact mood and take away positive energy.

To keep your home from being a stress-inducing space, what you can do is invest in good storage solutions that can keep clutter away. By having enough storage space, you would be more inclined to declutter your home, which has been found to lower stress, provide a sense of achievement, boost self-esteem, and allow you to manage anxiety better.

Article exclusively written for theblessingsbutterfly.com by Jennalea Brave

[A lovely fair-skinned woman with medium brown hair pulled back from her face, smiles into the camera.]

Jenni is a yoga enthusiast who believes that this world needs more positivity and love. Not quite a vegan yet, she enjoys jogging, hiking, and swimming. Her ultimate goal in life is to be able to publish a book on health and wellness someday.

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All opinions expressed in this article are the sole perception/experience of the writer, and may not necessarily be shared by Michelle Lewis – The Blessings Butterfly. All Rights Reserved.

New Moon, New Beginnings

Whew! Well Loves, this has been an interesting month, hey?

We’re entering the New Moon phase, which is all about rest, introspection, and new beginnings. It has me wondering:

•What does Rest look like for you right now?

What have you been learning about yourself in the past month?

What new beginnings are you preparing for?

I’ll start:
REST for me has been very much about allowing my body to recover from the first round of chemo. It’s looked like saying “No” or “Not Now” to everything that I can, instead of my usual recovering Type A habit of pushing myself through to the point of collapse. (Hello, that’s not healthy in any circumstance!)

INTROSPECTION has been teaching me some pretty cool things about myself. Qualities like resilience, courage, strength, joyfullness, creativity, and wisdom that I have tended to overlook or diminish for fear of “what people might think” because let’s be honest- being judged sucks, and… it’s going to happen anyway so you might as well be true to yourself.

NEW BEGINNINGS well hot damn, as corny and cheesy as it may sound every day really is a gift. I am grateful for each new day that I wake up alive in this body, and- I still sometimes have to remind myself this throughout the day. Today, for example, if things had gone to plan I would be in Australia for the start of an epic, around-the-world honeymoon with my gorgeous husband. Instead, I am writing from our dining room table for a change of scenery. It’s not quite the same! 😂 And, it’s still pretty fucking great.

Okay, your turn! Tell me what’s what in your world today. I miss you.


Today instead of starting our around the world honeymoon in Sydney, Australia- I’m bald and writing from our dining room table in Southern California.
Saturday was my wedding day! The day that my hair began falling out by the handful from chemo. Barely enough to hold my veil in place!

Wrapping it All Up! 31 Examples of the Inspiration Behind the Transformation

During the month of December, my birth month, I set out to share one positive social media account each day. The goal was to introduce some of the people & organizations who have inspired me this year; 31 folx & groups who are examples of Transformational Positivity in action. I invite you to check out the work they’re doing to make the world a better place. I’ve included links to their websites, just for your convenience (I do not receive any commission).

I know this time of year can be stressful and emotional and sometimes tricky, but I also absolutely love the energy of POSSIBILITY. Standing now on the edge of a new month, a new year, and a new decade with all the hopes & promises that holds, it feels important to share supportive, inspirational resources- even ones as simple yet powerful as social media accounts. I hope that this is as inspiring to you, as it has been to me. I Love You & I am so grateful for you all.

#1- Together Rising is a non-profit organization that I have been following and supporting for a couple of years now. They are bold and courageous and non-discriminatory about who they offer tangible help to, anywhere in the world. Fierce advocates & activists, year-round givers & connectors, they embody LOVE AS A VERB as humanitarians and what it can look like to create & care for the global COMMUNITY.

“HOLIDAY HANDS UPDATE! YOU DID IT!!! Today, through our Holiday Hands program, you met the needs of 550 families in less than 2 hours. You are unbelievable. We at Together Rising are overwhelmed, filled up, exhausted, and mostly – grateful. Grateful for the courage of the askers and grateful for the character of the givers. Grateful that we are able to create the world we live in. Grateful that today, you showed up and created a more beautiful world.

Isn’t it wild? We spend so much time looking at the world with our hearts broken – wishing it were different. Wishing people cared for each other. Wishing people would be kinder, live bigger, think beyond themselves. And then one day we find ourselves jumping in and MAKING IT SO. These 550 families will go to bed tonight in a kinder, bigger, smaller, better world. THANK YOU!”

