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Lean Into Your Weird

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What’s one of the weirdest things about you? What makes you unique, special, gifted? Since I started to embrace and lean into my weird and share about what makes me different, I have been able to use my gifts to help others and do work that I love, whether it’s intuitive readings or animal energy work or transformational coaching.

My Weird Ability With Animals

I am very fortunate to have been gifted with the supremely weird and highly magickal ability to communicate energetically with most animals. To do this, I first survey their body language if available, then connect with the animal’s energy field, and ask if they would like to talk with me or if they have something they wish to share. Think along the lines of a “whisperer” to get the idea. With most domestic animals and pets, I can pick up their thoughts, read their energy, and communicate with them fairly easily, even over a great distance. I always love when I am invited to share a pet’s message with his or her human. You can book an Animal Energy Session with me if you have questions for your beloved pet.

Friends who have traveled with me can vouch for the fact that I can even call some species in their own tongue- dolphins and wolves especially- and have them respond. There was the time in the Virgin Islands when we were in the bay at St. John’s, and I kept sensing dolphins nearby. Our captain said that dolphins aren’t normally in this particular area, but I felt them so I called nonetheless. Moments later, a mama dolphin and her calf appeared not 20 feet from our boat! Sorry, no pics for this one as it happened so quickly!

On a recent trip to Alaska, we visited a private wildlife rescue/sanctuary for animals that have been injured in the wild. They are given care and rehabilitated, but their injuries are such that they wouldn’t survive a reintroduction to the surrounding forests. One of the animal residents is a beautiful wolf. I was invited to call out to her and see if she would respond. I went deep into my bones and called up a howl that told her, “I see you, and I am here with you.” If you would like to watch the video of our call and response, you can do that here: Watch the Video

During this same visit, I was also invited to chat with the local mink, and I was absolutely delighted to be able to connect with moose, caribou, bobcat, wolverine, and a grizzly. Amazing time.

And, in one of the wildest and most dramatic displays of my weird gift ever, a couple of years ago in France I healed a bat who had been attacked by a cat. I would LOVE to tell you all about this encounter, but my story is currently under consideration for a publishing deal so I can’t share the details of the story just yet.

small grey striped cat outside on pebbles carrying a small black bat in her mouth
Lulu with little bat in her mouth. Thank you to Hilda for capturing this photo!

I actually injured myself with that healing session because I was physically unprepared for it, and the folx present around me didn’t intuitively know how to support me during the encounter energetically. I also didn’t trust myself enough to ask for what I needed. I don’t blame any of us for this, it was a weird as hell experience and quite unexpected.

My back went into painful seizure for the remainder of my trip. Thankfully, my two travel companions are both people who are incredibly tuned in energetically; they both offered me comfort and support by leaning into their own weird gifts. I did learn from it though, and should such a need for healing intervention arise again, I will know to ask those around me to hold sacred space- both for me, and the animal in need.

My Weird Ability With Energy & Spirit Guides

Another of my especially “weird” gifts is an ability to read energy and connect with different spirit guides. Ever since I was a child, I could sense things that weren’t always visible to those around me. I later learned that this ability is called clairvoyance, and though it’s something that not everyone readily believes in, I have no doubt about the truth that it is just part of who I am.

I kept this part of me hidden as best as I could out of necessity for many years. Still, other kids knew that I was one of the weird ones and would take every opportunity to remind me. Kids can be cruel in their unfiltered honesty. Try as I might to fit in, to blend, to “be normal” it was just never going to happen. My weirdness would always find a way to show itself.

Eventually, I gave up trying to hide it and just let people see only the weird that I felt comfortable sharing. It was fine (and fun!) to interpret my friends’ dreams for them. It was socially acceptable to turn my visions into poetry. Praying is just talking to a supernatural, unseen being- that I could do publicly without anyone batting an eye, even if the “god” I was talking to barely resembled the polarizing biblical character. How weird is it really that folx can be so up in arms against witchcraft, paganism, and honoring the dead- but are totally fine with taking the bible literally?

The rest of it, the card reading and the spellwork and the spirit channeling and the observance of the moon phases and the animal communications I practiced privately, quietly, discreetly. I would eventually learn that this spiritual exploration is not something to be fearful of, but is in fact an important part of Exploring [Your] Divinity. It’s one of the 4 Pillars of Transformational Positivity.

