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Meeting Our Guides & Loved Ones

By Rose Dougherty, Guest Author

Throughout our lives we are visited by spirits around us. Some who want to help while others who do not. We want to focus on connecting with guides that protect us. How can we tell the difference between the two? One of the most important is to protect ourselves and understand discernment. There are trickster spirits who pretend to be things they are not. You must learn to tell the difference.

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Energetic Cleansing

It is good to cleanse yourself and the space before you get started. Some people like to use smoke or liquid sprays used for clearing the energy. I like to use sounds such as chimes, bells, or singing bowls. Anything to start drawing out unwanted Spirits.

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Energetic Protection

When you open yourself to the spirit world, you need to make sure you protect yourself. Everyone has their own way of doing it. How I start is with a mantra stating “Whatever is not for my highest good isn’t allowed to contact me.” Afterwards I imagine a ball of light surrounding my body. Then I state that “only my Guides, angels, Goddesses, Saints and loved ones are only allowed within my space.”

If you don’t work with any specific Deity or Saint you can also say “I only allow my guides, angels and loved ones within my space.” Protecting yourself first will help you weed out any entities who want to harm you. You can also wear jewelry, oils or balms that have protection magic inside of them. They even have candles you can burn during or before. Putting up the protective walls help us not get drained from trickster Spirits.

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Sometimes we are put in situations where trickster spirits will try to pretend to be something they’re not. Understand that we have free will on this planet. So anytime a spirit threatens you or forces you to do something outside of free will, it’s probably not best to take their advice. Now your guides and loved ones will warn you on upcoming events but in the end you still have a choice. If they come at you in a way that scares you and you feel uncomfortable you can tell them to firmly leave.

Now what if that spirit was my grandma? If it was them, they would try to find other ways to gently contact you. Do not invite them in if you feel uncomfortable, even if they are saying they know you. Trust your gut!

Where to start?

One of the best ways is through meditation. When in a quiet state can we feel and hear them better. With practice you will be able to hear them anywhere but mediation is a good place to begin. Close your eyes and ask your guides and loved ones to come forth and communicate with you. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t connect right away. Everyone will have different experiences in the beginning and practice makes perfect. Some of you will feel a presence around you, or a warm feeling. If you want better results a guided meditation will help you visualize better.

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Using Tools to Contact

Tools are also a great way to contact spirit. It helps you get a quicker response. One way to start is automatic writing. It’s good for people who need to be moving in order to connect. Have a pen and paper ready. When you start, have the pen move across the paper scribbling. Getting the hand to move first helps the words come out. Then start writing down everything that comes to mind. Ask your Guides to write you a message.

Another tool we can use are pendulums. These are perfect for yes or no questions.

Cards (such as tarot, oracle, or angel cards) are great since they are pretty explanatory. Most cards come with a booklet that explains everything. Always make sure to cleanse and bless your tools between each session.

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So… How will YOU choose to connect with your spirit guides & departed loved ones?

Rose Dougherty is a psychic witch who is attuned to Reiki and also has a strong connection with the dead. She has been practicing for over 10 years. Rose comes from a magic family who connects with their ancestors and spirit. During her Reiki sessions, she will guide you through spiritual healing and help you contact your guides. She also owns a product line named Spell of a Rose. There you can find magic and Reiki infused lip balm and laundry boosters. Each one is handcrafted and put through rituals. She prides herself in education. Constantly always learning and teaching. Her passion for connecting with spirit will help you do the same.

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