#2- Tanya Markul (aka Thug Unicorn)

I want to introduce you to the amazingly powerful, deeply healing work of Tanya Markul aka @thugunicorn Over the past 2 years, her words have reached layers of my hidden (and not so hidden) pain with the precision of a surgeon and the love of a healing goddess. Her collection of poetry, The She Book, is my bible, and I had the great privilege of her as a guest on my Transformational Positivity Summit this year.

“I used to absolutely dread this time of year. The holidays would drop me off at the door of an intense emotional blackhole. I’d visit aunts and cousins for Thanksgiving, but I’d never stay for more than a couple of hours.

I was the odd girl out with a pocket full of worthlessness.

On the other side of the family, I’d meet my mom at my grandma’s for an hour, then I’d head back to school (she couldn’t stay either). I was alone. I’d stuff my tear-stained cheeks with Taco Bell in my car on the 3.5-hour drive back to campus.

During the holidays, I’d take every waitressing shift possible, and I’d return to my quiet apartment every night. I didn’t like living alone at all. I was scared and full of fear. (No one knew how lonely I was.) The holidays were hard. I have forever wanted intimacy, hugs, and conversation.

So now, and forever, there will always be a part of me that grieves this time of year, even though it’s different now, and I feel for all who are lonely and don’t have nurturing company this time of year.

So I want to reach out.

Today I’ll light a candle and it will be for anyone who wishes to have more warmth and company in their lives—for those who are calling in community, family, intimacy, and conversation into their lives. Join me if you’d like.

Blessed be. And so it is.

If you’re feeling it now and it’s tough this year, you are welcome to write to me. I’ll hold your message in a sacred space and I won’t share it. I may not get to write back, but I want you to know that every message I receive will be read and I’ll say a prayer for you.

To peace in all human hearts and to peace to all “

#3- Tracy Neely

I am thrilled to get to introduce you to another remarkable woman. Tracy Neely is a healer who has overcome significant challenges in her life. Losing part of her jaw led to her finding her true voice, one that speaks incredible Strength, Clarity, Courage and Love. She’s not afraid of the dark anymore because she has faced it head on, unblinking, with a gentle determination and disarmed it.

I had the immense privilege of meeting Tracy as a guest on my Transformational Positivity Summit earlier this year. She is such an inspiration!

“To only welcome the light side of me is doing a dis-service to the mystery that lives in the dark. I welcome it all!”

#4- Imperfect Foods

I want to share the good work of @imperfectfoods (formerly known as Imperfect Produce). I have been a huge fan of their work and their mission to reduce food waste, support local farmers & growers, and help provide fresh, nutritious foods at greatly reduced cost to people with low income. I’ve watched as their network has grown and expanded across the US this past year, and feel good about supporting their work with each box of food we purchase.

I remember the times when I was too poor to afford enough food for my son and myself, let alone provide decent, healthy foods and fresh produce. I remember what it felt like to go to bed hungry and wake up hungry, sacrificing my own meals so that at least my kid could eat. I would have LOVED to have had something like this available at the time! The truth is that far too many people are going hungry, while far too much good food is going to absolute waste. I love that Imperfect Foods is doing SOMETHING to make a difference!

“We pride ourselves on reducing waste, but equally important to us is making nutritious food more affordable and accessible to everyone. One way that we invest in this part of our mission is through our Reduced Cost Box program. Anyone who qualifies for SNAP benefits can get a reduced cost box from us that amounts to getting groceries for 50% less than grocery store prices. We’ve delivered over 295,000 reduced cost boxes to date and are so excited to continue to grow this program. Your support is why we can invest in making nourishing food more affordable and accessible for everyone. Thank you!”

#5- Greta Thunberg

I love the passion & dedication of the brave young climate activist, Greta Thunberg. Her voice in the conversation regarding climate change is undeniably powerful, and her grace under immense pressure is the sort of thing that makes my heart stand up in awe. To hear her speak to heads of nations with crystal clarity & such conviction is magnificent, and to watch her live hr life with such high integrity is inspiring.

