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Stretch Yourself

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Stretch Yourself!

Stretch the muscles in your body;

Stretch the limits of your imagination;

Yes Love, S t r e t c h   Y o u r s e l f, and see how far you can grow. Reach a little farther if you can.

Stretch the boundaries of all that you think is possible for you to achieve, and in so stretching you will elevate yourself out of your small space of comfort, where you can harness your furthest goals and ride your wildest dreams!

stretch yourself


#FridayFeels: Movement 

My body loves to move! It loves to walk, wiggle, jiggle, skip, stretch, dance, sway, and sashay.

It loves to stroll, roll, slide, swim, shimmy, stomp, step, soar and so much more! 

Today, to the best of your ability, give your body permission to have fun. Release any stagnant energy and refresh yourself with a good stretch. Move in ways that feel good to you. Work up a sweat. Appreciate your muscles doing their thing, supporting you in complete freedom.  Movement feels so good!