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A Look Inside Your Walls

BUILDING YOUR BEST LIFE: At the beginning of the weekend, my fiancé and I had our “open wall” walkthrough of the new house. This is the home as it looked on Friday morning, just prior to the next round of inspections. We met with our GC/Foreman and did a literal walk-through of the property, while the expert told us everything we could ever want to know about it. We were encouraged to ask questions, and found it fascinating to learn not only about the specific materials used, but why the builder is so particular about what goes into each home. It was a good feeling to be able to see behind the scenes and know that we are getting exactly what we want, without corners being cut or important steps being hidden. Fascinating! (No, really!)

So of course, it got me thinking: When we are building our own best life ever, how important is it to pause and check in with ourselves as the Master & Creator of our reality? How powerful is it for us to inspect our own internal “construction project” and see specifically What we are putting in, & Why it matters?

I love to help my clients see that we build the home that our souls live in every day, with every choice. It all matters. And you know what? You really do deserve to imagine, create, & build your own best life.

Schedule a free consultation call with me today to get started!

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Inspiration: Doing Hard Things

#MondayMantra I can do hard things.

Sometimes, usually when I am trying something new or stretching myself in some kind of way- I forget just how many hard things I’ve already done and that I am on the other side of now.

It’s a powerful thing to be able to pause and briefly look back at just how very fucking far you’ve come. Summon up your inner badass, the one inside you who helped you push through and grow past those old obstacles.

Remind yourself: Yes, Love, YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS.

Once you’ve taken that in, breathe deep and step forward into your new next level.

Go take a long look in your mirror and tell this to that person looking back at you: You are Amazing & You Can Do Hard Things. 💖🦋

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The Self-Care Sessions: Part 3- DEAR EMOTIONS

Hey Loves, next in my series of gentle meditations for/prayers to my Body, i spent some time recognizing and accepting my many emotions: “Dear Emotions, Thank You for all of the ways you allow me to experience Life. Please forgive me for pushing you away. I am no longer afraid to feel. I love you.”

Man or Woman, an incredible amount of energy is put into trying to push down, hide, run away from or otherwise be embarrassed by our emotions. And yet, they are one of the most powerful connections we have to Spirit, Self, and each other!

You are allowed to FEEL. You are allowed to feel ANYTHING. Those emotions are vital, valuable, and powerful guides that can help you to heal your deepest soul-wounds. 💖🦋

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The Self-Care Sessions: Part 2 DEAR PAIN

Loves, up next in my series of gentle meditations for/prayers to my body, I have a word with Pain:

“Dear Pain, Thank You for teaching me to listen to my body. Please forgive me for ignoring you and trying to numb you away. I am listening now. I love you.”

Pain is just another wise teacher that we encounter throughout this Life. Often misunderstood, manipulated, feared, even hated- but ever valuable to our brief experience on this planet.

Take the time to follow your pain to its root, deep in the soul, and ask, “What would you have me learn? How can I help you heal?” The answers are profound and as unique and your fingerprints.

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The Self-Care Sessions: Part 1- DEAR BODY

Loves, do you struggle with pain and/or a lack of love for the body you are living in?

I have been studying the powerful and positive effects of self-love & self-acceptance for the past several years. One practice that has been so helpful to me is spending some time each day sending Love and Affirmations to my self, and the revealing & healing that takes place has been truly remarkable.

Here is a gentle meditation for/prayer to my body that I would like to share with you: “Dear Body, Thank You for carrying me through this Life. Forgive me for bringing you to this place of pain. Let’s release all that is harming us. I love you.”

I will be sharing more of my gentle meditations with you in the coming days. I hope you find them helpful. They are not a collection of magic words, but instead they are powerful tools that can help you to reveal areas of your life where deeper healing can take place.

In my work as an Empowerment Coach, I am available to guide you in developing your own practice of Self-Love and Self-Care. The work We do together is deep, and will challenge you to reveal and release energetic blocks that are keeping you from living your best life.

You can schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me just by clicking the button at the top of the page.

Peace & Blessings,


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A Spiritual Coach’s Journey: Preach What You Practice (and vice-versa)

Me: Be Your Own SHEro👊🏼

Also Me: Capricorn on the cusp of Sagittarius ✌️

Still Me: Pray, Meditate, Believe, Manifest 🙏

A word for my fellow coaches:

I’ve been a spiritual seeker all of my life, and was fascinated by astrology, witchcraft and the occult as a kid, even as I was going to Sunday School in a little baptist church with my bestie and her family. My parents always encouraged me to explore the world through books and research, and never forced any particular religious views on me though they both had traditional religion as part of their own upbringing.

My journey towards eternal truth has been a wonderfully weird mix of Church, God, Astrology, Tarot, Mysticism, Jesus, Self-Help, Therapy, and Buddhism. A total spiritual mutt! Always growing, always learning, always seeking, always evolving. At different points along my path, I was more intently focused on one practice or another, at some points denouncing “one way” only to pick it back up in a familiar embrace years later. I am constantly learning that there truly are many trails to the top of the mountain, and at any time you can choose the one you want to walk along.

In my role as a personal Empowerment Coach, I do allow room for my spirituality and personal self-care practices to inform my work as it applies to each individual client- yet I hesitate to brand myself as a “spiritual coach” as that just doesn’t feel like the right fit for me. It’s not a mantle I am comfortable wearing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t if you feel so called.

With the most recent pushback and distancing from traditional religion, clearly there is a huge emerging market for people interested in embracing alternative spirituality, and with that comes the opportunity to provide offerings/services that cater to this demographic. The responsibility however is on us as leaders to avoid cultural appropriation and truly heal from an aligned heart of love, light, and compassion. Doesn’t mean we cannot have a solid and profitable business, just… don’t be a dick about it, you know?