The fact that Greta is a person who is not neuro-typical is equally important, and draws attention to the sad truth that many people like her are far too often ignored, discounted, abused, bullied and targeted for being different, for speaking up, for existing. I find myself often heartbroken when I read some of the hateful comments directed towards her; people being the absolute worst. It reminds me of how cruelly my own sweet, non neuro-typical brother was often treated in public school and from neighborhood bullies when we were kids. Y’all, I got in lots of fist fights defending him. 👊🏻 #noregrets

We simply MUST do better. For the health of our planet, and for our very humanity.

“School strike week 68. They say more than 500,000 people showed up tonight in Madrid!”

#6- Andrea Ranae Johnson

Andrea Ranae is a gifted coach and facilitator of fostering positive change. I had the immense privilege of meeting Andrea and learning from her/them at an intensive retreat designed to increase my leadership capacity. She/they absolutely blew my ENTIRE mind. Trust this: their work is not for the faint of heart. It’s Deep AF. She/they have one of the most powerful presences I have ever encountered, and wisdom well beyond their earthly years. If you let them teach you, if you let yourself be opened up to their inquiry, they will reveal a space in you where your deepest Truth resides, and she will show you how to allow yourself to be at once broken apart by the terror of it and held together within the pure Love of it.

“1- Responsibility isn’t about blame, obligation, fault, duty or burden. It’s about being able to respond. 2- Questions that are more vital than “am I doing enough for the world?”: Are you doing what you want to do? Are you doing what you’re here to do? Are you tending to your needs? Are you using what you have available to you to create the life and world you want? 3- It’s not your job to carry the burdens of the world on your shoulders. But it is your response-ability to show up for the issues of our time with your unique gifts, skills and perspective.”

#7- Elephant Nature Park

OMG, the Love I feel for Elephants! Did you know that these majestic creatures are sentient beings with complex family structures run by strong females? 🐘

Another strong and inspiring woman is Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, the founder of Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She has been rescuing elephants from abusive captivity and giving them a life of love & freedom on her sanctuary. Read more by following the work of @elephantnaturepark and learn the rescue stories of these beautiful animals. I can hardly wait to visit this amazing sanctuary during my honeymoon!

“Our big girls really enjoy drinking the water from a garden hose. Look how much fun they’re having.”

#8- Emily McDowell

From surviving cancer to creating non-sappy greeting cards to healing a whole lot of folx with her wisdom, people like Emily McDowell (@emilyonlife) are brilliant beings whose work teaches me, informs me, challenges me and lights me up.

“Personal growth! It sounds so fun! Who doesn’t love growth? TURNS OUT the process of growth is actually not that fun and in fact, often feels like: pain, confusion, failure, loneliness. It’s hard as hell to identify and dismantle all your defense mechanisms and habitual thinking and basically everything you believe has kept you safe for your entire life. It involves doing a whole lot of stuff you don’t want to do (which is the point, because what we think we want is often the thing keeping us stuck in a place of suffering). But! Eventually you start to feel the growth. You notice you’re triggered less. Your inner critic shuts up every once in a while. You make different choices. Your relationship with yourself begins to shift. That’s the good part. Keep going.”

#9- Inquisitive Human

The work James-Olivia of @inquisitive_human does is to help with understanding, cultivating, and living within Right Relationship. With Self. With Others. With the world we live in. Dig in, Loves, it’s juicy work.

“Every relationship you have is a relationship *you are in* …unless you aren’t. How do you diminish, hide, or avoid yourself to manage someone else? What would you rather do instead?

In Right Relationship, there is room for you.

The past week’s theme seems to have been how we try to manage other people’s perceptions, judgments, actions, feelings, accusations, opinions, emotional states, behaviors, and responses by making ourselves slowly (or quickly) disappear from our most important conversations and relationships.

What if you showed up as the real you—all of you—and trusted yourself to safely navigate the consequences of your authenticity?”

#10- Tanya Geisler

I cannot say enough about the beautiful, utterly transformative work of Tanya Geisler. She is a wonderful coach, to be sure, and so much more. When she is holding space for you while you are working through your own Imposter Complex issues, you are held in such grace, power, reverence, and deep caring. You are truly Seen. You are allowed to BE exactly, wholly, completely, YOU. And it is simply magical.