Wrapping Up In Weirdness

So, why do I share all of this weirdness and woo with you? Because for far too long, I kept much of it hidden out of fear. Very rarely did I let anyone in on just how deeply weird I am, and how much that weirdness delights me. I don’t want to waste any more of my precious time on this earth hiding the weird shit that makes me a certain kind of awesome. I am and have always been and will always be a magickal, witchy woman.

My abilities and practices are definitely too weird and out there for some people, and that’s okay because I’m not here to be everyone’s cup of tea. I am here in service to the Spiritual-But-Not-Religious, the Beautiful Weirdos, the Woo-Curious, the Unapologetically Unique among us. I see you, and I am here with you. Howl, Bitches!

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Transformational Positivity and the 4 Pillars

What is Transformational Positivity?

TRANSFORMATIONAL POSITIVITY is a set of healing tools and positive practices used to form a framework for manifesting, experiencing, and supporting our Deep, Personal Transformation within these 4 key areas: Self, Community, Nature, and Spirit. Each of these 4 key areas is supported by it’s own pillar.

The 4 Pillars- in a nutshell

The 4 Pillars of Transformational Positivity represent the most important relationships of our human existence, with each one relating to and supporting one of the 4 key areas. The 4 key areas are Connection to Self, Connection to Community, Connection to Nature, and Connection to Divine Spirit.

The First Pillar: WHOLE-SELF LOVE

The First Pillar: Whole-Self Love

[Key Area = Connection to Self] Who are you? How do you see yourself? How do you talk to and about yourself? What makes you YOU? Do you like yourself? Do you love yourself? How well do you take care of yourself? How do you relate to the body you live in? Do you know, understand, realize, accept, see, believe in who and what you really are at the core of your being?

Most of us get so tripped up in this first key area that we waste years, decades, lifetimes focusing the majority of our energy, attention, and hard-earned cash only on our physical appearance while neglecting to gain an intimate understanding, appreciation, and genuine Love for who we are inside, aka The Real Us. And/Or, we have to unpack so many layers of bad programming and painful lived experiences that the idea of “Self Love” seems like a bridge too far.

This is one of the first areas where many people meet me. Typically, they are looking for some Positivity tools & training to supplement the deeper healing work they are already doing with their therapist.

How Can I Help?

I’m not a therapist, or a psychologist, or a psychiatrist so I am not qualified to diagnose or treat any medical, mental, or emotional health issues. What I can do for my clients is provide additional support, spiritual guidance, and teach positive practices help assist in strengthening your relationship to Self.

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The Second Pillar: SERVING WITH JOY

The Second Pillar: Serving With Joy

[Key Area = Connection to Community] Which communities do you most identify with? What are some of the various roles you have played or are currently playing in your different communities? What do you need in order to feel like you are seen, heard, and a valued part of your community? How are you contributing? How are you receiving? Where are you serving with the most Joy?

“Community” includes all of the other humans we interact with outside of ourselves. Some of these relationships are knit closer to us than others- family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, colleagues. While other relationship threads are going to be much thinner and stretched over a greater distance, it is important to recognize that in the most basic sense we are all connected in some way.

If we can understand that the First Pillar is about Who We Are, then we can recognize that the Second Pillar is about Why We Are Here.

Whenever clients come to me looking for guidance in this area, it’s typically because they are struggling to find meaningful ways to connect in their communities. Their “Why” isn’t showing up in ways that feel in alignment with who they are and how they are seen by the people in their communities. They feel unfulfilled because their is no reciprocal Joy that they are experiencing.

How Do I Help?

I help my clients to look for opportunities that they may be missing. I guide them through shifts in their mindset to see a new perspective. We work on actions that they can take to create new, more positive connections in their various communities.

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The Third Pillar: Natural Harmony

[Key Area = Connection to Nature] How do you most like to connect with Nature? Which of these natural settings makes you feel the most energized, relaxed, peaceful, or awestruck: Ocean, Mountains, Forest, Desert, Prairie? When was the last time you spent the night stargazing? Are you an animal lover? Tree hugger? Aspiring gardener? Rock-hound and crystal wearer? Where is your nearest green space, and how often do you visit?

The modern era that we live in with its many conveniences and high-level technology has in many ways caused us to dramatically disconnect from the natural world. On a global scale, the push for more more more shows that we have all but abandoned our stewardship of the earth and instead are continuing to consume her vast and varied resources at an unsustainable rate, wreaking havoc on ecosystems, pushing fragile and necessary plants and animals to extinction. Life does not simply begin and end with us; we are part of something much more and we all share a responsibility for the health of our planet.

When my clients are seeking help in this area, it’s typically because they have lost touch with ways to unplug from the daily grind.

