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#MondayMantra I Am Creating A Beautiful Life

Mantra: I Am Creating A Beautiful Life

The work that we do each day to actively, intentionally shift our mindset from negative, doom-and-gloom, worst case scenario to a more positive, bright-and-shiny, best possible outcome is powerful and scientifically proven to create new neural pathways in our brains.

It is true that what we think about and focus our attention on is what shapes our reality, and by being open to the possibility of good things happening in our lives we literally create space in our minds for positive energy to grow!

Though we may not be able to control external forces and circumstances, we can still shape the kind of life we want to live. We can absolutely learn to see the good in and around us, choose where to live, who to spend our time with, what to do for work, how to entertain ourselves, how to contribute to society, and so much more.

Today, I want to encourage you with this mantra to begin creating a more beautiful life for yourself. You do have the power to change your life, and you deserve to life a beautiful one!

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#MondayMantra I Eliminate My Limitations

How many times have you talked yourself out of following a dream or pursuing the life that you want to live?

How often does the phrase “I can’t because ______” come out of your mouth when what you really want is to just do the thing?

Fear often holds us back from doing really stupid and dangerous things, which is not bad. The problem comes when Fear decides it wants to control everything and prevents us from going after the awesome things we really want in life. That’s where our limiting beliefs about ourselves are born, where they grow, and where they choke the life out of us.

Today, I invite you to begin dismantling those self-limiting ideas that aren’t serving you well.  I invite you to give yourself the keys and stop letting Fear drive you (or keep you parked!).  I invite you to eliminate your limitations and embrace a life of what if’s, hell yeahs, and let’s go for its.  Because that, my friend, is where you can become your most creative, most inspired, and most empowered self to live your biggest, most exciting and fulfilling life.

Say it with me: “I eliminate my limitations.”

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It’s NOT all Rainbows & Unicorns: What To Do With Those Unpleasant Feelings

The funny thing about being known as a “happy person” or a “positive person” is that when (not IF) something triggers the ugly feelings to come up, or you are having a rough day, or you just want to hide yourself away from the rest of the world for a hot minute- you tell yourself that you can’t do that. Or maybe someone, well-meaning or otherwise, tells you that you can’t do that. Somehow, somewhere along the path you were told or shown that it’s not OK to not be OK.

Somehow, somewhere along the path you were told or shown that it’s not OK to not be OK.

And so there I was, having back-to-back ugly-emotion overloads and not giving myself the permission and the space to feel what I was feeling, because it wasn’t pretty enough.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to deal with my feelings. They felt so foreign and unwelcome and inappropriate and a little scary. I WANT MY SUNSHINE AND SPARKLES, not this dark, gloomy, cloudy shitstorm!  But the shitstorm came anyway, and this one was a Category 5, board up the windows, evacuate to higher ground level emotional event.

And so, I sat with my emotions. I let the noise in my head and my heart settle down as each uncomfortable feeling got my attention.  With the help of my amazing coach (who also happens to be my cousin) Nicole Lewis-Keeber, I explored them all, without judgement. I tapped the shit out of that pent up energy, and found a place of calm within the shitstorm.  And once I got there, I found exactly what I needed: Answers. Clarity. Comfort. Relief!  To see a brief video of Nicole explaining the Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping), click here

The thing is, we ALL have a range of emotions that we feel. We ALL have a lifetime of experiences that shape us, that sometimes trigger uncomfortable feelings, that elicit a response from us that we may not know how to handle in the moment.  We are going to have rough days sometimes.  Yes, sadly, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns… And that’s absolutely, perfectly OK.


Emotional Eating & Your Inner Superhero

Friends, emotional eating (from feeling fearful, sad, angry, or whatever overwhelming thing we are feeling) is something that can be managed and overcome when we learn how to access the tools we need.

It definitely takes practice and lots of support to “retrain our brain” but it is TOTALLY doable!  I’ve been actively at work on my own emotional issues and how I can respond to stress differently than I did for so many years. It’s a powerful process, not always easy- but the healing that has taken place and the strategies I’ve gained are worth the effort.

I’ve learned that one of the strongest tools that we have is our own voice. The words that we say to ourselves have incredible power! That’s why I believe so firmly in the power of positive self-talk and affirmations.  Our self-talk, both internal and external, should be coming from a place of love, and strength, and joy.  That’s the starting point for truly learning to love ourselves well.

The problem that we face is that for too long, we have let ourselves be bossed around by an entirely different kind of voice.  Too often the voice that we have been responding to is one that is demanding, critical, harsh, mean, and pardon my French but, kind of an asshole.  And the thing is that when all you keep hearing is negative, you become so familiar with it that you will keep recreating patterns in your life that support that negativity, until you choose to make some changes.

Why should the negative voices have all the say in what we do, think, believe?  While we can certainly recognize that the negative and critical inner commentary going on within us does have a purpose [typically it is drawing attention to an area where we feel vulnerable] the truth is that we DO NOT have to let that be our only guiding voice. We CAN learn to choose a more positive way, a more gentle way, and ultimately a more loving, fulfilling way.

The next time you are stepping out of your comfort zone, you can bet that the negative self-talk will start to pipe up and get your attention. When it does, try saying this (out loud if you have to!): “Thank you for your input. I’m OK, and now I’m going to try things differently.”  In doing this, you get to remove the power from Captain Negative Bossypants and return it to where it belongs, with your Fabulous Inner Superhero.  YOU get to be in charge, not your emotions. You can then proceed to address the stressful situation in a calm, peaceful, thoughtful and positive way.

An absolute expert in the area of “retraining your brain” and dealing with your critical inner dialogue is Nicole Lewis-Keeber, MSW, LCSW.  She’s such a gifted coach in this area and she has some excellent resources for you as well.  I hope you will check out her website Nicole Lewis-Keeber.com and especially look into her “Retrain Your Brain: 7 Strategies to Fire Your Inner Critic” which she is currently offering as a free download!  Yes- FREE.  And just FYI, I am not an affiliate, but I am lucky enough to be her cousin.

Okay loves, on to a more loving and positive way!

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#MondayMantra I Make Great Choices

Removing the mental blocks that we face is important to moving forward. Sometimes it feels scary to try something new, and that’s when the internal critic starts trash-talking us, pointing to past failures or creating fear-based scenarios. 

ENOUGH already!

Empower yourself today by introducing this mantra:  “I will decide what works best for me. I make great choices.”