“I’m always amazed when a new client apologizes for being emotional in a session. Worrying about what I’ll think. It’s an epidemic – worrying about how we’ll react to each other.⁠
People… I’m a professional.⁠
THIS is what I do. This is what ALL coaches do. All that deep-listening and ideation and strategy and compassion are God-given gifts that I nurture and tend to. No doubt. SELF-MANAGEMENT is the skill I paid tens of thousands of dollars for and spent thousands of hours mastering.⁠
So bring it. Bring the mess. Bring the tears. Bring what you think is a shit show.⁠
I’ve got it all. I’ve got you. That’s my job. That’s ALL coaches’ jobs.⁠
We’ll find your way forward. Because we are going to need your voice, at top level. We’re going to need your arms, your heart, your soul and all that you have got if we’re going to turn this thing around.⁠
With only love and zero judgment.”

#11- Jessamyn Stanley/The Underbelly Yoga

I know that I am not the only person who dreads conversations centered around food/exercise/health/bodies. When I began following accounts like @theunderbellyyoga it was such a relief to see all bodies normalized! As a queer, black, plus-sized yogi, Jessamyn Stanley’s work is so empowering and life-affirming for so many folx around the world. Soooo much Love for them.

“Stop assuming someone’s health based on the way their body looks 👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿💯💯 #everybodyyoga” 🎨: @handsomegirldesigns

#12- Wine & Dine with Jeff

I am so happy to share my friend Chef Jeff with you! We met on a plane leaving Orange County for the East Coast sometime last year while we were both flying solo. He was just about to launch his own cooking channel and I was just about to launch my public speaking career. We became fast friends and I promised that I would look forward to being able to share his passion for cooking & wine pairing. Well hooray, that day has come! I hope you will check out all of his videos and try out some of his yummy recipes! I love how REAL he is. His tutorials feel like I have the nicest private chef teaching me how to make amazing meals. And, since he also has his own vineyard, he knows his stuff when it comes to great wines.

#13- Cristina Mittermeir

Cristina Mittermeir (“Mitty”) is an incredible photographer and activist whose images have been featured on National Geographic, Sea Legacy, and in fine art collections. Her work is both life-affirming & heartbreaking, all in one breath. She reminds me of the awesome beauty, power, and fragility of Nature and our place in it.

“When I set out to be a photographer, before the internet and social media, I simply wanted to share my experiences. Now, in the digital age that mission remains the same. The main goal of my work is to build a greater awareness of the responsibility of what it means to be human. The beauty of our planet is endless and knows no bounds. On every expedition something new takes my breath away and fills my heart with hope. My fine art is a culmination of my favorite emotions and experiences, and I am overwhelmed by the support and warm response you have shown it. As a thank you, I am gifting my book Amaze, as a special gift, with any fine art purchase in the month of December. For more information on my fine art work, please contact fineart@cristinamittermeier.com”

#14- Infinite Mantra (Lindsay/Linzy Kokoska)

This year I also became a big fan of Canadian digital artist Lindsay (Linzy) Kokoska, aka Infinite Mantra. I feel like I am stepping into another realm when I look at her artwork. It’s so mysterious and ethereal and makes my heart flutter. I love it! In fact, I love it so much that she and I are collaborating to embark on a special project: a gorgeous new Oracle card deck! YAY! If you’d like to know more about our project as it develops and be one of the first to own one of our decks, be sure to sign up for my Positivity mailing list.

#15- Yung Pueblo

I am happy to share the work of Yung Pueblo whose book “Inward” is a wonderful exploration of the journey of healing. Written with a very Zen-like perspective, I often find his words to be comforting in their simplicity and powerful in their precision.

“Moving forward with awareness. Sending love to all beings. May we all be happy and free.” -yung pueblo

#16- Stacy Nai/Anapo Energy

I started following Stacy Nai’s work with Anapo Energy a couple of years ago and first connected with her over one of her gorgeous Reiki-infused malas. It’s still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear. Later, I invited her to share her story on my Transformational Positivity summit earlier this year. So powerful! Now, she’s emerging as a healer and I’m here for it.

