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#MondayMantra Release

This weekend I gathered with family to say final goodbyes to an aunt, an uncle, and a cousin. It was a beautiful day and perfect weather for a scattering at sea; the water was calm, peaceful, glass-like as the ocean gathered in their ashes. The flower petals swirled above them in a fluid dance before slowly sinking beneath. Memories of holidays celebrated together mixed with the white ash cloud, beautiful memories, painful memories, complicated memories, and then…release. Peace.

On board, there are still squabbles among the Living. There is so much pain being passed around like a note in class, quietly spreading the angry accusations from person to person. Whenever it comes to me, I sit with it, holding her hand with as much compassion as my heart can carry. I feel her sorrow, her betrayal, her deep wounding, and I send Love. Does she know I too am hurting? Does she know the scars the departed left me with? Does she know that she can release her pain when she is ready to, when she can see it no longer serves her well? My prayers go out to the sisters, the nieces and nephews, the in laws left behind that they will each find a way to forgive, to heal.

Today’s #mondaymantra is a wonderful way to navigate out of a dark place to find peace in the Light again: “As I release my Grudge, I release my Pain.” 💖🦋

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