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Just Let That Sh!t Go

We all experience the so-called “negative” emotions such as Sadness, Anger, and Fear throughout our lives as a result of experiencing unpleasant circumstances or even traumatic events. It’s OK to feel these, and it’s important to express them in healthy ways. It’s when we avoid feeling them and resist expressing them that we develop Emotional Constipation, and the shitty feelings begin to pile up and block our ability to fully enjoy life.

Sadness untreated slips into Depression. Anger left untended turns into Rage. Fear left to fester turns into Phobia, and can further devolve into Hate.

The path back to peacefulness is available to all, but it requires you to travel lightly upon it. Unburden yourself bit by bit from the lingering pains of the past and step forward into a journey of self-discovery, healing, and joy! You are free to make new choices each day and you are free to just let that shit go!

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let that shit go