“So many times I get asked by Clients what their Purpose is. Actually every time. Every single Soul desires to know its Purpose. To feel something Bigger. To feel Connected. I’m here to tell you, I too was longing for this same feeling of Fulfillment. And that I have found it. But where might surprise you. It might shock you and you may dismiss it’s simplicity. And that is why it eludes you thus far. Because we’ve been led to believe it’s a Destination or somewhere outside of ourselves. A job or passion. Even a life of Goodwill. Yes it can be all of them. It can also be so much more. It is You. You are your Purpose.

Whatever that means for you, we can explore the nuances together. There is nothing bigger than You. Coming into yourself and the Truest You is the Key. The TRUEST YOU. Whatever your Truth is. That’s your Purpose. Occasionally we are disappointed by this Truth in a Session, for a brief human moment. Then it Arrives. The feeling of Peace, Calm, Release, Relief and Home. You are home.
And then Know you can make Whatever you Want with it. Make it mean whatever, experience whatever, be whatever.
So if you desire a life of Goodwill, be that.
If you desire a life of Service, be that.
If you desire a life of Exploration, be that.
On and on. Be that.
You can DO anything. As long as it is You doing it. And For You.
Get it?! The True you and not what someone else wants or forces onto you. What lies in your heart and aches to be Lived.
That’s your Purpose.
Following You.
This is how you Save the world and find your Purpose.
Coming into YOU. “
-Stacy Nai

#17- Kyrenian (Altug Galip)

It should be no surprise that I have so many brilliant artists who inspire and influence me; so much of the world is in chaos and pain, and seeing & feeling it (deeply) every day can become overwhelming, debilitating. We must also be able to see what is Good if we hope to move together towards it. By sharing the beautiful art of some of my favorites, I feel an honor of helping to usher in some measure of healing along the way. For myself, this means to include the incredible Beauty found in Nature. Photographer Altug Galip, better known to his millions of Instagram followers as Kyrenian, captures to most stunning images around the world. Pure Beauty.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. Photo by Kyrenian

#18- Lisa Congdon

I adore the artwork of Lisa Congdon for all of its quirkiness, vibrancy, and honesty. Whether I am oohing and ahhing over one of her color family collages, or gently touched by a truthful sentiment like the one pictured here, I can always count on a moment of gratitude whenever her work comes across my feed.

“This time of the year can feel hard. Take care of yourself.” -Lisa Congdon

#19- Jameela Jamil and i_weigh

The next spotlight for my #hellodecember series is the AMAZING body-positive (actually, Body Neutrality) work being done by @i_weigh & @jameelajamilofficial

Jameela Jamil has created a space where a community in i_weigh that is springing up that is overflowing with positivity, confidence, acceptance, inclusion, and empowerment. It’s so inspiring and it lights me up every day. 💖🦋 #theblessingsbutterfly

Amazing 👏🏼 Your weight does not define your value ✨. | Art by Manchester based artist @ferncooke #iweigh #bodylove

#20- Book of My Shadows

Please meet my friend Montine Rummel, the lovely, witchy soul behind Book of My Shadows (who is actually quite a brilliant, beautiful Light). I had the honor of meeting Montine earlier this year at an intense exploration of self & service in the South of France. She graciously gifted all of us with a copy of her Book of My Shadows, which is filled with astrological insights and self-healing wisdom practices. It’s magic, y’all!

#21- Nicole Lewis-Keeber

This share is extra special. I want to introduce you to my soul sister, goddess, shero, mentor, chosen friend, business bestie and dearest cousin. Nicole Lewis-Keeber is Alchemy in action. Her work of healing and guiding folx through their shadows caused by trauma (and for us entrepreneurs, how that also shows up in our business) is nothing short of transcendence. She’s a no bullshit, “call a thing a thing” leader and incredibly gentle & loving at the same time. I love her so dearly. She’s changed my life for the best.

“This week in my Love Your Business School TM program we have been talking about the importance of values. We have gotten it down to 3 Values that we have that can be the anchor for our business. The discussion has been so rich and I know that this is such a hard exercise to do but they are really digging deep and getting clear. My 3 Values are Authenticity, Freedom, Consent. How about you? What values direct your business?

#22- Being Boss

Subscribing to Being Boss was probably one of the smartest, most-boss moves I ever made in getting my grown-up entrepreneurial feet wet. Following the work of Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, the co-founders of the wildly popular podcast and co-authors of the book Being Boss led me to finding the confidence, skills, structure and community that a creative soul like mine desperately needed, all while giving me the permission to be exactly who I came here to be. Even watching their partnership and the business brand change, evolve, and weather some serious burnout this past year has been tremendously positive, and helpful in watching what it can look like to let go gracefully.

