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10 Powerful Mantras for Beating Burnout

By Michelle Lewis – The Blessings Butterfly

How has your Summer been this year? I hope it has been full of Joy, Peace, and so many happy new memories. I also hope you are finding ways to recharge your energy. Keep reading for my top 10 mantras for beating burnout!

For me, this summer has been full of fun activities and connecting with friends every week. I’ve also been vending at local Psychic Fairs, doing in-person oracle and tarot readings in addition to working with my online clients, enjoying lunch dates with old friends, beach days, county fair, and hosting house guests. I love it!

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Listen, I love this Southern California sunshine and long days to hang out on my back patio, take a nature stroll, or work in my garden. Those are some of my key practices for grounding, centering, and clearing my energy. These are non-negotiable for me in order to not veer off into over-commitment and burnout.

Still, even with my non-negotiable self care practices fully in place… I’m tired, y’all.

Like DAMN, let me just take a nap already. Anyone else?

If you can use some leisure time to just BE and not constantly DO, then these next few mantras are perfect. These are the ones I use whenever I’m physically, mentally, or emotionally wiped out. Start with these mantras to get your mindset ready to come back from burnout. Which ones are your favorites? (Mine is the last one, lol)

10 Powerful Mantras for Beating Burnout:

  • I am allowed to rest for as long as I want and need to
  • It’s okay for me to pause
  • It’s okay for me to let someone else handle it today
  • My body wants to rest, and I am happy to give it rest
  • I am taking some time just for myself
  • I will be okay even if I miss out on this experience
  • There is still plenty for me to enjoy when I am ready
  • I am happier and feel better when I get enough rest
  • My friends/family/loved ones understand and support my healing
  • Shhhhhhhhhh
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Whether you can get away for a dreamy 3-week vacation, or if you are able to enjoy a few days (or hours?!) here and there… you deserve a moment to yourself to rest & recharge.

Michelle Lewis (she/her/they) is the creator & founder of The Blessings Butterfly, a holistic coaching & energy healing practice that is teaching people to live a life that they love. She is a writer, speaker, energy witch/healer, and author of the Amazon bestselling positive affirmation books, The Blessings Butterfly and The Blessings Butterfly