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#MondayMantra I Eliminate My Limitations

How many times have you talked yourself out of following a dream or pursuing the life that you want to live?

How often does the phrase “I can’t because ______” come out of your mouth when what you really want is to just do the thing?

Fear often holds us back from doing really stupid and dangerous things, which is not bad. The problem comes when Fear decides it wants to control everything and prevents us from going after the awesome things we really want in life. That’s where our limiting beliefs about ourselves are born, where they grow, and where they choke the life out of us.

Today, I invite you to begin dismantling those self-limiting ideas that aren’t serving you well.  I invite you to give yourself the keys and stop letting Fear drive you (or keep you parked!).  I invite you to eliminate your limitations and embrace a life of what if’s, hell yeahs, and let’s go for its.  Because that, my friend, is where you can become your most creative, most inspired, and most empowered self to live your biggest, most exciting and fulfilling life.

Say it with me: “I eliminate my limitations.”

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