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The Message of Summer & Fire

Michelle Lewis – The Blessings Butterfly

Have you ever wondered why you feel a deeper connection to some seasons, but not others? It may be that the master element for your favorite season is also a master element in your astrological birth chart. To find out what your birth chart contains, get a free report here: Free Astrology Birth Chart Report

Today I want to share the message of Summer & Fire.

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The season of Summer & the element of Fire are closely intertwined, energetically balanced and full of activity. This is well-known among Energy Work Practitioners, especially those with training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern Yoga, and of course witches, shamans, & pagans.

So… how can understanding and embracing Summer and Fire benefit you? Simply put, it can help you improve your health and access your Joy. Yes, even if the master element of Fire doesn’t rule your Sun sign.

Here are the key characteristics associated with the Fire Element:

  • Passion
  • Connection
  • Destruction & Transformation
  • Light & Warmth
  • Movement & Growth
  • Knowledge & Wisdom

The season of Summer belongs to and is ruled by the element of Fire. Taking this a step further, it is said that the element of Fire is ruled by the heart! So… what fires you up? What makes you want to get out of the darkness of isolation, and connect with other like-minded souls? Right now, this Summer- this is the time for you to come out and Shine.

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Whenever you follow those little lights of Passion, they will inevitably lead you to your Joy. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, Honey this is it. It’s time for you to LIVE!

Michelle Lewis (she/her/they) is the creator & founder of The Blessings Butterfly, a holistic coaching & energy healing practice that is teaching people to live a life that they love. She is a writer, speaker, energy witch/healer, and author of the Amazon bestselling positive affirmation books, The Blessings Butterfly and The Blessings Butterfly