I can tell you that the world needs your wisdom, it doesn’t need more “Yoga for Slimmer Thighs!” or some nonsense shit like that.

If you as a self-proclaimed spiritual coach lead from a religious background, please do so in the true spirit of Love and transparency, without judgment and hypocrisy. If you are exploring astrology, the Tarot, Yoga, or non-western healing modalities and incorporate these into your professional practice, please remember to include cultural context and be careful not to bastardize these practices just to make a quick dollar. Again, don’t be a dick about it- actually practice what you preach.

I am truly grateful for the many wonderful teachers, guides, and mentors I’ve been able to learn from over the years. I am especially grateful for those who have helped me to tune in to my inner wisdom, that deep knowledge that comes from doing the hard, brave work of exploration and messy healing. Having these amazing people in my orbit has given me the green light to move forward in the direction of my biggest dreams, align my heart & spirit, and face down the gnarliest of my fears.

When we share our journey authentically and invite our clients to explore their own path to healing, we engage in an awesome opportunity to teach and pass along these ancient traditions and rituals to a generation that is seeking truth. It is rich and ripe, beautiful and powerful, and anything but superficial.That is what truly spiritual coaching looks like to me. 💖🦋

Inspiration: Doing Hard Things

Sometimes, usually when I am trying something new or stretching myself in some kind of way- I forget just how many hard things I’ve already done and am on the other side of now.

It’s a powerful thing to be able to pause and briefly look back at just how very fucking far you’ve come. Summon up your inner badass, the one inside you who helped you push through and grow past those old obstacles.

Remind yourself that, Yes, Love, YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS.

Once you’ve taken that in, breathe deep and step forward into your new next level. You Can Do Hard Things. 💖🦋

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#FridayFeels Visualization as a Tool for Positivity

Did you know that you can use the powerful technique of visualization to create more positivity in your life? It’s a simple and easy to implement tool that can move you from default-thinking about “worst case scenario” and allow yourself the possibility of something better… something brighter… something more beautiful for yourself and your life (yes honey, you DO deserve good things).

Try this exercise: picture yourself in a totally dreamy, once-in-a-lifetime scene. Imagine what it looks like, sounds like, smells like. Is it a job/career? Is it an exotic vacation? Is it accepting an award? See yourself as 100% arrived in this place. Now, just linger there a while and let yourself FEEL it. (Come back whenever you’re ready) Now- what would it take to get you closer to that in reality? You’ve got great ideas. Believe in your ability to achieve them.

If you feel stuck? Let me help you! Reach out via the link in my bio and let’s schedule a free chat. 💖🦋 #theblessingsbutterfly #empowermentcoach #visualization #coaching #lifecoach #liveyourdream #liveyourbestlife

#FridayFeels So Positive!

People often ask me, “Michelle, how are you always so happy & positive? I want to be more like that, but ____.” The thing is, I’m not ALWAYS super happy, because, you know, I’m not a robot. I’m not Pollyanna either. But, I have cultivated a practice of looking for the Light, and finding the Positive in all of my situations and circumstances.

It began as a survival technique for me and became my modus operandi; it’s not *just* something I was born with.

I can teach you how to live with a more positive mindset too. Not with a lobotomy, not by slapping on a fake smile, not by adopting a willful ignorance- but by using powerful tools & proven mind+body practices that can quickly harness negative energy and put you back in a place of control over your own thoughts and emotions.

Chances are, you already know a little about or have heard of some of my favorite techniques, including:

  • Positive Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Grounding or Earthing
  • Dream Casting
  • Gratitude
  • Forgiveness

Over the next few weeks leading up to the end of this year, I will be sharing a little more about each of these (and a few others!) here on the blog, through weekly Facebook Live videos, and in my private newsletter. I’m so excited to share my favorite tips with you!

For anyone who wants to go deeper, I am going to be offering a special 4 week class: Power of Positivity Workshop!


Dates for this exclusive event are 11/12, 11/19, 12/3, 12/10. This will be taught Live online in my private Zoom meeting room. Space is limited for the Live online class, so I encourage you to pre-register today if you think you are interested. That way, you’ll get first dibs when I open the door. Click here to pre-register. **BONUS: If you pre-register using this link BEFORE NOVEMBER 5 I will give you a $50 discount on tuition + a Free Journal!

For today, let me leave you with this: Always look at the bright side in your circumstances. It doesn’t mean ignore the shadow; respect it and let it motivate you to reach higher. 💖🦋

#MondayMantra Release

This weekend I gathered with family to say final goodbyes to an aunt, an uncle, and a cousin. It was a beautiful day and perfect weather for a scattering at sea; the water was calm, peaceful, glass-like as the ocean gathered in their ashes. The flower petals swirled above them in a fluid dance before slowly sinking beneath. Memories of holidays celebrated together mixed with the white ash cloud, beautiful memories, painful memories, complicated memories, and then…release. Peace.

On board, there are still squabbles among the Living. There is so much pain being passed around like a note in class, quietly spreading the angry accusations from person to person. Whenever it comes to me, I sit with it, holding her hand with as much compassion as my heart can carry. I feel her sorrow, her betrayal, her deep wounding, and I send Love. Does she know I too am hurting? Does she know the scars the departed left me with? Does she know that she can release her pain when she is ready to, when she can see it no longer serves her well? My prayers go out to the sisters, the nieces and nephews, the in laws left behind that they will each find a way to forgive, to heal.

Today’s #mondaymantra is a wonderful way to navigate out of a dark place to find peace in the Light again: “As I release my Grudge, I release my Pain.” 💖🦋

To work with me on releasing your pain and continue on your healing path, schedule your first coaching session today. We begin with a free 30 minute chat just to get to know each other. I’d love to help you.

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