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    New Moon, New Beginnings

    Whew! Well Loves, this has been an interesting month, hey? We’re entering the New Moon phase, which is all about rest, introspection, and new beginnings. It has me wondering: •What does Rest look like for you right now? •What have you been learning about yourself in the past month? •What new beginnings are you preparing for? I’ll start:REST for me has been very much about allowing my body to recover from the first round of chemo. It’s looked like saying “No” or “Not Now” to everything that I can, instead of my usual recovering Type A habit of pushing myself…

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    Summertime Self-Care Tips

    Michelle Lewis – The Blessings Butterfly   Do you have a more relaxed work schedule during the summer months? It’s a great time to look at your Self-Care routine and treat yourself to something beautiful. I was so grateful today for the flexibility to go enjoy some “beauty maintenance” (lash fill & mani-pedi!) before joining my sweetheart’s office dinner party tonight. Self-care is so much deeper than a spa day; it’s really about taking the time to restore what’s on your inside. So, what if you can’t take a day off or even a few hours? Give yourself 5, 10,…

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    Amazed and Grateful

    OMG. She’s almost ready! We took another sneak peek yesterday of our house and so much more has been done. The sweet brick motor court is completed. Exterior is 95%. And inside, oh, my… I cannot wait to share what’s going on inside. It’s Beautiful. —— I am amazed and so very grateful for the life I have, and the Joy that I am a co-creatrix of. In my 20’s, my life was such a story of pain and struggle and desperately seeking to escape my suffering. It was a broken heart and a battered body. It was fear and…

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    Inspiration: 3rd Time’s a Charm

    OMG, it’s still there! And it’s really beautiful. And it’s totally distracting, lol! I must look down at my ring 1000x a day. I love it though and Here’s the thing: SHOCKER- I’ve been engaged twice before. Never married, just engaged to be. The first engagement was to my baby daddy and it was a million years ago and it was horrible. Grateful that we did not marry is such an understatement; grateful to have left that relationship with my life. The second one was a considerably better relationship, but not without serious flaws and a cracked foundation as well.…

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    Don’t Mistake My Positivity for Weakness

    There is great POWER in Positivity. Seeking out the bright side, following the Light, leaning in to hope and holding on during the darkest times is what makes us stronger than our inner critic and any outer bullshit. 💖🦋 Ready to master 4 key practices for creating a more powerfully positive life? My awesome new Power of Positivity Workshop is coming up in just a couple of weeks and I’d love to save a spot for you. I will help you practice Gratitude, Santosha, Affirmation, and Dreamwork. Click this link to preregister today and score $50 off tuition: www.theblessingsbutterfly.com/power-of-positivity-workshop/

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    Giving Up To Gain

    For the past several years, I stopped attending church services altogether in favor of ditching religion and religiosity for a deeper, more authentic, hands-on, dirt-under-my-nails, faith-without-borders spiritual quest of healing and enlightenment. I chose to shrug off what had come to feel like confinement and faking it, and just figure out how to connect with and love people in a way that felt a lot more natural and right for me. It has been the best decision I have ever made, and it has allowed me to take all of the good lessons that I learned and apply them (love,…

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    #FridayFeels No Complaints 

    I’m so thankful for the life I live!  It’s been a long and winding path so far, filled with lots of painful experiences and unexpected blessings. I’m choosing gratitude and savoring this life each and every day! (Days like this make it pretty easy.) Would you like to join my private email list? It’s where I share awesomeness with my tribe of wild & beautiful butterfly souls.

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    #MondayMantra: Today I Choose Gratitude

    Every day is a day worthy of giving thanks for.  Even in the hardest of times and in the most challenging circumstances, even in sadness, even in disappointment, there is always something to be grateful for. You may have to dig deeper or look out farther, but treasure is there. On the days when praise comes easily, be generous with your attitude of gratitude. Allow that positivity to flow through you and out to everyone around you. Share stories that are uplifting, smile, speak words of kindness and hope. Be a little lighthouse in a dreary world. On the days…

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    #FridayFeels: Wealth & Gratitude

    I recently shared this in a group on Facebook called Wealth, Worth, & Wisdom started by my cousin, Nicole Lewis-Keeber .  You can read more about her on one of my recent “Friday Faves” interviews here. Anyway, I shared the following story with her group as encouragement and I hope you will enjoy it as well. I would love to share something wonderfully abundant, if you’ll indulge me. I’ve been practicing small gratitudes whenever a tiny bit of extra or unexpected money comes my way. Literally as small as a found penny! “Thank You! This makes me happy. I welcome more,…

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    #FridayFaves: Healing Your Trauma Through Meditation, Featuring Rachel John of Soul BEing

    Sometimes you come across a person who exudes such compassion, kindness, peacefulness and genuine love for others that it makes you pause and wonder: How did they get to this place?  Such is the case with my friend Rachel.  She and I connected online through an exercise challenge; she lives in Wales, I am in the US.  The energy and support within this online group was AMAZING. Truly supportive and really beautiful!  The challenge ended, but several (hundred) of us, mostly women, wanted to remain connected so Rachel soon formed a spin-off group that kept the conversations and support going.…