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#FridayFeels Brave

It’s been the kind of week where I am questioning my every decision one minute to pushing my own limits the next. Question. Push. Question. Push. Mild panic. Deeper questions, push back harder. I have a message to share, and it equally emboldens me and terrifies me.

It’s the driving force behind my new health and wellness project, The Cocoon – Empowered Transformation, and the reason I have been videoing myself doing a series of workouts- even though I don’t have a model’s face, a trainer’s body, and a studio to produce high-quality videos. 

It’s just me, my message, and occasional photobombs from my cats. (Apparently they love it when I practice yoga.)

My message to myself, to other women, and ultimately to girls growing up in a world where enormous pressure to look a specific way in order to be valued is this: Bravely love yourself, exactly as you are.

In this photo, I was 30 lbs heavier than my “goal weight”. Even though at that point I had already dropped 50 lbs, I still didn’t feel “good enough”. What kind of nonsense is that?  What kind of pressure do we put on ourselves to look a certain way, and what kinds of horrible things do we say to ourselves when we don’t measure up? It’s crazy. It HAS to stop.

So, I will dig deep and pull on my big girl panties and bravely love myself- exactly as I am. I will be vulnerable and real and I will cheer you on and walk beside you as you learn to bravely love yourself, too. 

#MondayMantra I Believe in Myself

With every goal, there are obstacles along the way. Do not be discouraged but instead seize each opportunity to dig deep and believe in yourself. You can accomplish whatever you set out to achieve! 

Mantra: Today is a great day to believe in myself.