We are spending on average 1/3 of our lives- that’s like 90,000 hours of your life- at work, in an office (don’t read this article from Business Insider unless you want to be thoroughly depressed) plus all the time spent commuting to and from (more depressing stats from the Washington Post here) and it’s all leaving our daily connection to and harmony with the natural world as an afterthought, a luxury, or a “someday” dream.

How Do I Help?

I help my clients to create simple ways to restore their connection to Nature so that they can regularly recharge their energy.

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The Fourth Pillar: Explore Your Divinity

[Key Area = Connecting with Spirit] What does your current connection to divinity look like? How does spirituality play out in your daily life? Where do you experience the Divine? Are you able to separate religion and doctrine from spiritual practices? If you could SEE your own Spirit, your life-force, your essence- how would you describe it? What does she/he/they look like? Do you know the guides and energies on your spiritual support team, your Spirit Council?

After all, we are so much more than just our physical flesh and blood, more than what we can see and touch;we are magnificent spiritual beings having a human experience. We ARE each an expression of divinity! This is especially powerful when you consider the positive characteristics that are commonly ascribed to the Divine:

























This is probably the most “woo woo” area that people find me to begin work together, and I FREAKING LOVE IT. This isn’t about rules and religion; this is about exploring the ultimate in healing energy. Connecting with Spirit allows us to have a deeper understanding of the divine traits within ourselves, so that we can embody and express them in our human experience.

We get to do this today, in this lifetime- not just in some faraway afterlife. Whether it is connecting with and sharing messages from your Spirit Council during a Spiritual Clarity Reading, or helping you to create more positive connections with the divinity within and around you, this is some of my favorite work of all.

How Do I Help?

I support your exploration of sacred and spiritual practices, and help you to develop your own intuition. I help my clients to differentiate the freedom of spirituality from religion.

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Why does Positivity matter?

Positivity improves our connections to self, to community, to nature, and to spirit. When any of these connections are weak, damaged, or removed we experience collapse in the relationship. Therefore, it is vital to the health of our relationship to each of these 4 key areas that we do the work of examining where we are at, where we want to be, and what if anything needs to change.

For some of us, it means doing some deeper work of healing old wounds, rewriting our old narratives, and learning how to do Life in a whole new way- or even just a slightly different, more empowered, satisfyingly positive way. One thing is for sure- we won’t be engaging in any toxic positivity. No spiritual bypassing. And definitely no gaslighting.

Wherever you may be on your journey, whatever level of awakening you are in, you can find guidance and support from me that will help you to cultivate Positivity in any or all of these 4 key areas of connection.

How To Get Started

Soul-Mirroring Session & 4 Pillars Assessment

The way we begin our Transformational Positivity work together is through a Soul-Mirroring Session. This is a 1:1, deep-look together in which we talk about where you are, what you want, and where you want to go.

I have an incredible gift of being able to truly see YOU, and will share what I see from a spiritual energy perspective. We will do a 4 Pillars Assessment and create a plan for ways that you can begin to cultivate & integrate Transformational Positivity in the area(s) of your choosing.

Schedule a Soul-Mirroring Session with me today and let’s get started!

A Spiritual Coach’s Journey: Preach What You Practice (and vice-versa)

Me: Be Your Own SHEro👊🏼

Also Me: Capricorn on the cusp of Sagittarius ✌️

Still Me: Pray, Meditate, Believe, Manifest 🙏

A word for my fellow coaches:

I’ve been a spiritual seeker all of my life, and was fascinated by astrology, witchcraft and the occult as a kid, even as I was going to Sunday School in a little baptist church with my bestie and her family. My parents always encouraged me to explore the world through books and research, and never forced any particular religious views on me though they both had traditional religion as part of their own upbringing.

My journey towards eternal truth has been a wonderfully weird mix of Church, God, Astrology, Tarot, Mysticism, Jesus, Self-Help, Therapy, and Buddhism. A total spiritual mutt! Always growing, always learning, always seeking, always evolving. At different points along my path, I was more intently focused on one practice or another, at some points denouncing “one way” only to pick it back up in a familiar embrace years later. I am constantly learning that there truly are many trails to the top of the mountain, and at any time you can choose the one you want to walk along.

In my role as a personal Empowerment Coach, I do allow room for my spirituality and personal self-care practices to inform my work as it applies to each individual client- yet I hesitate to brand myself as a “spiritual coach” as that just doesn’t feel like the right fit for me. It’s not a mantle I am comfortable wearing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t if you feel so called.

