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#MondayMantra I Am Love

I Am Love

It’s not about gifts (but they are nice too).

It’s not about romance (but it’s wonderful as well).

Love is our very essence, and we are its living embodiment every day. “I Am Love”

How can you live Love today?

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#MondayMantra Chill Out

Today’s #mondaymantra is “I am doing the best that I can.”

It’s good to remind ourselves that in any situation, we are doing the best that we can. Remember to give yourself grace, encouragement, or kudos- not harsh criticism.

If there is some room and desire to grow or improve, gift yourself the education or training needed, without judgment. Release the need to get down on yourself or someone else when something isn’t “perfect” 💖🦋

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#MondayMantra Create Your Own Magic

The ancient alchemists were always searching for ways to create gold, cure diseases, and harness eternal life. They were all about the science of making magic.

Today, we discover gold in our deepest relationships, cure ourselves through healing the soul’s wounds, and embrace eternity by seeing the pure, beautiful truth of our essence.

We are the modern-day alchemists. We gave up trying to fit in, because we were born to belong amongst the dreamers and the doers. We shine light on our dark places and banish their shame with our love. We heal our hearts, and we send a ripple of healing to the world around us. We create our own brand of magic every single day, just by being ourselves.

Share your beautiful magic today! 💖🦋

#MondayMantra for the Holidays

In the midst of any holiday shopping chaos, you are an island of calm. You emit such a beautiful positive energy, people can’t help but feel more relaxed in your presence. You bring out the best in people, just by being your light, bright, wonderful self.

Long lines just give you time to meditate and send love to the world around you. Tired cashiers and weary shoppers give you an opportunity to offer a much needed smile and word of encouragement. Online shopping WiFi delays let you unplug and take a break for yourself. 💖🦋

Try this #mondaymantra to remind you: “I carry Peace, Joy, and Love everywhere I go.”

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#theblessingsbutterfly #positivevibes #positivity #empowermentcoach #youvegotthis #mantra #cybermonday #holidays #dontstress

#MondayMantra Body of Gratitude

During our Sparkle Hour podcast interview this morning with the incredible Dianne Bondy of Dianne Bondy Yoga, I was reminded of exactly how amazing our bodies really are. In every size. In every shape. In every color. In every gender. In all abilities. Just amazing!

If you need a reminder to be kind to yourself and love the body you live in, let this Monday Mantra be it: “I am grateful for the body that I live in right now.” 💖🦋

I invite you to check out our empowering podcast, The Sparkle Hour, available on iTunes. Seasons 1-3 available now! Dianne’s episode will air in January 2018, so subscribe now and you won’t miss a thing!

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#MondayMantra I am Safe to Embrace Every Season of Life

Life is not linear, but rather it is cyclical. We observe in nature the changing seasons and experience the same. The new growth. The shining fullness. The gentle shedding. The silent slumber.

Sometimes, experiencing these seasons in our lives and the lives of our loved ones comes as a transition that we may feel unprepared for; fear and sadness may suddenly overtake us in these moments of our growing pains, of our great expansion, of our letting go, of our final rest. But with faith and practice, we need not fear the changes in Life. We can completely feel them.

Our ultimate goal as eternal beings filled with stardust and the magic of creation is to live this Life fully, ever evolving, ever embracing each new stage and level of our existence. Our vehicles may change form, but our pure-love essence exists forever. 💖🦋

Today’s #MondayMantra is a gentle reminder: “I am safe to embrace every season of Life.” Are you entering into a new season of Life that has you feeling stuck? Schedule a free chat with me and let’s talk about how I can help you to move forward with confidence and joy.

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#MondayMantra I Allow Myself to Shine 

Are you letting your sparkly soul to shine through today? This world needs your brightest light!

Today’s mantra is a powerful collection of I Am statements and culminates in allowing:

  • I am Strong
  • I am Smart
  • I am Brave
  • I am Bright
  • I Allow Myself to Shine

#MondayMantra Release

This weekend I gathered with family to say final goodbyes to an aunt, an uncle, and a cousin. It was a beautiful day and perfect weather for a scattering at sea; the water was calm, peaceful, glass-like as the ocean gathered in their ashes. The flower petals swirled above them in a fluid dance before slowly sinking beneath. Memories of holidays celebrated together mixed with the white ash cloud, beautiful memories, painful memories, complicated memories, and then…release. Peace.

On board, there are still squabbles among the Living. There is so much pain being passed around like a note in class, quietly spreading the angry accusations from person to person. Whenever it comes to me, I sit with it, holding her hand with as much compassion as my heart can carry. I feel her sorrow, her betrayal, her deep wounding, and I send Love. Does she know I too am hurting? Does she know the scars the departed left me with? Does she know that she can release her pain when she is ready to, when she can see it no longer serves her well? My prayers go out to the sisters, the nieces and nephews, the in laws left behind that they will each find a way to forgive, to heal.

Today’s #mondaymantra is a wonderful way to navigate out of a dark place to find peace in the Light again: “As I release my Grudge, I release my Pain.” 💖🦋

To work with me on releasing your pain and continue on your healing path, schedule your first coaching session today. We begin with a free 30 minute chat just to get to know each other. I’d love to help you.

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#MondayMantra You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

I took this photo of a fun directional sign on my trip to Norway earlier this year just because I thought it looked cool. 😎 Today I get to use it as the backdrop for my #mondaymantra and am struck by how TRUE this powerful affirmation is:

  “I have come a long way, and I am not done yet. I keep learning, I keep growing, I am stronger every day!”

Sometimes we all need to lovingly remind ourselves of how far we have come, just so we can celebrate where we are starting from TODAY. You can do hard things, Love. You can learn something new. Remember that you are a miracle and that your life is not yet over. Make today AWESOME! 

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#MondayMantra I Love My Body!

Loving my body is a daily choice, independent of my dress size or the number on a scale.

Taking good care of myself can mean many things: commitment to moving daily, eating foods that nourish and bring joy to my body instead of pain, speaking kindly to and about myself, tuning in to what signals my soul is sending.

This mantra can help you focus on loving your body no matter what size or shape you are currently living in. “I love my body and take good care of her each day.”

How are you choosing to take good care of yourself today?

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