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MAGIC MIRROR: What is one positive thing about yourself that you know to be absolutely True?

One thing I’ve learned is that when we are struggling (also known as growing) we tend to tell ourselves all kinds of stories about ourselves that actually have little to do with the Truth (“I’m not ____ enough” “Nobody really cares about me” “I never win” “Nothing good ever happens for me” etc)…

That negative reinforcement doesn’t move us forward though. It just makes it easier for us to quit progressing and stay stuck in old, unhelpful patterns.

We have the power to shift our thinking and alter our course, ever so slightly, to affect healing in every area of life. I’ve found that positive affirmations are a powerful and simple tool to help reset and refocus me (and my clients!) whenever I get stuck in some old shitty victim-y thinking.

Go ahead and spend a little time today with your own “magic mirror” and speak some Truth, some Love, and some Healing to yourself. You can use my book of positive affirmations to help you get started, free when you join my email list.

The Self-Care Sessions: Part 3- DEAR EMOTIONS

Hey Loves, next in my series of gentle meditations for/prayers to my Body, i spent some time recognizing and accepting my many emotions: “Dear Emotions, Thank You for all of the ways you allow me to experience Life. Please forgive me for pushing you away. I am no longer afraid to feel. I love you.”

Man or Woman, an incredible amount of energy is put into trying to push down, hide, run away from or otherwise be embarrassed by our emotions. And yet, they are one of the most powerful connections we have to Spirit, Self, and each other!

You are allowed to FEEL. You are allowed to feel ANYTHING. Those emotions are vital, valuable, and powerful guides that can help you to heal your deepest soul-wounds. 💖🦋

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#MondayMantra You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

I took this photo of a fun directional sign on my trip to Norway earlier this year just because I thought it looked cool. 😎 Today I get to use it as the backdrop for my #mondaymantra and am struck by how TRUE this powerful affirmation is:

  “I have come a long way, and I am not done yet. I keep learning, I keep growing, I am stronger every day!”

Sometimes we all need to lovingly remind ourselves of how far we have come, just so we can celebrate where we are starting from TODAY. You can do hard things, Love. You can learn something new. Remember that you are a miracle and that your life is not yet over. Make today AWESOME! 

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#MondayMantra Growth & Change

butterfly on rocks

Learn a little more each day. Expand your mind to be more open. Embrace the possibilities that come with growth. 

Shed and shake off old stories about yourself, and step up into a brighter, more loving and beautiful version of You as you let your Light shine a little more brightly in the world today! 

Your #mondaymantra for this week: “I am growing and changing to become my best self.”

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#MondayMantra …Up Through the Cracks

I’m always impressed with the tenacity of weeds in the city. No matter how much concrete, if there is even a tiny crack in the ground or along a wall, somehow nature finds a way through. 

I desire to be more like those weeds-pushing back against the hardscape, reaching for the light, blooming wherever I am. 

Today’s mantra is a powerful reminder:  I am like a beautiful weed growing up through the cracks.

Stretch Yourself

the blessings butterfly

Stretch Yourself!

Stretch the muscles in your body;

Stretch the limits of your imagination;

Yes Love, S t r e t c h   Y o u r s e l f, and see how far you can grow. Reach a little farther if you can.

Stretch the boundaries of all that you think is possible for you to achieve, and in so stretching you will elevate yourself out of your small space of comfort, where you can harness your furthest goals and ride your wildest dreams!

stretch yourself


Look Up, Look Around, Look Within

As you celebrate this coming Earth Day, remember to honor our wonderful earth and all its inhabitants. Send out your Healing Thoughts, meditate on Prayers for Peace, and be open to give and receive Unconditional Love from the deep and endless Source of all Life.

Look Up. Look Around. Look Within! All of the Beauty and Magick of the universe is waiting for your embrace today!

look up

Stop Criticizing Yourself

Behind every harsh self-criticism is a tender soul who just wants to feel supported. You, Dear One, have heard more than your fair share of criticism throughout your life, and it’s time you put a stop to it. Instead of being your own worst critic, become your own biggest ally. Abandon the nit-picking and instead offer yourself the grace you’d gladly give to your very best friend!

I want you to realize that you are no longer bound to impossible standards of perfection, no matter what that nagging voice from the past may say. You, Dear One, were created as whole and beautiful and strong and perfect already. Own it! Heaven looks at you daily and smiles like a proud parent. Release the reigns that you have been holding so tightly to and allow yourself to be free, make mistakes, and simply do the best that you can. After all, self discovery begins when self criticism ends.


Stop criticizing yourself

Focus On What Makes You Happy

focus on what makes you happy


What if, each day, you made the conscious choice to focus on what makes you happy? By directing your thoughts, your intentions, your energy towards the positive pursuit of your own happiness, you will create a powerful shift that ignites your spirit and fills your life with Light and Joy! Take the time to get to know YOU by trying new things and becoming a master at the things you already enjoy.

You aren’t pretending that hard things aren’t also part of your world, rather you are building reserves of strength and banking cherished memories that can buoy you on the harder days. Spending even as little as 10 minutes a day doing something you love can make a difference in your outlook and improve your mental health. Let yourself enjoy life despite any challenges that come your way. You deserve to be Happy!

#MondayMantra I Am Open To Give & Receive Love

Your mantra for today is a powerful mindset shift that guides you from a place of dark loneliness into abundant light. It is normal to retreat and close yourself off after being hurt or having your heart broken by someone you have loved, but in order to completely heal from that past pain and create a new path you must be willing to give and receive Love again. 

This is an important step forward after being hurt in a relationship, whether romantic, platonic or familial. It doesn’t mean you have to continue on in a hurtful relationship; it does mean you can choose to love and be loved again, with clarity and courage and confidence. 

“I am open to give and receive Love.” ❤