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September 30 Day Challenge

Lazy days of summer are coming to an end (okay I am honestly NOT great at being lazy) and you feel the energy around you shifting.  What is one positive, healthy thing you can challenge yourself with over the next 30 days?
If you need a teensy bit of inspiration & encouragement, you can join me on my September 30 Day Challenge!  Here’s what I’m challenging myself to do for my health & well-being:
  • 10 minute walk
  • Adjusting my diet
  • Daily gratitude journal


Here’s the details:

the blessings butterfly
Photo courtesy of Michael Powell Photography

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.  ~Lao Tzu

  • 10 Minute Walk:  My goal is to begin every day with gentle walk around my neighborhood. I am going to commit to walking for at least 10 minutes each day for 30 days. During my walks, I can improve my mood, set a clear intention for the day ahead, pray for my neighbors, or simply be open to creative inspiration. I do exercise my body already with cardio and strength training 2-3 days a week, and yoga and stretching daily; adding in this 10 minute daily cardio is easy and gentle.  Just 10 minutes!  Moving my body feels good once I get started, so it’s time to stop making the first step such a hard one to take.


  • Adjusting my diet:  I enjoy food and I love cooking, so it is not a huge part of the challenge to eat most of my meals at home. Overall, I have a pretty health-conscious diet that i follow. It’s not overly regimented, and I am thankful that I have very few diet restrictions to navigate.  However, I am noticing more discomfort in my body, and I know it’s time to clean up my act.  I am going to eliminate some of the foods that are responsible for bloating, inflammation, and weight gain. Some of the foods that I am taking a break from this month* include sugar, dairy, alcohol, and grains. I will also be adding more fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and clean protein. [*FULL DISCLOSURE: I will totally “cheat” and eat all the beignets and have a few drinks too while I’m in New Orleans over the weekend]  I LOVE my body, and I’m going to listen to her! 


  • Daily Gratitude Journal:  I am definitely grateful for all that I have and all that I get to experience each day.  I love my life and I want to continue to appreciate every day that I am here!  One thing that I know about myself, though, is that when I am going through a challenging time it can be easy to overlook the many blessings around me.  Being intentional and focusing on the positive brings me back to a place of feeling grounded, secure, and at peace.  I cannot control everything around me, but I can always control how I choose to respond.  Each day for 30 days, I will note at least 1 thing that I am grateful for specific to that day. 


Would you like to join me on this 30 day journey?  Enter your contact information in the form below and we can keep in touch!  You’ve Got This.