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MAGIC MIRROR: What is one positive thing about yourself that you know to be absolutely True?

One thing I’ve learned is that when we are struggling (also known as growing) we tend to tell ourselves all kinds of stories about ourselves that actually have little to do with the Truth (“I’m not ____ enough” “Nobody really cares about me” “I never win” “Nothing good ever happens for me” etc)…

That negative reinforcement doesn’t move us forward though. It just makes it easier for us to quit progressing and stay stuck in old, unhelpful patterns.

We have the power to shift our thinking and alter our course, ever so slightly, to affect healing in every area of life. I’ve found that positive affirmations are a powerful and simple tool to help reset and refocus me (and my clients!) whenever I get stuck in some old shitty victim-y thinking.

Go ahead and spend a little time today with your own “magic mirror” and speak some Truth, some Love, and some Healing to yourself. You can use my book of positive affirmations to help you get started, free when you join my email list.

A Moment of Truth

Want a peek behind the veil?

Today I had a moment of clarity that froze me in my tracks. My cousin Nicole and I were in the midst of recording an episode for our podcast, and something we were talking about triggered a powerful message.

I went blank as the divine download was coming in, and couldn’t speak in the moment. I held on, breathed through it, and waited until I could continue our conversation.

It was deep, y’all!

I knew I would need some time to process what was happening inside me, and gave myself the immediate space I needed. I checked in, and found resonance. It took a hot minute, but I faced the thing inside my belly that was ugly & shameful: an old story of unworthiness & a need to be rescued- and met it with love & grace.

I have found that on this road of healing, the most beautiful moment is when we finally discover the Truth: We came into this world as already worthy, not as something flawed and broken.

We are just making our way back to that space of perfect knowing, that place of reverence, awe & acceptance, while discovering the magic along the way. We step in shit, we get messy, we peel away layers of the old stories and lies until we get back to the truth, the light, the love. THAT is the journey.

Whenever I can pause and see how far I have come, I am grateful. There is still a long way to go, and I love each new day I’m given to keep exploring this life.

PS- I’m not entirely sure how this will manifest- maybe as a video series, book, workshop or course- but it looks like I have some more work to do around forgiveness and making amends. Hit reply or join my email newsletter list and let me know if this is something that you would be interested in learning more about.

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#MondayMantra for the Holidays

In the midst of any holiday shopping chaos, you are an island of calm. You emit such a beautiful positive energy, people can’t help but feel more relaxed in your presence. You bring out the best in people, just by being your light, bright, wonderful self.

Long lines just give you time to meditate and send love to the world around you. Tired cashiers and weary shoppers give you an opportunity to offer a much needed smile and word of encouragement. Online shopping WiFi delays let you unplug and take a break for yourself. 💖🦋

Try this #mondaymantra to remind you: “I carry Peace, Joy, and Love everywhere I go.”

#theblessingsbutterfly #positivevibes #positivity #empowermentcoach #youvegotthis #mantra #cybermonday #holidays #dontstress

#theblessingsbutterfly #positivevibes #positivity #empowermentcoach #youvegotthis #mantra #cybermonday #holidays #dontstress

The Blessings Butterfly Companion Guide

Hello Loves! If you are looking to pick up a great little gift this week, I invite you to grab a copy of my self-help booklet, The Blessings Butterfly Companion Guide. You can get the paperback on Amazon for just $6.99, or $4.99 for the Kindle version (prices may be slightly more outside US).

It’s a Positivity-focused collection of my original 31 daily blessings & affirmations, along with added meditations and space to journal your thoughts. The format delivers an easy read and a month’s worth of inspiration & insight to help you cultivate a more mindful, positive outlook and a healthy habit of radical self-love.

I donate a dollar from every book sold to help support women’s empowerment projects around the world, so you can feel good about getting a copy for yourself and a few for gifts, too.

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Stretch Yourself

the blessings butterfly

Stretch Yourself!

Stretch the muscles in your body;

Stretch the limits of your imagination;

Yes Love, S t r e t c h   Y o u r s e l f, and see how far you can grow. Reach a little farther if you can.

Stretch the boundaries of all that you think is possible for you to achieve, and in so stretching you will elevate yourself out of your small space of comfort, where you can harness your furthest goals and ride your wildest dreams!

stretch yourself


Just Let That Sh!t Go

We all experience the so-called “negative” emotions such as Sadness, Anger, and Fear throughout our lives as a result of experiencing unpleasant circumstances or even traumatic events. It’s OK to feel these, and it’s important to express them in healthy ways. It’s when we avoid feeling them and resist expressing them that we develop Emotional Constipation, and the shitty feelings begin to pile up and block our ability to fully enjoy life.

Sadness untreated slips into Depression. Anger left untended turns into Rage. Fear left to fester turns into Phobia, and can further devolve into Hate.

The path back to peacefulness is available to all, but it requires you to travel lightly upon it. Unburden yourself bit by bit from the lingering pains of the past and step forward into a journey of self-discovery, healing, and joy! You are free to make new choices each day and you are free to just let that shit go!

Want to work with me?

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#FridayFeels FLOW

FUN FACT: I’ve worked my whole life on addressing my control-freak tendencies, but for as far as I’ve come in releasing my Kung Fu grip there is always another life lesson for me in the art of letting shit go.

Even though I practice regular “clearing” it is amazing to me how much stuff I still manage to cling to… from trinkets and knick-knacks gathering dust to outdated beliefs that seek to hold me down.

Today, I encourage you to take a step forward with me in releasing, in allowing, in letting go. What is one area of your life where you can Relax and Let Life Flow?

Stop Criticizing Yourself

Behind every harsh self-criticism is a tender soul who just wants to feel supported. You, Dear One, have heard more than your fair share of criticism throughout your life, and it’s time you put a stop to it. Instead of being your own worst critic, become your own biggest ally. Abandon the nit-picking and instead offer yourself the grace you’d gladly give to your very best friend!

I want you to realize that you are no longer bound to impossible standards of perfection, no matter what that nagging voice from the past may say. You, Dear One, were created as whole and beautiful and strong and perfect already. Own it! Heaven looks at you daily and smiles like a proud parent. Release the reigns that you have been holding so tightly to and allow yourself to be free, make mistakes, and simply do the best that you can. After all, self discovery begins when self criticism ends.


Stop criticizing yourself

#MondayMantra I Eliminate My Limitations

How many times have you talked yourself out of following a dream or pursuing the life that you want to live?

How often does the phrase “I can’t because ______” come out of your mouth when what you really want is to just do the thing?

Fear often holds us back from doing really stupid and dangerous things, which is not bad. The problem comes when Fear decides it wants to control everything and prevents us from going after the awesome things we really want in life. That’s where our limiting beliefs about ourselves are born, where they grow, and where they choke the life out of us.

Today, I invite you to begin dismantling those self-limiting ideas that aren’t serving you well.  I invite you to give yourself the keys and stop letting Fear drive you (or keep you parked!).  I invite you to eliminate your limitations and embrace a life of what if’s, hell yeahs, and let’s go for its.  Because that, my friend, is where you can become your most creative, most inspired, and most empowered self to live your biggest, most exciting and fulfilling life.

Say it with me: “I eliminate my limitations.”

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Today is Beautiful 

Today is Beautiful!


Tune in to the beauty all around you, the beauty within you, and extend beauty in small, simple acts of love & gratitude to every being on your path today. ❤️


You are Beautiful!

The blessings butterfly
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