With the most recent pushback and distancing from traditional religion, clearly there is a huge emerging market for people interested in embracing alternative spirituality, and with that comes the opportunity to provide offerings/services that cater to this demographic. The responsibility however is on us as leaders to avoid cultural appropriation and truly heal from an aligned heart of love, light, and compassion. Doesn’t mean we cannot have a solid and profitable business, just… don’t be a dick about it, you know?

I can tell you that the world needs your wisdom, it doesn’t need more “Yoga for Slimmer Thighs!” or some nonsense shit like that.

If you as a self-proclaimed spiritual coach lead from a religious background, please do so in the true spirit of Love and transparency, without judgment and hypocrisy. If you are exploring astrology, the Tarot, Yoga, or non-western healing modalities and incorporate these into your professional practice, please remember to include cultural context and be careful not to bastardize these practices just to make a quick dollar. Again, don’t be a dick about it- actually practice what you preach.

I am truly grateful for the many wonderful teachers, guides, and mentors I’ve been able to learn from over the years. I am especially grateful for those who have helped me to tune in to my inner wisdom, that deep knowledge that comes from doing the hard, brave work of exploration and messy healing. Having these amazing people in my orbit has given me the green light to move forward in the direction of my biggest dreams, align my heart & spirit, and face down the gnarliest of my fears.

When we share our journey authentically and invite our clients to explore their own path to healing, we engage in an awesome opportunity to teach and pass along these ancient traditions and rituals to a generation that is seeking truth. It is rich and ripe, beautiful and powerful, and anything but superficial.That is what truly spiritual coaching looks like to me. 💖🦋

The Twenty-Third Blessing: Safety & Security

Blessing #23: I am Safe & Secure

I am Safe now.

Self-preservation is possibly our most basic instinct, as it is with all sentient life. When our sense of safety and security feels threatened, we can begin to unravel mentally, emotionally, and physically. We must create a life for ourselves that allows us to feel Safe and Secure, especially if we have experienced any type of trauma.  We must not become paranoid, and not live sequestered away from humanity; no, we must be able to live openly, freely, peacefully, with confidence and strength.

When I was a younger woman, I lived in very dangerous and unhealthy environments where I spent too much time with people who did not help to provide a safe and secure life for me, or later- for my child. Though I was afraid, I knew there was a greater risk in staying- so we fled to safety. I would do anything necessary to protect my child, and eventually came to believe that I was also worth protecting. 

Nearly 30 years have passed since those dark days. Even now, I sometimes must remind myself that I am Safe and Secure. I know now that nothing and no one can ever truly destroy the real me.

 “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” ~Albert Einstein

My body, though wonderful and amazing in it’s ability to heal and regenerate, is not designed to live forever. And that is OK, because I know that my body is only a temporary home for the ever-existing energy that comprises my innermost being.  My body will someday die, but my energy will live on in a form that I have yet to recognize or comprehend.

Your faith narrative may name this energy as your soul, your spirit, your higher self, your essence, your life force, or something similar. It does not matter what you call it, or what I call it. It is simply what makes you you. And though our bodies do not exist in this current form forever, we can rest in the belief that the energy that animates them- the energy that is essentially US- is always safe, always secure.

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The Fourteenth Blessing: Choosing Joy

Blessing #14: I Choose Joy

Joy is a Choice

Every day, our lives involve a series of choices to be made from the moment we wake to the moment we drift off to sleep. Certainly, we must make many of these decisions based on or in reaction to the decisions of those around us, whether they are people within our household, the people in our workplace, or the strangers we pass on the road. But there is without fail one choice that always depends solely on us: The choice to be more Joyful.

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” ~Henri J. M. Nouwen

Being joyful goes beyond the surface emotion of happiness, which while wonderfully fun to experience, is fleeting, temporary, and in direct relation to our circumstances at the moment. Happy comes and goes. Joy goes much deeper. It is a state of mind, a sense of contentment and peace that can co-exist with the more challenging and darker aspects we all face in our lives.

“Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Joy is about seeking a spiritual connection to life itself and serves as more of an anchor for our souls during good times and bad. It isn’t easily shaken off, but like a strong tree planted in fertile soil, joy has the capacity to take root inside of us and grow despite adversity. Joy doesn’t slap a fake smile on your face and ignore or minimize the hard things you are dealing with, but instead Joy taps in to your deeper reserves of faith, strength and courage, and in turn blesses you with confidence and community.

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Today, I will choose Joy.  I hope that you will too!

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