#23- Almanac Supply Co.

Emily Thompson of Being Boss is also the queen behind one of my favorite candle and crystal shops, Almanac Supply Co. I love how she has found the perfect way to support her passions of curating rocks & crystals, hand pouring amazing candles, and finding harmony with Nature by living more seasonally.

To truly #embracetheseasons, you have to live a practice of work and rest. And since Winter is here, the season of rest, we’re settling down for a long Winter’s nap.⁠ What does that mean? We’re taking an Instagram break.⁠

You can still shop our website. We’ll still be around slinging candles and crystals.⁠ But we’re going to go quiet, until the quickenings of Spring emerge.”

#24- Elizabeth Gilbert

One of my very favorite Instagram accounts to follow is Elizabeth Gilbert’s. She has been inspiring me with her work since Eat, Pray, Love (as she certainly did for millions of us) and I love how she continues to be curious, open, loving, honest, beautiful and bright. Thank you, Liz. Merry Everything.

“Here’s a simple holiday prayer that I made for everybody this morning, offering COMFORT (to those who are suffering) and JOY (to those who are celebrating.) However you are doing out there today, I love you all so much. ❤️LG”

#25- Donte Colley

One of my favorite uplifting feeds to follow is from the brilliant young creative light that is Donte Colley. It has been amazing to watch his star rise this year! His simple, effective combination of energetic dance moves overlayed with positive affirmations, hilariously empowering messages, and emojis has created an ongoing series of viral videos that spread hope & joy.

#26 – Wild Woman Sisterhood

My next share is from @wildwomansisterhoodofficial and @taraisisgerris whose posts have helped me over the year to release some of my fears of being seen in my truest Nature: a wild, untamable and beautiful essence of Truth & Powerful Energy.

Over the years, I have resisted identifying with any of the goddess archetypes for fear that people would judge me, dislike me, avoid me, disown me… but honestly, some people are going to do those things anyway and the truth is that’s their shit, not mine. So this year I really began to look into WHO and WHAT really makes me, Me. She’s a beautiful weirdo, a badass, a goddess of love & abundance, and a keeper of wisdom, Magic, healing and mystery. I cannot wait to reveal more and more.

“Christmas is a state of mind. It’s not about the food or the presents. It’s about creating a loving and warm atmosphere. To cherish Peace and Goodwill. That’s the spirit of Christmas. – Tara Isis Gerris

Hopefully you had a Christmas that blessed your Heart♥️” WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD Embody Your Wild Nature

#27- Tara Isis Gerris

I love the work of Tara Isis Gerris. Her teachings have been so beautiful to read this year as I have allowed more and more of my own unfolding, and my own deepening into the power of Transformational Positivity. You know I love a positivity ritual! 🙏💖🦋


“I use to feel some kind of void on New Year’s Day. A shallow hollow feeling. I never quite felt that sense of new beginnings. I did not really feel the blank clean sense of a fresh and brand new start the way I wanted to.

But then, a few years ago when I was pregnant of my youngest son, I started ringing in the New Year with Ceremony and Ritual.

If you are open for and feel drawn to create your own simple Ritual to consciously wave the passing year farewell and intentionally welcome the New Year ahead, here is a personal guide for you.

The flames of a candle unites us with our inner Sacredness. It symbolizes the power of light that burns so bright it drives out any form of darkness, even the most dark dusty corners. It takes only a moment to light a candle. Take all the time you need, your loving intention is what matters.

You can write a love letter to yourself and the passing year analyzing every single precious shift and gift this year brought you.

You can keep it short and simple as opening your heart and arms or dive in the Ocean to experience a fresh vitalizing boost for body and mind or you can put your loving energy and focus into creating a New Year’s moodboard or writing a list of wishes and intentions for the New Year while building a ceremonial fire🔥 and dancing naked under the moonlight! Just let anything you do be motivated by one guiding question: “What would make my Soul dance?” The passing year and the New Year require nothing from you. They are here to support you and allow you to find whatever you need to find. They are your teachers and your guides, opportunities and time to evolve as a human being.”
-Tara Isis Gerris

#28- Getting Curious With JVN

I absolutely adore all of the #fabfive stars of @queereye and the individual good work they each are doing. The irresistible and ultra-fabulous Jonathan Van Ness has a phenomenal podcast called Getting Curious with JVN and it’s brilliant. UGH. i die to see him live and in person on tour.

“As #2019 comes to a close, here at #GettingCurious we thank you all for tuning in, listening and staying curious! Special thanks to all the incredible guests and experts who joined. To #2020 and feeding all of @jvn ‘s curiosity!”

#29- Queer Eye

Few shows this year have had as much of a positive impact on me as the reboot of Queer Eye. The “Fab Five” offer SO MUCH MORE now than a physical makeover as they offer truly inspirational, transformative experiences that span culture, self-care, mindset, And yes, some great fashion & grooming advice too. Do yourself an enormous favor and binge-watch for a fully therapeutic ugly-cry.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy- image credit Gavin Bond/Netflix

#30- The Sparkle Hour

I have to share the awesomeness that is The Sparkle Hour. This is the personal development podcast that my dear cousin Nicole Lewis-Keeber and I created and hosted for 3 years, in which we shared 10 seasons of amazing content, found our voices like never before, and interviewed some of the most life-changing badass womxn from all over the world.

“We have so Loved our time with y’all! Catch up on all of our episodes and get all of our free Sparkle School™️ materials by visiting our website.” -Michelle & Nicole

#31- Blonde Lady and Bald Guy

I’m getting MARRIED! My sweet husband-to-be and I created an Instagram account @blondeladyandbaldguy so that we can share the amazing AROUND THE WORLD trip we are taking for our Honeymoon. AS IF my life couldn’t be more amazing, suddenly, it is. Practicing Transformational Positivity has changed my entire life.

OKAY, that’s my 31! I hope that you have enjoyed this comprehensive list of some of my favorite social media accounts! If you haven’t yet joined my Positivity email list, I invite you to do it today and step into 2020 with me! I am excited to support you moving forward with Clarity and Confidence.

Loving 2019 to the Last Day

Loves, I am so looking forward to a few days of deep rest, how about you?

Winding down the year for me means attending a few holiday celebrations, managing my stress levels by guarding my personal boundaries, celebrating my birthday (12/22) and enjoying a few days off with my sweetheart before welcoming in a new year.

I LOVE my year-end rituals, which often include a love letter to the year passing; daydreaming and future-writing; choosing a Word, phrase or mantra for the coming year; a long, sensual soak in the tub; and a fire ceremony, to name a few. Some of these I have done forever, some I’ve picked up and set down and picked up again over the years. All are personal and powerful and so, so magical.

I’m very, VERY excited for the year to come, but I won’t rush these final few days of 2019 away. Each one is precious, and filled with blessings. I hope that you will also take the time to embrace each day, enjoy your own supportive rituals, and sprinkle some magic in along the way. 💖🦋

Release & Rest

Hello November! Fall is in full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it comes a somewhat jarring surge of consumer energy that may feel incongruent with what you observe in the Natural World around you.

The shops ramp up their holiday displays and sales sales sales; FOMO messaging reaches a peak and holds tight through the end of the year, especially with a new decade fast approaching; year-end deadlines only add to the pressure. So what do you do to handle it all with Grace, Positivity and a bit of Sanity for yourself? Take a cue from Nature: RELEASE & REST.

Give yourself permission to be more like a deciduous tree or a hibernating animal. Instead of adding more and more more to your to-do list, RELEASE anything that feels like it requires *too much* of your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual energy. This can be a temporary adjustment, or a more permanent clearing if that’s necessary. Keep your energy focused on what you need the most so that you feel truly nourished & sustained, not stretched & strained.

Remember, you get to show up to your life in the ways that feel best for you. If that means you need to release & rest a bit more in order to restore your energy, then please trust in what your body is asking of you. 💖🦋

Transformational Positivity and Nature’s Rhythms

Transformational Positivity has taught me that I am not about The Hustle. I am not on this planet to constantly be grinding away at meaningless tasks of my own making (or anyone else’s).

I’ve learned how to get everything done that I need to, with ease, and even a fair amount of joy, by tuning into the rhythms of nature & managing my energy accordingly.

On this final day before the New Moon phase, I am mindful of gathering up & tending to any loose ends, making note of what can be handled now, and what can wait. Not trying to add more to my plate, or begin new projects- just finishing what I can of what I started this month in preparation to fully release August and relax into the next cycle. With Ease, and Joy. It’s like next-level Self Care.

If you are starting to feel energetically scrambled, I invite you to resist the external push for MORE MORE MORE and do some gentle reprioritizing of your own. You’ll find the things that truly matter most. 💖🦋

Need some help sorting through your to-do list, or separating yourself from everyone else’s demands on you? Schedule a Spiritual Clarity Reading or a Soul-Mirroring Session with me!

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Summertime Self-Care Tips

Summertime Self-Care Tips 💖🦋

Do you have a more relaxed work schedule during the summer months? I was so grateful today for the flexibility to go enjoy some “beauty maintenance” (lash fill & mani-pedi!) before joining my sweetheart’s office dinner party tonight.

Self-care is so much deeper than a spa day; it’s really about taking the time to restore what’s on your inside. So, what if you can’t take a day off or even a few hours? Peace and restoration can be had with a quick reset. Give yourself 5, 10, 15 or even 30 mindful minutes to breathe deeply, think some pleasant thoughts, have a power nap, do some stretching/yoga poses, write about one thing you’re grateful for, drink some water, or just sit quietly & eat something nourishing.

Set aside those stressful thoughts for a little while, and give yourself a much-needed break! You’ll come back refreshed and ready to go!


Showing Up, Even When It Feels Scary


Amazingly beautiful and powerful shifts can take place within us whenever we begin to allow the magic within to come out of hiding and just… SHOW UP.

Yes- that means that you will need to be seen, be heard, be counted- and I know that even just reading these words can cause some feelings of panic, without even taking a single step!

I get it, showing up can sometimes feel really scary. I know this intimately! You may have a story inside you that includes a time when showing up somewhere caused you pain, or even a traumatic experience. Even if this is true for you, I still want to encourage you to SHOW UP whenever you sense that little glimmer of wanting to emerge from your hiding place, that opportunity to be seen and heard. There are ways for you to do this safely, supported by a strong and understanding community that doesn’t try to “fix” you- they just witness you and hold space for you.

The more that you allow yourself to show up, on your own terms and in your own way, the closer you get to reaching your goals, living your dreams, and conquering your fears of being seen. You get to take control and be the star of your life story, not play a minor role or resign yourself to the random twists of fate. You don’t have to have everything figured out first, and you don’t have to be perfect (not a real thing). Just… Show Up. Show up for yourself. Show up for your big dreams, your side hustle, and your day job. Show up for the souls bumping around throughout the world, crossing your path each day. Show up for every single lesson that Life is teaching you, and know that those of us here in your support circle are rooting for you and cheering you on.

When clouds cover your sunshine

Hello Loves! I’ve been working on some awesome creative projects for the summer/fall, and over the weekend I came up against a gnarly block that put me on pause and required some extra effort in personal development, self care, and deep healing.

If you’re curious, here’s what my steps looked like:

1- Feel something unpleasant

2- Ask for help

3- Receive help

4- Accept help

5- Process unpleasantness

6- Heal a layer of self

Thank you, Friends, for sharing your beautiful, kind, funny and cheerful words when I most needed them. Please know how powerful your words and your compassion are! I encourage you to be generous with them and share freely with the people you care about.

Y’all know that I keep it real, and that means showing that even a little sparkly ray of sunshine like me gets covered in clouds now and then. And that It’s OK to not be perfect. It’s OK to be a little vulnerable. It’s OK to need and ask for support & validation. It’s OK to have a shit day, and it’s OK to trust in better days ahead- because they always do come.

Yesterday was a tough day for me, and seeing your responses was very much a lifeline. So uplifting and a wonderful reflection of Light when I was deeeeeep in my darkness. That’s the thing with what I call “Transformational Positivity”… sometimes it looks like being able to battle a nasty bout of depression by asking for what you need, and trusting that you actually will receive it. If you are struggling today, please reach out. You do not need to suffer alone; you are Loved, you are needed, and you matter more than you may ever fully understand.